Romance with the Female Superior/C9 This is an ordinary party
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Romance with the Female Superior/C9 This is an ordinary party
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C9 This is an ordinary party

After exiting the Kentucky, Li Xiling asked me if there were any large scale trading cities nearby. I pointed to the opposite road and said yes, and then I walked in front to lead the way, but after entering the commercial city, I switched to Li Xiling to lead the way. Because she was in a rush, she walked especially fast, but even so, she still walked very gracefully.

He had to admit that Li Xiling was an elegant and charming woman. It would be great to hang out with women like her in the business district, it would be even better if he could hold hands or walk with her around the waist. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of luck at the moment. Even my knowledge of this elegant woman only knows her name and position, as well as the background of her foreign return. Other things like getting married? Family status and educational experience are unknown. I heard that she was married late abroad. Would she be Westernized? She looked like a young married woman, but she was actually unmarried?

I soon realized that I was thinking too much. What did it have to do with me whether I got married or not? Didn't I just want to fuck her? What does it have to do with getting married? Wouldn't it be better if he married a young woman? Being in bed with a young woman was definitely more comfortable than being in bed with an inexperienced girl who no longer had a membrane. If being in bed with a young woman was exciting, then being in bed with a young woman was absolutely maddening.

Suddenly, Li Xiling slowed her pace and turned into a western clothing store. She walked around the shop twice, picked up three suits, and asked me: "Which one do you like better? Gray, black, and striped? " Seeing that I was pointing to the grey colour, Li Xiling immediately passed the grey suit to me and said, "Go and try the effect."

I took the gray suit and went into the fitting room. A few minutes later, I came out in a different form. It has to be said that it's not that hundreds of dollars in suits are much more comfortable and natural to wear, but the key point is that I am just a person with a well-built body, close to 1.8 meters in height, and am comparable to Wu Yanzu's handsome face. Ordinary model would even f * * king stand on the sidelines when compared to me, don't think that I am boasting, this is definitely the truth.

However, Li Xiling didn't seem to be satisfied, her mouth twitched, and I could only tactfully take the initiative to ask for a test of luck.

After a few minutes, I changed into a black suit and came out of the fitting room. This time, I couldn't help but want to offer my life to the shop assistant who was next to me. But regretfully, Li Xiling was still not satisfied. Although she did not say it out loud, her expression was already extremely obvious, and there was even someone who was moving, directly handing me the last striped suit in his hands.

At this time, the employee said, "Actually, the first two sets are very good, but I always felt that the stripes are more suitable for young handsome men."

Li Xiling had told the shop assistant not to interrupt, but this was already the last plan. If she did not say a few more words, this business would be ruined, and the shop assistant had no choice but to take the risk. I looked at the shop assistant, and saw that the shop assistant's expression looked as if she was begging me. In fact, I couldn't do anything about it, I like grey the most, but Li Xiling doesn't like it, that's the one who pays!

This time, I spent the longest time in the changing room, carefully organizing all the details. The result was very unexpected, and after walking out, not only was the shop assistant still in a daze, even Li Xiling had become dazed. She was initially chatting quietly on the phone, with her back facing the changing room. I could only ask, "Li Jong, how is this?"

Li Xiling hurriedly nodded: "Sure, just put them on. I'll take the old ones with me."

The shop assistant happily went back to his work, Li Xiling continued to talk on the phone, and after chatting for another minute, she hung up, and continued to cast his gaze on me, looking to be in a daze. I felt that this gaze was not only satisfied, but also contained some other content, but I did not choose to ask Li Xiling. I was unwilling to be nosy, because I understood one thing: the more I knew, the faster I would die.

After buying the bill, the atmosphere in the market became a little awkward. I broke the silence and said, "Why don't you tell me the specific nature of this gathering and tell me more about it? I know what I'm doing and will act more naturally in the future."

Li Xiling said: "This is an ordinary gathering, organized by a female classmate of mine."

I curiously asked, "Your classmate?"

"Yes, I lived here before high school, and after going to Australia, I just came back from there a few days ago. When you were knocking on my Office Door at work, I was talking to my classmate, and she invited me to join, no no no no, no male companion, and I hate strange men inviting me to dance."

I smiled. "It seems that I don't belong to the category of men that I don't know."

Li Xiling laughed and did not answer.

We chatted happily the whole way back to the Kentucky's gate, then got into the car. Li Xiling drove me towards the suburbs. I didn't think that this would be followed by a series of big troubles that would affect my whole life...

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