Romance with the Female Superior/C2 kiss the female boss
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Romance with the Female Superior/C2 kiss the female boss
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C2 kiss the female boss

The customer's company, "Tianxiong Group", is not far from our company, so I do not have enough time to think of a proper explanation, no doubt very uneasy. But after thinking about it, she decided to let nature take its course. After all, if Lin Yinger wanted her dead, she definitely wouldn't let me live until it was the end of me.

After getting off the car, I followed behind Lin Yinger and walked towards the elevator, my gaze landing on Lin Yinger's butt. Her buttocks were really sexy. Even the inner-small had been imprinted. This was the legendary buxom ? The butt? I wanted to touch it, but only if I was prepared to have my fingers cut off.

After entering the elevator and pressing the button for the sixth floor, Lin Yinger leaned on the elevator wall and started to sneer at me. "Director Lin, if you have anything to say, just say it out, you don't have to threaten me with that smile."

Lin Yinger said: "How I laugh is my right, what does it have to do with you?"

"Sure, it is my right to repay you no matter what." After saying that, I rolled my eyes. However, before I could turn around, my ankle was kicked. I immediately scolded, "Damn! Are you a donkey or something?"

"Damn?" Lin Yinger's beautiful big eyes opened wide, "You dare to swear at me?"

It's over. Lin Yinger had always been the only one to greet other people's family members. However, I've already said it out, so it's impossible to take it back. In fact, I don't intend to take it back. I mustered my courage and said, "Director Lin, are you not scolding me enough? "You've asked so many questions about my family. So what if I'm relying on you?"

Lin Yinger said in a stern voice: "Try leaning on me again."

I took a step back. "Don't force me. I really know how to rely on myself."

"F * ck you."

"Don't force me."

"F * ck you."


"You are courting death."

Lin Yinger raised his leg and kicked, the sharp tip of the high heels went straight for my leg. [What a joke. How many days will it take to get kicked? I immediately grabbed Lin Yinger's leg and held it by the waist, Lin Yinger didn't think that I would dare to grab onto her, and after losing my balance, fell to the left. However, the elevator suddenly stopped, so in the end, Lin Yinger was forced by me to the wall of the elevator. The distance between us was only about two inches, and one of my hands was still holding onto her leg. From the looks of it, it seemed as though I was going to do something shameless to her.

Just when we were in a daze, the elevator door opened on the fourth floor with a "ding" sound. Someone wanted to come in, but they didn't dare to enter after seeing the scary state they were in. I reacted and closed the elevator door as fast as I could. Just as I was about to explain, Lin Yinger angrily pushed me away and continued to kick him as she scolded, "I'll kick you to death. You actually dared to molest me."

In the midst of my panic, I grabbed onto Lin Yinger's leg again and explained: "I was saving you, what do you mean by molesting you?"

Lin Yinger could hear it clearly, and struggled to say: "Let go of me."

"This is the elevator. I really did save you. Can you not move?"

"I won't use violence. How can I not use violence against a hooligan?" Lin Yinger slapped him, "I'll kill you."

It was too fast, too close, and I didn't get completely out of the way. The sharp nails grazed my face, making me want to smash into a wall.

I knew that trying to reason with an animal that had been bleeding for seven days and still alive was always a waste of effort. I immediately reached out to grab the front of Lin Yinger's clothes, pulled him closer to me and said, "Little girl, keep your eyes open. This is what you call molestation." After saying that, my mouth imprinted itself onto Lin Yinger's sexy lips.

Lin Yinger was completely honest, when I finished kissing her, she was still stunned. It just so happened that the elevator arrived at the Tianxiong Group headquarters on the sixth floor with a jingle. I immediately ran out of the elevator. I actually forcefully kissed Lin Yinger, oh my god, I really ate leopard's gall bladder.

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