Romance with the Female Superior/C11 Come on everybody there's an enemy of mine here
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Romance with the Female Superior/C11 Come on everybody there's an enemy of mine here
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C11 Come on everybody there's an enemy of mine here

Come on, there's an enemy of mine here

A month ago, on a rainy night, Ming Caichen and I were half drunk as we walked out of the bar and onto the wet streets. After walking for a short distance, a sportscar suddenly flew by, bringing up some dirty water that splashed onto Ming Caichen and I. "If you have the guts, get out of the car and fight me."

Just as Ming Caichen finished cursing, the sports car came back to him. The car door opened and a beautiful woman around twenty-five to twenty-six years old got off, with an exquisite face and exquisite clothes. Her figure was also very refined, and she was the type of woman who would make people go crazy from looking at her. Of course, other than being exquisite, this beauty was also tyrannical. She directly walked in front of Ming Caichen and I and asked us if we were cursing.

Ming Caichen originally thought that this exquisite woman got off the car to apologize, and in his heart, he had already thought of a way to forgive her. After all, she was a beauty, and should be given special treatment. You splashed all over my body with dirty water, can't you scold me? "

The beautiful woman coldly replied, "Who can you blame if you don't walk on the sidewalk?"

Ming Caichen laughed twice: "What a joke, which way is my freedom, and what can you do about it?"

This beauty was too rude. I couldn't help but say, "Beauty, the dirty water from your driving speed would splatter all over you even if you were to walk on the deepest part of the sidewalk. Do you really think you have any sense?"

"I drive at this speed, are you going or not?"

Ming Caichen replied respectfully: "I love to scold, do you want to hear it?"

The beauty's face was full of anger, "Try cursing again."

"Fuck, driving a sports car is amazing? "If you have the guts, then get off the carriage ?" Before Ming Caichen could finish cursing, he had already been kicked, and his entire body was kicked to the ground. I really couldn't react in time. Heavens, this tyrannical woman in front of him actually knows martial arts? Isn't that too scary?

Overbearing rich people are not scary, but they also know martial arts! Of course, I can do it as well. My fighting technique is pretty good, but I don't plan on retaliating. The opponent is a woman, so no matter what, I can't do it. However, this woman didn't think that way. She wanted to knock me down as well, and her actions were very agile, causing me, who was half drunk, to stagger away. She took two steps back and said, "I'm telling you, don't come again. Otherwise, I won't be polite to you ?"

She ignored my warning and continued her attack. She grabbed onto one of my arms to throw it back, but when I lowered my horse, she wouldn't be able to move it. On the contrary, I hugged her by the waist, and if I were to use my full force, she could just fall down and let her see God.

"You asked for it." After saying that, I turned around to help Ming Caichen.

I flung my hand and rushed backwards, fiercely kicking that tyrannical beauty. Even if I wanted to pull her, I couldn't, and when I went back to look at that beauty, I wanted to help her up, but I was suddenly slapped on the left side of her face. It was a burning pain.

Damn it, being a good person is hard. I immediately became angry and said, "Are you crazy? I've never seen a woman like you before. I've come to see you, not to attack you. "

The beauty gritted her teeth and cursed, "Go to hell, I don't need you to look at me."

Seeing that the beauty had grabbed two bricks from the haystack, I ran back immediately. I pulled Ming Caichen along as fast as I could as I ran forward and disappeared around the corner.

Now that I see that delicate face again, that domineering woman, and I don't even know how I'm going to die on her territory. Even if they wanted to escape, they couldn't. After all, the elevator was only as big as a fart, and before they could take two steps back, my lapel had already been grabbed. The woman shouted, "Everyone, quick! There's my enemy here!"

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