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C16 Yin

I am still very uncomfortable. I don't know who to blame for this, blaming the heavens. I was so unlucky to actually meet the bright moon. How could the earth be so small these two days?

Do it! Could it be that the heavens were going to step down and take on a great mission? Was yesterday a form of training? As I was thinking, the rental car had already arrived outside the company's Da Xia office. I paid the driver to get out of the car and quickly ran into Da Xia, where an elevator was just about to take me up, and I shouted out "Wait a minute!" Luckily, someone was already opening the door of the elevator that was being closed. When I got in, however, I saw that five or six men and women were looking at me strangely, and two of them were still snickering.

What was going on? I looked at my clothes. They were not dirty or messy. Then he took a look at his face on the elevator wall. It was just as normal, not even a single one of them was youthful. It seems unusual for these guys, since they're not colleagues from the same company, I can't be bothered with them.

When the elevator reaches the first floor, I quickly walk out. Looking at the beautiful lady on duty at the reception desk, she happens to cast her gaze towards me. Her smile is especially strange and bizarre. Though I wanted to ask her what she was laughing about. However, time really doesn't allow it. After more than twenty minutes, I still feel that it's wiser to go see that fierce woman Lin Yinger first.

Opening the door of the company, I rushed in and took the internal elevator to the office of the Planning Department on the third floor. In front of Lin Yinger's Office Door, I quickly organized my clothes, then knocked on the door.

I nervously pushed open the door, and discovered that Lin Yinger was sitting in the owner's chair, gritting her teeth. Her hands were supporting the desk, her posture was very domineering, and her gaze gave off the feeling that she wanted to kill her entire family.

Fuck, isn't it just not answering the phone? Isn't it just absenteeism? Just deal with it according to the system, is there a need to do this? With doubts in my heart, I was about to sit down and speak when Lin Yinger spoke first: "Did I let you sit down? Did I let you sit down? "

I stood still and revealed a smile: "Director Lin, listen to me explain to you, it's actually like this. Last night, after I finished setting up the Schedule, it was already 8 o'clock.

Lin Yinger said irritably: Why are you talking about this? Who wants to haggle with you over this? "Come over here."

Past? Other than this matter of not answering the phone and not working, I didn't forget about that strong kiss I had yesterday in the elevator. Since I didn't want to die early and reincarnate, not only did I not want to go over, I even had to defend myself, "Director Lin, if you have something to say, that's your private area, I'm not convenient to go over.

Lin Yinger slowly stood up, moved her mouse a few times, and then turned the computer screen towards me. Just by looking at the computer screen, I could already feel the world spinning around me. I instantly understood what those guys in the elevator were laughing about. And what did that strange and weird smile on the beautiful girl at the front desk mean? F * ck, there's actually a huge photo of me hugging Lin Yinger's leg and forcefully kissing her in the elevator room, and even with a few unsightly words ? Stream Narration...

Whose fucking masterpiece was this? Was there a need to be like this? No, that's not right, this happened in the Da Xia elevator company's Da Xia Empire company, how did it spread to the Qiang Ba company? The two independent Da Xia Empire's north and south, could it be that their internal systems were connected? Nonsense, right?

Lin Yinger shouted after hearing it, "Idiot, look where it came from, I'm furious. It's all because of you causing me to lose all my face, all the companies in Da Xia saw this picture ?" Lin Yinger grabbed the pen holder and threw it over!

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