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C8 Never decline

I don't know why Li Xiling closed her notebook and didn't look at the plan. Even though I said those words, I still put on my proper attitude and said, "I'm sorry, it was a mistake on our part, but this is the first and also the last time."

Li Xiling shook his head: "I'm sorry, there's no use at all. I hope you can help me with a favor first, and then we'll talk about the Schedule s later. What do you think?"

Sigh, Li Xiling's hidden message is that if I don't help, then there's no need to talk about the plan. I don't have a choice, so I can only agree: "No problem, as long as I can help, I definitely won't decline."

Li Xiling laughed, a sincere and genuine smile on her face: "I have just returned from abroad a few days ago, so I'm not very familiar with the environment, and my friends aren't many either. As for me, I have to attend a gathering at 9: 30, coincidentally, I'm lacking a male companion, so this is just a very ordinary gathering.

Damn, this is like a pie falling from the sky and smoke rising from the ancestral tombs, how could I not be willing? I have already said that I am willing a hundred times in my heart, but on the surface, I still put on a reserved look and said, "If you don't mind the fact that my status is low, I am very willing, and also very honored to be your male companion."

Li Xiling smiled as she got up from her seat and said: "Then let's go. Let's contact each other after the proposal is seen tomorrow. As long as it's feasible, we can sign the contract tomorrow."

He thought that he would be able to pass the examination once he passed the examination in male companion, but that was not the case. If he were to find out that it was not feasible after reading through the plan tomorrow, his business would be in vain as well. I felt that I had been played, but I was very confident in the plan I had written, so I didn't show any displeasure on my face. I can wait!

Li Xiling and I rode in the elevator to the car park together. I turned on the phone that was shut down previously, and realised that there were a lot of missed calls, from Lin Yinger, and from my best friend, Ming Caichen. But I didn't return any of them, because I had already followed Li Xiling to the side of her white BMW. Li Xiling took out a sensor from her bag and pressed it.

After driving out of the car park, Li Xiling said: "I'll treat you to a meal, but only fast food, such as hamburgers."

I was depressed. It would be better to go home and eat instant noodles than to eat such a high-calorie dish.

Li Xiling was very smart, she saw through my thoughts, and explained: "The banquet starts at 9: 30, so your clothes don't seem to be suitable. I think that you need to change your clothes for the banquet, I'm afraid that it won't be enough time.

I'm wearing a suit for a few hundred dollars. This woman has poisonous eyes and can speak, so she doesn't hurt people directly. Of course, no matter how white her words were, I wouldn't be harmed because of it. I wasn't someone who could bear such trash. I said, "I understand."

Li Xiling returned the smile with a smile that was still smile that was gentle enough to kill me a hundred thousand times. Then, she said: "Thank you, I will be in charge of this matter.

"Alright, I won't return the suit after the banquet. I won't just accept any gift, I won't accept any reward without merit."

"You accompanying me to the banquet is your achievement. Of course, if you insist, I will respect you."

Li Xiling no longer spoke as she concentrated on driving. Very quickly, she arrived at the entrance of a Kentucky. She stopped the car and asked me to order two of the same set meal. She didn't ask me if I liked to eat that kind of set meal. She just ordered it directly, and it gave me the feeling that she was very close to Lin Yinger in this area, and was both very overbearing. It was just that Lin Yinger was overbearing when she talked, and her words were not overbearing, but her actions were overbearing.

I took a seat in a corner near the window. I grabbed the hamburger, unwrapped the package, and took a bite. I was so hungry that I didn't want to say anything more.

Although she was already very graceful, no woman would complain about having too much grace. It was just like how no woman would resent having too much beauty, otherwise, they wouldn't have used the appearance their parents gave them to make a mess for the quack doctor.

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