Romance with the Female Superior/C17 Director Lin please be calm
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Romance with the Female Superior/C17 Director Lin please be calm
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C17 Director Lin please be calm

Oh my god, luckily I dodged quickly, otherwise my head would have bled profusely! I immediately said: "Director Lin, calm down. Don't get too agitated, if you have something to say and if you want to talk about it, you should at least clarify it, right? It would be useless for you to kill me now, and I don't think I was in the wrong. Finished speaking, I retreated a few steps and stood by the file cabinet's side. If necessary, I opened the file cabinet's door.

As expected, Lin Yinger attacked again, holding onto a teacup and smashing it hard towards me. I quickly opened the door of the file cabinet and when the teacup came into contact with the barrier, it instantly fell to the ground and shattered into several pieces.

"You dare to touch my file cabinet? "I think you're tired of living ?" Lin Yinger came out from behind the desk and slowly walked towards me.

"Director Lin, calm down. Don't be impatient, we have something to talk about." Lin Yinger ignored my warning, walked over, and kicked towards the file cabinet door. I quickly let go, otherwise, half of my five fingers would have been crippled! I was angry, "Enough, are you f * cking done yet? Am I hurting you now? Do you blame me for being useful? "Don't forget that I'm a victim too."

"You actually dare to scold me?" Lin Yinger was even more furious now, she kicked towards my crotch and I just happened to dodge to the side of the door. After locking the door from the inside, I took the initiative to welcome her, and with Lin Yinger's kick, I quickly reached out to grab her leg, and directly lifted her up. After taking a few steps forward and placing her on the table, I caught both of her legs and placed both of my hands on her shoulders.

I coldly said, "I've already let you go. Don't go out of your way. Do you want to properly talk it out with me, or do you want to call me indecent?"

Lin Yinger was frightened by my tyranny, and slowly regained her senses. She whispered: "Talk, let go of me."

I glared at Lin Yinger, and only let go when I was sure she wasn't lying. Lin Yinger tidied up her clothes, and said while walking behind the desk: "I want to know how the photos came about. Could it be that the two of us from the same maintenance company in Da Xia Empire came over to the internal discussion forum? I have to know. "

I replied, "I want to know more than you do. I'm even angrier than you are."

This really made me evil, it had a huge impact, I was the person who received the Excellent Worker Award, after all, after this happened, there was no way I could get promoted, much less get fired, and this was not without precedent. A clothing company on the twelfth floor had similar incidents, and as a result, two clients were fired, one ordinary employees, and one personnel manager.

Lin Yinger took out a stack of bills from her drawer and threw it onto the desk: "I'll give you five thousand and find out who found someone to fix him properly. I want to make him vomit white tape from his regret."

I replied, "I don't want your money."

Lin Yinger said as she gnashed her teeth in anger, "Idiot, I'm not giving it to you. I told you to go find someone, I want to know. I just want to know."

I picked up the five thousand and stuffed it into my pocket. Lin Yinger asked again, "How is Tian Hong's business progress?"

I replied, "I'll wait for Li Jong's reply. There shouldn't be any problems, I'll inform you the moment I receive it."

"Get out." It's here again, if you don't say anything bad, people in your fucking family will die, right? Rolling my eyes, I turned around to open the door and walk out ?

Because it wasn't time yet, it was unusually quiet outside the office, so no one knew about what happened in Lin Yinger's office. However, I still felt frustrated. The picture was too weird, the two sides of the sky and the Da Xia Empire were actually connected. It had only been a single day, but the internal discussion forum of the Da Xia Empire was already in an uproar.

I felt the five thousand yuan in my pocket, but I couldn't say anything. This job was too difficult, and I didn't know how to do it. The police wouldn't let me do it, I wasn't naked ? Even if the police were willing to accept it, it would only complicate matters. Whatever the investigation was, the entire Grand Xia would be affected. The company would then face a huge loss and a public crisis, and I would be more likely to be fired.

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