Rogue Pharmacist/C7 Scarlet Fire Toad (3)
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Rogue Pharmacist/C7 Scarlet Fire Toad (3)
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C7 Scarlet Fire Toad (3)

Brother Frog, don't come in again, this is my mouth, I know you are a handsome man who has bewitched thousands of female frogs, the red Prince Frog, your IQ must be a lot smarter than those two idiots from before, because you are a frog, you are a toad, a toad, okay, I was wrong, you are the Prince Toad!

Ling Xiaotian looked at the Scarlet Fire Toad that was bowing its body up high, and his heart went cold.

"Bro, even I admit that I saw wrongly, why are you still not willing to forgive me? Damn, you are not honest. You are clearly not a frog, there is no need for you to act like how a frog would when it jumped into water, right?"

The Scarlet Fire Toad leaped up, its red body forming a perfect arc in the air, accurately landing in Ling Xiaotian's mouth!

Fortunately, after being poisoned, not only did Ling Xiaotian's body become stiff, even his senses and gustatory nerves were useless. There were certain benefits, at least when the poisonous insect entered his mouth, without any sense of taste, Ling Xiaotian did not feel disgusted.

But how could he not be disgusted? He could only look on helplessly as three extremely smelly things drilled into his stomach. How could he not be disgusted!?

How could this be so similar to the segments of < The Eight Heavenly Dragons Sects >? Wasn't this the same situation that happened to Duan Huai? Not only was he not dead, he was even immune to poisons!

But, I'm Ling Xiaotian, ah, it's obvious that the situation here has nothing to do with < The Eight Heavenly Dragon Tribes >. Can I be so lucky, I'm afraid not, because my stomach is already starting to ache!

Two different types of heat currents appeared in Ling Xiaotian's stomach, his entire body felt like it was on fire. He knew that this was definitely not a good thing, he had to think of a way, if not, the moment these two heat currents merged together, would be when his body exploded and died!

With a leap, Ling Xiaotian realized that he could now move!

He had to spit out those disgusting worms first, or else he could let them mess up in his stomach, turning the world upside down.

Ling Xiaotian extended a finger out, continuously digging at his throat, wanting to spit out the food in his stomach. Maybe he had retched twice, and he did not manage to eat anything at dinner, but after being digested for such a long time, his stomach was already empty, he could not spit it out!

Ling Xiaotian knew that he would not necessarily have Duan Hui's kind of luck. The burning sensation in his stomach was getting stronger and stronger, and the two warm currents were chasing each other as if they were chasing each other. It couldn't be that the Scarlet Fire Toad, the scorpion and the centipede were running around in his stomach, playing with each other as if they lived and died, right?

What should I do? Find water. I can vomit immediately after I've drunk enough water, but there doesn't seem to be any water around. What should I do?

The two men who were hiding in the bushes in the distance had been watching this entire time. However, the grass and shrubs in the valley were relatively lush, and coupled with the fact that it was night, they were unable to clearly see what was happening here.

"Senior brother, why are you making such a ruckus!" The Junior Martial Brother asked, "Is the Scarlet Fire Toad this powerful? There are really a lot of poisonous insects here!"

"Birds of a feather flock together. The places that the Scarlet Fire Toad found are always filled with poisonous bugs!" The Senior Brother stroked his beard and said, "It seems that there are only poisonous insects here, and there are no 10,000 year old Fire Ganoderma. Otherwise, the Scarlet Flame Toad wouldn't have come looking for those poisonous insects, and I don't know when it will find the Fire Ganoderma.

The Junior Martial Brother curled his lips and said, "Then that means the Scarlet Flame Toad won't be able to neutralize the poison today. I'll go to sleep first, and when I wake up, you'll go to sleep. Let's take turns guarding!"

There was indeed no water and there was no water vapor around. According to Ling Xiaotian's experience, if he wanted to find water in this kind of place, he would have to walk more than 3 km. With such a long road, he reckoned that he would be poisoned to death before he could even find water.

What should he do? Ling Xiaotian's consciousness slowly started to blur!

Subconsciously walking forward, Ling Xiaotian swayed his steps, like a drunk man who had drank too much. If one were to say where he was going, even he himself did not know, it was completely a subconscious action.

"Bam!" Its number was so high that it could match the stars in the sky. Ling Xiaotian's body tilted and fell to the ground.

Ling Xiaotian's face felt as if it had been smashed against something. The smell of the mushrooms was assaulting his nose, he opened his mouth without hesitation and started to bite the mushrooms. He did not chew at all, and swallowed them whole!

After filling his stomach with mushrooms, he could also vomit along with the few poisonous bugs. When his consciousness had already become completely blurry, Ling Xiaotian was able to make such a judgment, it was truly not easy.

He used both hands to pick up the mushroom from the stone crack, ignoring everything else and stuffed it into his mouth. It was weird, because the mushroom that was originally in his mouth had to be chewed a few times before being swallowed, but afterwards, it turned into a sweet juice the moment he opened his mouth, carrying a warm feeling, directly eating the mushroom from the throat, and then the stomach!

Ling Xiaotian didn't know that the mushroom he had eaten was red, with golden spots on it, but it didn't flash at all. If it was placed in front of him while he was awake, he wouldn't have eaten the colored mushrooms even if he was beaten to death. Especially the wild ones, which were taught by the primary school teachers.

Although his grade in school wasn't very good, it didn't stop him from being a good child who was listening attentively to the lecture.

If the people from the Jade Phosphorus Sect were here, they would definitely call out the name "Ten Thousand Year Fire Ganoderma". Unfortunately, Ling Xiaotian knew nothing about it.

A large bunch of mushrooms was eaten by Ling Xiaotian just like that. The two heat currents that were rampaging inside his body had turned into warm currents, no longer chasing after him, but slowly fusing together. If there was someone at his side, they could see that the wounds on his body were quickly healing, without leaving behind any scars!

Ling Xiaotian laid on the ground with a large word, or to be more precise, the word "too" was used to describe him.

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