Romance with the Female Superior/C7 Turns out it was so enjoyable
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Romance with the Female Superior/C7 Turns out it was so enjoyable
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C7 Turns out it was so enjoyable

I gently opened the door to the meeting room and found that it was extremely quiet outside. Of course, this was for sure. After work, there were only a few light pipes left in the huge office that were still working. I looked around, looking for an office with lights still on, and finally found one, I walked closer to look, and confirmed that the office belonged to Li Xiling. The door plate said "General Manager Li Xiling" very clearly.

After tidying up my appearance, I knocked on the office door. After waiting for a dozen seconds for no reply, I knocked again. After waiting another ten seconds, the result was the same. Could something have happened? He fainted? Thinking about this, I wanted to kick the door down, but it was a glass door and the wall was also glass and not transparent. At the very least, the bottom half of the door wasn't transparent, but the top half was transparent and I could see the situation inside, if I could only stand on top of the Secretary Desk and look down.

Do you want to do this? Was this a peep? As a man, I hate to do such a shameless thing, but there seems to be no other choice. The Secretary Desk and the glass wall have a certain distance to go, so I needed both of my hands to support myself with the glass. As for the height issue, I also need to support myself with a high heel, which of course wouldn't be difficult for me, because I'm a sports expert and I also know fighting techniques, so my body's coordination is very good.

As I slowly ascended, I became more and more nervous, fearing that I would see something bad, such as Li Xiling lying on the floor, foaming at the mouth. Fortunately, Li Xiling was standing by the window safe and sound, with her back facing the inside as she talked on the phone.

Didn't the woman hear the knock on the door? Why are you so engrossed in chatting over the phone? With her husband? Lover? Just as I was about to get off the Secretary Desk and continue knocking, I suddenly saw Li Xiling turn around slightly. Her work shirt had two buttons open, and one of her hand was currently unbuttoning the remaining button.

Were they going to change clothes? I don't know, but I was dying to know, and a voice inside me was roaring, Don't go, don't look. In the end, I confirmed it. Li Xiling had indeed changed her clothes, and after hanging up the phone, she quickly took off her shirt and placed it on the workbench. Then, she bent down and started to take off her skirt.

F * ck, this is the so-called 'spring' ? Share light? Peeping was actually this fun? I want to bleed from my nose, because Li Xiling's body is much more perfect than I imagined. Her skin is snow-white, and under the light of the lamp, it is suffused with a layer of faint white light. Her underwear was a dazzling blue, with a small bow in the middle. It was especially pretty and cute, while her lower abdomen had a tattoo of a bright, two-colored rose.

Immediately, that part of me hardened and set up the small tent, even feeling a little sticky. Perhaps this was a little exaggerated, but after all, it was a peep, so it was undeniable that even a peeper would know that this kind of shock was even more inconceivable than coming face to face.

Li Xiling did not notice that I was peeping, so she did what she had to do. She took out a set of clothes from the cupboard and changed herself into them leisurely, then hung the work attire back in the cabinet. After organizing a bit, she heaved a sigh of relief, as though she was about to come out.

It was over. I hadn't seen enough, but I had to get down from the Secretary Desk, put on my shoes, wipe them clean with my palms and pretend as if nothing had happened. In less than two minutes, the door to the office opened. Li Xiling stuck her head out and saw me.

"It's nothing. I guessed that you were busy, so I waited." My heart was beating very quickly, not because it was a lie, but because of the peeping. Although Li Xiling did not notice it, but at least she was guilty of the misdeeds she had done.

Li Xiling said: "Oh, is the work complete? When I'm done, bring me the laptop. "

I immediately ran towards the conference room and brought out my laptop. At that time, Li Xiling once again entered the office, with the door open, obviously allowing me to enter, so I directly went in and placed the laptop in front of Li Xiling: "I can only look at the electronic version, without permission I won't dare to randomly use your conference room's printer."

Li Xiling acknowledged her presence but she did not look at the Schedule. Instead, she closed her laptop and said with a smile: "It's eight-thirty now. I could have gotten off work by six o'clock..."

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