Romance with the Female Superior/C13 You are very arrogant aren't you
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Romance with the Female Superior/C13 You are very arrogant aren't you
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C13 You are very arrogant aren't you

There were reasonable people in the crowd, and they all opened their mouths to urge Mingyue to either accept the attack or release the person. They did not want to waste any time and ruin the atmosphere, so Li Xiling also said: "Mingyue, everyone is right, we haven't met in so many years, give me some face."

Although he was unwilling, he couldn't go against everyone, right? Therefore, Brightmoon compromised and said, "Fine, but he wants to apologize to me a hundred times before drinking one catty of white wine. Tomorrow, he will invite everyone to a feast. Otherwise, there will be no negotiations at all."

What kind of joke was this? A warrior like me, could I possibly agree? I said, "If you don't want to receive my attack, then just kill me. Don't talk so much nonsense."

Mingyue's eyes revealed a cold killing intent, "I've already done my best for you. Don't refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit."

I replied, "I've already told you, what do you want?"

"You are very arrogant, aren't you?" Brightmoon prepared to kick me.

Li Xiling stopped him: "Can you give me some face? I told you I was sorry, but one catty would be fine. " Li Xiling pulled on my clothes, it was extremely obvious and she hoped that she would be in charge of handling this matter, so I wouldn't be so unreasonable as to say anything else.

Mingyue asked Li Xiling, "You really want to manage it?"

Li Xiling said with certainty: "We came together, apologize and we will come together, let's drink."

"Alright, I'll give you face." Mingyue lets go of me, smiling and gesturing for me to step out of the elevator.

I strutted out of the room, not showing any signs of fear, but instead remaining calm even in the face of danger. Although this wasn't exactly the case in my heart, the reason why I couldn't lose was very simple; the more timid I was, the more I would be bullied.

Getting out of the elevator was a unique hall, separated by a screen. After turning the screen, one would be able to see the overall situation of the main hall. It had to be said that the main hall was very luxurious. It was very suitable for small gatherings and could accommodate around thirty to forty people. There were many chairs, sofas, and tables with expensive quality, while the ceiling light was very special. It was not a house light, but a bar light.

In the middle of the main hall was a spacious area, one could dance or fight however one wanted. On both sides were luxurious bars, and there were all kinds of wine arranged neatly on the shelves. No matter how you looked at it, the style of the main hall was very high-class, very good, just that it seemed to be filled with smoke. The smell of smoke was especially strong, the smell of alcohol was also especially strong.

Did this bunch of rich people think it was funny? Thinking about this, I walked to the counter and sat down. Mingyue, who came along, immediately took down a bottle of white spirits and handed it over from the shelf. I received it without hesitation, "Miss Mingyue, drinking is fine, but I'll drink as much as you want. I don't need Li Xiling's help because strictly speaking, this is my own problem, I can't implicate my friends."

Brightmoon said, "Cut the crap. Apologize first and then drink. I'm reluctant to forgive you, but this is the only time."

I placed the white wine on the bar counter and slowly said, "Apologize and drink. If you don't dare to take my attack, I'll only drink three cups at most. I won't drink even a catty."

Li Xiling was about to be angered to death by me, why is it now so horizontal? I ignored Li Xiling's gaze as I stared at the bright moon, waiting for it to react. Mingyue, of course, was extremely unhappy. She was so agitated that her head started to heat up. "So what if I drink, I'm afraid of you?"

I was overjoyed and hurriedly took out another bottle of white wine from the shelf and handed it to Mingyue. Then, I opened the bottle that belonged to me and said, "I'm sorry!" That was a half kilogram high straw mat. It was obvious that all the handsome men and women present were shocked by my actions to the point that they couldn't speak, so I didn't mind at all. I lightly wiped my mouth and placed the bottle back on the counter before smiling at Mingyue, gesturing her to invite her in, "Miss Mingyue, please."

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