Romance with the Female Superior/C14 He drank as if he was dead
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Romance with the Female Superior/C14 He drank as if he was dead
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C14 He drank as if he was dead

Mingyue clearly wanted to retreat, but she couldn't do so due to the lack of face, so she had no choice but to raise her head and drink. When she was halfway through, she put down the bottle and her face was already so red that it could drip blood.

Fuck, seeing that it worked so quickly, I definitely can't let her stop, I'll just drink her to death! This thought flashed across my mind, and I immediately said, "Miss Mingyue, you are a woman, I will let you. I will drink one jin, and you only need to drink about 8 taels." After saying that, I took the bottle and poured it into my mouth. The speed was still around the same, after drinking a little bit, I stopped drinking once I had enough for one catty. I put down the bottle and continued smiling at Mingyue, gesturing for her to come over.

Ming Yue Guang could no longer stand, she raised the bottle and put it down, her face full of pain. Li Xiling, who had witnessed everything, snatched the bottle and said: "I'm the one who messed up the atmosphere, I'll drink the alcohol, you don't have to drink anymore ?"

After looking at the others, Li Xiling pointed the bottle of wine at her mouth and neck and gulped it down. In about 20 seconds, she drank all the wine.

After putting down the bottle, Li Xiling said to Mingyue, "You take your time to play. I'll be leaving first. Goodbye!"

Before Mingyue could react, Li Xiling had already pulled me into the elevator.

After exiting the villa, Li Xiling walked to the side of the car and hastily took out the car key from her bag to press it on the door. After that, the car key was handed to me and Li Xiling quickly said: "I can't go on anymore.

"Why can't I drink so much from you?" I was a little angry, because I wasn't really that good a drinker either. I was especially anxious to drink, and now that I had started to faint, I was still thinking about how Li Xiling would send me back.

Li Xiling ignored me, opened the car door and sat down, then closed her eyes, as though she died.

This woman was too polite. She couldn't drink so boldly, could she? Something was wrong! I cursed myself, not daring to be slow, because I knew what was going on, and I had to get out of here before I got completely drunk, or else I'd have to sleep in the car. I quickly pressed the button to retrieve a bottle of mineral water from the Tailstock and poured it into my own head. Then, I vigorously shook my head to calm myself down, got in the car, and quickly started the car.

Because I used to be an illegal racer, I was very good at driving, and since there weren't many cars at that time of night and the roads were clear, I used one of the three times that the average person drove to Seabiscuit Road. It was just that he spent a long time looking for apartment thirty-six, because he was not familiar with the terrain. When he found the parking space and called out to Li Xiling, and realized that Li Xiling was no longer conscious, he would only ask Mhm Mhm Mhm.

I had no choice but to help Li Xiling off the car and into the apartment building.

Li Xiling's apartment building was a new building near the river. It had only been built for two months and the scenery was pretty good. However, I was not in the mood to enjoy the scenery right now. The damn white wine is so powerful that all I want to do now is to find a safe place to have a good night's sleep.

After exiting the second floor of the elevator, I continued to support the unconscious Li Xiling. To be more accurate, I should have dragged her, since Li Xiling always wanted to sit on the floor and emit a very uncomfortable sound. I really wanted to abandon her, but I'm not that heartless. In the end, I instinctively went to Room 201, opened the door and carried Li Xiling inside Li Xiling's bag after finding the key card to the door. I didn't see the situation inside clearly, but rather closed the door and sat on the floor.

I don't know how long I slept, but there was a jolt in my pants pocket, and then my head was very dizzy and my body was weak, so I just opened my eyes a little and then closed them again, and when the bell rang I ignored it and went back to sleep.

When I woke up again, apart from the ringing of my cell phone, I had to pee. When I opened my eyes, I found that my legs were very sore and heavy.

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