Romance with the Female Superior/C1 sacrificial colour
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Romance with the Female Superior/C1 sacrificial colour
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C1 sacrificial colour

It was extremely painful to be alone at work. Even more painful was that I only slept for four hours last night, so when I finished typing the last word of the Schedule, I was so tired that I had already fallen asleep on my keyboard. By the time I was woken up by the ringing of my mobile phone, it was already more than half an hour later.

When I saw the words "Great Witch" on the screen of my phone, a chill ran down my spine. I immediately answered the call and said that I would be fine immediately. The other end of the phone went silent for two seconds, then Great Witch's cold and overbearing voice rang out. "I'm waiting for you at the Bus stop in the back street. I'll give you ten minutes to come over ?"

After hanging up the phone, I put away my phone in a panic. I operated the computer to print out the newly written Schedule to converge with the Great Witch. Oh my god, after typing the last word, I had already fallen asleep. The Schedule did not just save it!

I'm done for, Great Witch is waiting, the customer is waiting, if I don't take out the Schedule, then this case will definitely die, and Great Witch will definitely tear me into eight pieces and throw me into the White Cloud River to feed Wang Ba. The Great Witch's nickname was not for nothing, if it was torture, Li Moli would have to call her Grandmaster.

The original name of the Great Witch was Lin Yinger, she was the director of the creative Planning Department, my boss. Although she was only twenty-five years old, she was already very mature and experienced, especially in tricks and tricks, and had very high requirements for efficiency and quality.

What was most unbearable was that the Great Witch Lin Yinger, who was unlovable towards all who lived in the company and was unable to blossom, was actually one of the four Goddesses of the company, and ranked second. In truth, Lin Yinger should be ranked first, because her cruel character had been reduced by a few points. Otherwise, he would not have lost to, the number one customer. Wang Nuonuo was the type of person that belonged to the public. His nickname of "bus" meant that everyone could get on it, so more votes went to the popular Wang Nuonuo. Strictly speaking, Lin Yinger was the real chief goddess.

It was said that women had the beauty of every age group, so Lin Yinger was undoubtedly at the most beautiful age group. She had a very deceptive oval face, bright and spirited eyes, slightly blue eyes, and a straight nose. Needless to say, the Devil of the Absolute Devils, who also favored sex appeal in terms of clothes, had to be prepared to be strong in some way in the hot summer.

After running out of the company, after running out of the Da Xia Empire, as the Bus stop that was getting closer and closer to the back street saw Lin Yinger's red Audi, I started to feel cold all the way to my feet. I racked my brains for an excuse to explain, but in the end, I couldn't find anything.

Lin Yinger was obviously extremely impatient from waiting. Just as she sat down, she said coldly: "It has already been more than ten minutes, do you have any idea of time? I thought you died suddenly on the way, didn't you? "

I wasn't angry, because if I was angry, I would instead receive an even fiercer attack from Lin Yinger. I said: "With Director Lin's blessings, this small one is very good, my body is many times stronger, but I will be able to eat two big bowls at once ?"

Lin Yinger interrupted me and said: "Shut up, where is the Schedule?"

I shook my head. "No."

"No?" Lin Yinger's beautiful eyes immediately stared wide open. Her eyes were very bright and full of spirit to begin with, let alone how terrifying her glare was. Her voice was terrifyingly cold, as if she had just picked it up from the Arctic Ocean. Didn't I ask you to work overtime? Where did you die? "

I explained, "I wrote it overtime. It was originally written, but before I could press the button to save it, it died!"

"Idiot, you don't know how to use timing functions?" Lin Yinger was especially excited, to the point that her chest was jumping up and down rhythmically along with her emotions. That arc, that unfathomable deep ravine made me extremely enthralled, "Let me be honest with you, this matter can be resolved by yourself, there are only ten minutes until the appointed time. I want to see how you're going to kill off your Schedule, if you lose the business, you'll clean up the toilet for me for half a month."

I said, "I told my clients that I believe they will understand and respect me."

"Understanding and respect? "Idiot, this is a business, a shopping mall is a battlefield, where does this get the understanding and respect?" Lin Yinger laughed coldly, "Alright, since you are so naive, I will give you a chance to be my benefactor. If you can take care of the customer, I can pretend that this never happened and give you a reward instead."

A charity? Do you dare to speak more harshly than your mother? In my heart, I looked down on her as I shamed her, saying, "We have a deal. Whoever goes back on their word will go to hell, never to reincarnate."

Lin Yinger revealed a cold smile that would make people panic, then she started the car and drove out quickly, as if she couldn't wait to see me fail. I closed my eyes and thought about how to explain it to my clients. I didn't have the confidence, but it was better to hope than to be sentenced to death at once. I had a good memory, and I had written the plan myself. At the same time, I also have a handsome face that can compete with Wu Yanzu. The customer is a woman.

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