Romance with the Female Superior/C18 screeching of wind and cranes
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Romance with the Female Superior/C18 screeching of wind and cranes
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C18 screeching of wind and cranes

I sighed and left the office. I took the elevator down to the Grand Xia Dining Hall. There was no food to be had by two o'clock, but there was pasta. I casually ordered a bowl and waited in the corner.

There weren't many people in the dining hall, but there were also twenty scattered people. Some of the people who had seen the photos looked at me strangely. No, that's the fucking thing to ignore, because the more I care, the more excited they get, the more cheap.

Seeing that it was almost time to go to work, I immediately left the canteen with the intention to return to the company. Just as I walked to the elevator door, I received a call from Lin Yinger, telling me to not have to work in the afternoon and settle the contract.

Lin Yinger suddenly such a good person? wanted me to hide for a bit. Fine, since the house I live in today is out of date, I need to move, so I don't need to rush in at night. It suits my needs.

After exiting Da Xia Empire, I raised my head to look at the scorching sun, and said a few words of encouragement to myself, and then took out my phone to call Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan was the most exquisite woman in Planning Department other than Lin Yinger. Her figure was extremely outstanding in all aspects, and she was also a hot, hot, new graduate. She was about twenty-two years old, three years younger than Lin Yinger. Qiao Nan couldn't enter the ranks of the four great goddesses because before she did, the Four great goddesses had already spread word of her existence. If she were to choose again, she would definitely occupy a seat.

Qiao Nan is in charge of data collection and is one of the lowest level employees. If necessary, she is also my assistant, after all, I am the team leader of the planning team. And because I was willing to teach Qiao Nan all sorts of experiences in the field of interpersonal work, Qiao Nan had a very good impression of me. On the job, I listen to whatever you say and often help me on daily life, which made me feel that it was strange that I actually didn't have any feelings for Qiao Nan, and even treated him as a brother.

Right now, I have encountered difficulties in my life and work, so naturally, I would immediately think of Qiao Nan.

When the call connected, Qiao Nan's voice came from the other end, "Director Yang, you have such a great time today."

"What the f * ck is there to be proud of? I want to crash into a wall now."

"Don't, um, bump is fine, but before we crash, tell me ?" Is that photo real? "

"Do you still have any humanity left in you? "What did the photo's authenticity internal forum say?"

"There's a technical analysis post. It says that there are no traces of an editor found, is it true?" You should be able to give an answer. "

"It's true, but it's definitely not what you think." That's all I can say. In fact, it's hard to say.

"Hehe, I have no interest in knowing this. What I want to tell you is, wait a moment, Director Lin is out ? Don't hang up yet."

Qiao Nan was silent! I waited patiently for two minutes, but there was still no response from Qiao Nan. I started to worry, not because I didn't have the time to wait, but because there was only a power bar left on my phone. I didn't know how long it would last, and I had to make some other calls.

Fortunately, after waiting for another minute, there was movement from Qiao Nan's side. She whispered: "Director Lin has returned to his office, her face is really dark, angry, frustrated, wanting to curse. Everyone's heart is a little numb, haha, it's all because of you, I think this time ?"

I interrupted her and said, "It was none of my business. She attacked me in the elevator and then I counterattacked."

"Is that so?" Qiao Nan laughed sinisterly, "Your counterattack is so unique, to actually kiss her."

"That was an accident. Let's not talk about it anymore. I only have one bar left on my phone. The reason I called you was to help out with two things."

Qiao Nan was very gloomy: "You have to help two people this much? "Don't be too exploitative, okay?"

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