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C4 slobbering

After waiting for almost an hour, the door of the meeting room finally opened. A woman, or rather a young woman, walked in. She looked to be about 26 or 27 years old. Her breasts were high, her belly was flat, and her curves were absolutely exquisite. She possessed all the qualities that a good body could possess. She was wearing silk stockings with black stripes that made her look especially sexy and domineering. Her legs were very straight, especially in proportion, and although I wasn't in the shape of a silk stocking, my legs had clearly made my saliva splatter and flow uncontrollably, causing a certain part of me to react in an instant.

After all, such an exquisite young woman is rare. She is much more charming than any I have ever seen, even in all my life. Her outfit may have been simple, but it blended perfectly with her temperament. Her long hair fell over her shoulders, and though we were more than a meter apart, I could smell a fragrance that was intoxicating, and this fragrance came from a shampoo that I knew well. I had written this advertisement for shampoo.

Just as I was in a daze, she shook hands with Lin Yinger who had stood up first, then with me, with a smile that could be used to gently kill me a hundred times over, she said: "I am Li Xiling, I have just taken over Tian Hong for a few days, so I am rather busy, and have made you all wait for a long time. I am very sorry ?"

Although she was smiling, her tone and smile did not match at all, giving others a completely businesslike attitude! What should I do? I screamed miserably in my heart as I said, "We've actually not been waiting for long. Moreover, we should have been waiting."

"Please take a seat." Li Xiling made a inviting gesture, and only after Lin Yinger and I had sat down did she sit down and say, "Let me introduce myself, so that I can get to know my partner more."

"Lin Yinger, Powerful Creativity Planning Department Director." After introducing himself, Lin Yinger turned and introduced me to him, "My assistant Yang Zuran, leader of the planning team, he was the one who wrote all the plans for our cooperation."

Li Xiling's attention turned to me, his focused and indifferent expression practically seemed to suck me into her world. My heart roared fiercely, and after calming down a little, I said: "This time, I will also work hard, Li Jong, don't worry."

Li Xiling nodded and asked: "Have you brought the Schedule?"

I hastily replied, "I didn't bring it with me, but the entire plan is still in my mind."

Li Xiling was startled for a moment, and her tone suddenly became cold: "Did you forget what you brought?"

I said uneasily, "I did, but I tore it halfway through and was not afraid of the Li Jong's jokes. There was a small conflict between me and the Director Lin, but don't worry, the content is all imprinted in my mind, I can tell you everything, if you are not satisfied, I can change it further, or we can discuss it tomorrow. I will work overtime tonight to the point where I need to write it out."

After I finished speaking, I looked at Lin Yinger and noticed that she was staring at me tenaciously. Then I turned back to Li Xiling's body and waited for his punishment. I guess this punishment will be very heavy, because the smile on Li Xiling's face disappeared, and she left her chair. After walking two steps, he opened the door of the conference room and shouted towards the office outside: "Who's there, go call my secretary over here ?"

Secretary? What was this? See the guests out? I was just about to say something good when Li Xiling's secretary arrived. It was a girl with short hair, with a very delicate and clear voice. "Does Li Jong have any orders?"

Li Xiling said: "Go and get your laptop. It must be clean."

The Xiao Qing Jing Secretary immediately ran away, and Li Xiling returned to her original position and did not speak. It was clear that she did not want others to talk to her, either, so how could I dare to speak carelessly, and this caused Lin Yinger to be even more silent. This is a tragedy, do I have a way to deal with it? No, I just want the Xiao Qing Jing Secretary to hurry over and see what Li Xiling is up to next. I don't believe that Li Xiling will give up on this good plan of her. In any case, I am full of confidence in myself.

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