Rose Lover/C2 Chapter 2
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Rose Lover/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

This short piece of information caused great waves to rise in Chen Yu's heart.

"Cui Yao also sells underwear online?"

"Such an extraordinary woman is actually selling the original underwear. This welfare is truly fascinating."

Chen Yu had long since heard about some women selling underwear they wore online. However, he would have never expected that the seemingly reserved and reserved Cui Yao would start such a business in private.

Recalling Cui Yao's previous flirtatious behaviour, Chen Yu couldn't help but burst out in excitement.

Intense curiosity spurred Chen Yu to click on Cui Yao's WeChat, opening the chat logs and browsing through them.

"How much is a pair of underwear?"

"300 for every day, 1000 for every three days."


"The price is the same."

"Do you have raw stockings?"

"Yes, but the price is a bit more expensive."

Chat after chatterbox, Chen Yu's heart beat faster and faster. He had never thought that Cui Yao would be so adept in this kind of business. It seemed she had been doing it for a long time.

Ye Zichen scrolled down. There were a lot of chat logs like this. There were at least ten people around.

Chen Yu's thoughts also gradually became more active as he flipped through the pages. Cui Yao's sexy figure and perfect face appeared in his mind once again.

A thought suddenly appeared in Chen Yu's mind. He quickly took out his phone and wrote down Cui Yao's message.

He then casually sent a copy of the photos to his cell phone.

The moment the transmission ended, the sound of high heels rang out from outside the office.

Knowing that Cui Yao had returned, Chen Yu hurriedly returned to his phone and put it back in its original spot.

As soon as Cui Yao walked in, she took out a tissue and gave an apologetic smile to Chen Yu before hurriedly saying, "Apologies, Supervisor Chen. I'll help you wipe it off now."

This smile was like a hundred flowers blooming, causing Chen Yu to be dazzled.

Chen Yu tried his best to put on a nonchalant expression. Smiling faintly, he said to Cui Yao, "I already said it's fine. Look at you, why are you in such a hurry?"

Cui Yao mischievously stuck out her tongue, walked over to Chen Yu, squatted down, and started wiping Chen Yu's face.

This squat was a blessing for Chen Yu. Looking down from the top, he could see Cui Yao's ample breasts, swaying from side to side as Cui Yao wiped her hands, making Chen Yu's heart burn.

Thinking of what he saw on Cui Yao's phone just now, an intense thought appeared in Chen Yu's mind.

He also wanted to buy some of Cui Yao's underwear.

At this point, Cui Yao stood up and said apologetically to Chen Yu, "I'm sorry, Supervisor Chen, I don't seem to be able to clean it. How about I take it back and wash it for you?"

"No need, no need. I'll bring it home for you to wash. There's no need to be polite. It's just a small matter, it's nothing." Chen Yu quickly said.

"Then I'm really sorry, Supervisor Chen. Then I'll go back to work first. I'll treat you to a meal one day and apologize to you properly." Only then did Chen Yao relax. Turning around, she twisted her waist and left Chen Yu's office.

When the beauty left, there was still a faint fragrance lingering in the office.

This was the scent of Cui Yao's body.

Chen Yu greedily sniffed a few times as his mind was filled with Chen Yao's voluptuous figure and beautiful face.

At this moment, his heart was filled with an unsatisfied feeling.

Finally, Chen Yu couldn't take it anymore. He took out his phone and looked at Cui Yao's message, lost in thought.

Should I add it?

He was a married man, and although his relationship with his wife wasn't as passionate as it was before, it wasn't bad. His guilt was aroused when he used a woman's WeChat for this purpose.

However, Cui Yao's alluring figure was still lingering in his mind. After a long moment of hesitation, he decided to get on his trumpet and send her a friend request.

"I'll add it first. At worst, I'll just take a look. It's fine if I don't buy it."

Of course, Chen Yu also knew that this was just an excuse he had come up with.

Because, once the seed of desire was planted, it would eventually take root and sprout.

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