Romance with the Female Superior/C15 It's fine if you don't want the job
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Romance with the Female Superior/C15 It's fine if you don't want the job
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C15 It's fine if you don't want the job

Who the fuck is this? Also, why am I sleeping on the floor? I patted my forehead and thought about what happened last night before slowly coming back to my mind. Knowing that it was Li Xiling in front of me, I reached out to pat Li Xiling on the head. "Li Jong, wake up."

Li Xiling was also woken up by the bell, but due to the discomfort, she did not want to move at all, and furthermore, she had a hangover reaction time? I was startled when I heard someone talking beside me. Then I sat up in panic, rubbed my eyes, and looked at my clothes. When I saw that there was nothing wrong with them, I said with relief, "What's wrong? What happened to us? "

It can't be? Don't remember? I was a little speechless. I propped myself up and shook my head. "Last night, you asked me to accompany you to the gathering and we drank a lot of white spirits. That should be it. You can slowly think about it.

Li Xiling casually pointed to a door in a certain direction and I immediately stood up and walked over to open the door. Immediately, a burst of intense sunlight pierced in, it was a balcony, the toilet was actually outside the balcony, what lousy design was this?

I took a nice piss in the bathroom and washed my face a couple of times before I woke up, opened the door, and went out. At the same time, I took my cell phone out of my pocket and looked at it.

Jesus, one-thirty in the afternoon! Finished, no work, no leave of absence!

I rushed back to the living room in a panic, and didn't see Li Xiling there. When I opened the door of room, I found her lying on the bed, her posture was especially strange. Part and sexy inner-small Rampage...... No doubt about it. That's what Spring Festival Glow was talking about, right? However, at this moment, it was clear that I was not in the mood to enjoy the scenery. After a quick glance, I couldn't help but say: "Li Jong, it's already 1: 30 in the afternoon.

Li Xiling made a sound of acknowledgement but she did not move. However, a few seconds later, she leaped up from the bed and said, "What? It's half past one in the afternoon? "

I jumped in fright, and only reacted after a few seconds had passed: "Right, I'm not talking to you anymore, I'm leaving, Schedule, you should hurry up and implement it ?"

After I finished speaking, I immediately walked out, but just as I picked up my bag and opened the door, I was stunned, because a face appeared in front of me. I reacted, I was too lazy to explain, and walked out of Li Xiling's house in untidy clothes, what the hell is going on? I'll leave that to Li Xiling to explain herself! In the end, under Xiao Qing Jing Secretary's doubtful and disbelieving gaze, I hastily walked down the stairs and left the apartment building.

Walking on the main street, I called Lin Yinger as I walked. Since all of the missed calls were from Lin Yinger, I had to call him even if I didn't want to.

When the call connected, Lin Yinger cursed out loud before I could even speak, "Yang Zuran, are you dead? Since last night, I've been calling you, yet I still haven't answered. Do you have any sense of responsibility? You don't f * cking want to mix in and just hand it over to the Resignations ? "

Lin Yinger was extremely popular. I felt that I needed to avoid this kind of fatal edge, so I said gently: "Director Lin, calm down and listen to me. This happened last night ?"

Lin Yinger interrupted: "I don't care what's going on, just f * * k off and come back here. If I don't see you in 10 minutes, then immediately pack up and get out of here."

"No, listen to me, hey..." Hello... F * ck ? "Damn you, why did you hang up?"

I put the phone back in my pocket and looked around. I was lucky enough to see a taxi in the distance. He definitely wouldn't be able to get back to the company in ten minutes. The only thing I could think of was to send a message to Lin Yinger while I was in the car: Director Lin, I'm on Ocean Indian Road, it would take me at least twenty minutes to get to the company.

I'm too lazy to care about it. Life and death depends on heaven, it's not like I didn't pick up the phone on purpose, last night, I was working, but today, I didn't wake up, and drinking with Li Xiling was considered a form of social interaction, right? If this is going to be fired, then so be it!

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