Romance with the Female Superior/C6 Life-Suspended Line
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Romance with the Female Superior/C6 Life-Suspended Line
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C6 Life-Suspended Line

I let out a sigh of relief, composed myself, and quickly operated my laptop to create an office document. I used the fastest speed to create a common format and started to write according to my memories ?

Half an hour passed quickly. I stood up and stretched my hands, which were stiff from high-speed typing. I wanted a cigarette, but this was someone else's meeting room. However, there was no need to care about all that. If he did not write it out on time, the business would fall through. I quickly took a pack of cigarettes from my pocket, lit one, and used a paper cup as an ashtray. I smoked and worked at high speed. I pulled the font icon to the corner to block the time, purposely avoiding looking at it to avoid increasing the pressure, but two large windows on the floor still told me the time, it was dark, the city's brilliance was about to arrive, and some of the tall building signs had already been opened ahead of time.

The more I write, the more I feel irritable, the more irritable is slower, the slower is the more irritable, the vicious circle, life is better than death. I finally chose a different position, with my back to the two French windows. Just as I was sitting down, there was a knock on the door. I was startled and immediately took the paper cup off the table and looked outside.

Xiao Qing Jing Secretary was the one who opened the door, so I was relieved. I squeezed out a smile and asked, "Beautiful girl, what's the matter?"

Xiao Qing Jing Secretary said, "I'm getting off work. Li Jong wants me to let you know."

"Okay, please take care."

The door to the meeting room closed, leaving me confused. What did that mean? Have the secretary said it was time to go? Can't you come yourself? Seeing that the Schedule has written down 80% of the total, I was not willing to give up, so I chose to continue working hard. My thinking is very simple, after completing 20% of the remaining 100%, I can accept the loss, but I cannot lose to the time.

As time passed, the sky darkened, and the meeting room became even darker. I didn't know where the light button was, and even if I did, I wouldn't have had the time to turn it on.

After an unknown period of time, I finally finished writing my piece. I didn't dare to rest and immediately went to the mailbox to download the market report that Lin Yinger sent over, and started to organize it. However, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't catch up to the speed of time. I was only halfway done when the door opened and a hand reached in to turn on the light.

Li Xiling smiled: Director Yang, have you finished your work?

My hand didn't stop moving as I said, "Almost there ?"

"You don't have time." Li Xiling looked at the white watch on her wrist and smiled: "It's 7: 42."

How is this possible? I immediately opened the font icon to look at the time. It was actually real. I didn't know what to say.

Li Xiling continued: "Mn, I'll be leaving at 8. I'll see you later."

It meant that it could still be written? I can't believe it, Li Xiling should have already gotten off work at this time, why is it so late? Was it to wait for me to finish? Nonsense, impossible, but what did it mean to continue giving opportunities? I couldn't understand so I opened my mouth to ask, "Can I write more?"

Li Xiling did not reply, and turned to leave.

I let out a sigh of relief. I suddenly felt full of energy, much faster, and finally finished before eight o'clock, but there wasn't much time left, just one minute left, so I didn't dare rest. I threw the cup into the trash can and blew all the ash under the conference table, which was a little bit sinister, but it was better than being discovered, wasn't it?

I continued to patiently wait until 8: 02 PM. As a result, when Li Xiling still did not appear, I couldn't help but become a little flustered, because it seemed that if Li Xiling had already left, then something had happened.

The Old Ancestor was very great, and he had created many interesting proverbs, such as, "Life is hanging by a thread". In an accident, whether or not a life can be maintained or not was hanging by a thread, time is often life, time is everything. In order to prevent tragedy from happening, I decided to go out and take a look.

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