Romance with the Female Superior/C3 Wait a minute so I can kill him
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Romance with the Female Superior/C3 Wait a minute so I can kill him
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C3 Wait a minute so I can kill him

Wait a minute, I'il kill him.

Tianxiong Group was a large corporation. There was a domineering reception desk at the entrance of the elevator, where two beautiful ladies with extremely beautiful temperament stood. One of them looked at me who was slightly panicking, and politely asked me if there was anything I could help with. I immediately said, "There's a beauty in the elevator. I think she needs help."

Front Desk Beauty did not dare delay, and immediately walked out from the front desk. The elevator door was not closed yet, because I had pressed down on it, so Front Desk Beauty immediately walked in, and saw Lin Yinger standing in the corner and was about to speak, but Lin Yinger first said that she did not need help, and Front Desk Beauty turned to look at me, her eyes filled with doubt.

I said lightly, "We are from the Powerful Advertising Department. We have an appointment with your General Manager."

Front Desk Beauty then returned to her job to flip through the records, then walked out again, gesturing for Lin Yinger and I who had already exited the elevator to come over. I did not dare look at Lin Yinger's expression and immediately followed Front Desk Beauty. I was not prepared for Lin Yinger's attacks from the back, as this was a customer's company after all, Lin Yinger did not dare cause trouble, but after leaving, I would not know, and when we were outside, Lin Yinger would even dare to take a knife and slash. 's lips were ice-cold, just like hers, causing people to tremble. Remembering it, it would never be erased.

Front Desk Beauty brought Lin Yinger and I into a luxurious conference room, poured two cups of tea, said please wait a moment, and left! The environment of the meeting room was not bad. Two large windows on the ground allowed him to see the scenery outside. But am I in the mood to see the scenery? As soon as Front Desk Beauty left, I sat in the corner, preparing myself for Lin Yinger's attacks at any time. But strangely, Lin Yinger was unmoved, she glanced outside the window, and did not even look at me. What was going on? Prelude to the storm? Well, there was nowhere to run for the time being, so she might as well try her best to get out of the way!

Just like this, I nervously sat in the meeting room with Lin Yinger, looking at each other from afar, waiting to be received.

Tianxiong Group was a large scale production and manufacturing company, it mainly produced household products such as shampoo, toothpaste and shower gel, it had many famous brands under its control, basically, you could find the products of this company if you randomly chose a family in Baiyun City. Tianxiong Group and my company have a cooperative relationship, they are her first-tier customers, her advertising and public relations promotion are all done by him, she only earns 50% of the total turnover of the company.

I wrote the plan for the toothpaste advertisement very well. I just didn't expect it to be that tragic. Actually, if it wasn't for the fact that this company had a higher level, it wouldn't be a problem to not bring any Schedule. After all, they were old partners, so it was easy to negotiate with them. This was the reason why Lin Yinger was so irritable just now. She might lose his business the first time she saw a new higher ups, after all, Baiyun City had two advertising companies that were even more powerful than Qiangba. If their business was really gone, the company's losses would be huge, and no one could take responsibility for it.

More than ten minutes had passed and the new general manager still hadn't come to see me. I couldn't help but feel irritated, but what made me feel strange was that Lin Yinger wasn't in a rush and was instead drinking tea leisurely. Damn, this isn't like Lin Yinger. She should be furious after waiting so long, at least she's angry at me, what kind of schemes are she planning to pull so quietly? For her own safety, I asked Lin Yinger: "Director Lin, you don't seem to be in a hurry at all, is it that you have an agreement?"

Lin Yinger revealed a fake smile: "What am I anxious about? "I was thinking of something else. A bastard had offended me, and I was wondering what kind of tools I had in my car that could kill him."

I calmly replied, "Director Lin, you shouldn't have said that you allowed that bastard to hear it before we got into your car."

The fake smile on Lin Yinger's face turned into an ice-cold sneer: "It doesn't matter, if we meet every day, I'll definitely find a chance to kill him and make him regret coming to this world, come to the Baiyun City, and come to the Powerful Advertising."

I forcefully smiled and said, "I wish you success in your dreams. At the same time, I need to remind you that life is unpredictable. If you mess around, you will pay back your money sooner or later."

Lin Yinger snorted, she did not speak further, and turned her gaze to look outside. Since she didn't say anything, I naturally wouldn't take the initiative to provoke her. Moreover, I still had to think of a way to explain this to my client when I was free!

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