Romance with the Female Superior/C10 Enemy Meet In the Narrow Road
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Romance with the Female Superior/C10 Enemy Meet In the Narrow Road
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C10 Enemy Meet In the Narrow Road

Arriving at the destination at 9: 30 on time, the most expensive upscale villa residential area in Baiyun City. After he got off the car, he saw a three-storey, duplex villa in front of him. The garden alone was more than 1000 square meters, and it was just in front, not including the rear garden and the lawn on both sides. The act of the villa was especially domineering. There was a large pond by the entrance, and the colorful lights were flickering. The sound of flowing water playing was extremely solemn and respectful.

Outside the pathway, all the cars parked were famous, Li Xiling's white BMW was already considered the weakest! To be honest, I'm very shocked, what kind of terrifying identity does Li Xiling have? No wonder Li Xiling asked me to change into a new suit. It was probably even less expensive than the owner of this villa.

But so what if he came? So what if he had money? Didn't the rich also start from the poor? It wasn't wrong to be poor. If you were poor and had no ambition, then you should be fiercely looking down on them.

Li Xiling saw that I was a little suspicious, and whispered, "Don't worry, it really is an ordinary gathering."

I said smilingly, "They are quite ordinary. They have already been driven into the villa. Furthermore, look at those famous cars. They aren't worse than the exhibition of cars, right?"

"They're just worldly possessions. I drive a car that others think is very shabby just by looking at it. I drive comfortably, so I think there's no problem. Life isn't something that can be shown to others, right?"

"Right, let's go. I'm not nervous, it's just that this is my first time in such a high-class place, so I'm a little not used to it. I always feel like I'm out of place with low-class people like me."

"Don't belittle yourself. To be able to speak in such a manner, you are no low level person."

"Then I'm vulgar."

Li Xiling did not reply, smiling as she placed her hand into the crook of my arm, and followed my footsteps into the villa.

Although I'm not nervous, I'm actually still very nervous. However, not because of this domineering villa and the people who might be very rich inside, but because of Li Xiling's arm around my arm, and occasionally rubbing against her firm chest, my mind was filled with the scene of her changing clothes that I accidentally peeked out at the company. I couldn't get rid of my nervousness, so it would be strange if I wasn't nervous.

"You're still saying that you're not nervous?" Li Xiling noticed that I was not in a good state, "Take this as a party for the company, this is not a villa, but a normal hotel room."

I said yes, and began to force myself to calm down.

Entering the villa, we immediately saw a woman, in her thirties, looking like a housekeeper. She had a very sweet smile on her face as she asked who we are? Li Xiling replied politely, "I'm Mingyue's classmate, Li Xiling."

"Miss Lee, this way please ?" The butler brought Li Xiling and I into the villa, passed through two doors and arrived beside an elevator. After pressing the button for the elevator, he made a welcoming gesture, "Miss and her friend are on the third floor, take care."

Li Xiling and I walked into the elevator room and closed the door. We didn't even need to press the button because it was an automatic sensing door. I'm really surprised. It's not weird that the villa has an elevator. It's fully automated. According to this calculation, this villa is at least 5 stars!

The elevator reached the third floor, the door opened, and I saw a very delicate face. I recognized the face, but at that moment a heavy voice inside me said: Enemy meets foe in the narrow road.

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