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Roving Over The World/C1071 The Confrontation
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C1071 The Confrontation

Everyone understood that if Lin Yuhan's qualification could not be revoked, with his martial arts, the position of Lord of Martial Arts Community could be said to be in his possession, and it could be easily obtained!

Therefore, whether or not they could find the 'Art of Returning to Heaven' and 'turn the tide' today would depend on the situation on the battlefield. It was unknown whether they would succeed or fail.

Of course, those who realized this were not only the warriors of the Jianghu, but also Zhu Yongzhen, Lin Fengmo, Han Changqing and the disciples of the Sword Sect. Not long after Lin Chenghou left, Zhu Yongzhen and Lin Yujie rushed to Lin Yuhan's room to discuss the countermeasures with him.

In fact, Zhu Yongzhen and Lin Yuhan could guess most of the martial artists' thoughts, concerns, and what they would do in the future. As for why Lin Yujie changed his mind at this critical moment and wanted to seize the Lord of Martial Arts Community, Zhu Yongzhen and Lin Yuhan could also see some of Lin Yuhan's considerations.

The two of them understood that today's matter was definitely something that could not be avoided. They were afraid that Lin Yuhan would make a slip of the tongue and not deal with it properly. Not only would he not be able to save Lin Yuchen, but he would also bring trouble to himself.

As for Lin Yuhan, he had also asked Zhu Yongzhen about the sequence of events of today, and had also roughly confirmed the casualties of the various sects today!

To Zhu Yongzhen and Lin Yujie, time passed very quickly. Now that they were walking on the road, Lin Yujie and Zhu Yongzhen were still confirming the relevant matters with Lin Yuhan.

By the time the three of them arrived at the training field, most of the sects had already arrived. Lin Chenghou and Lin Fengmo had also arrived a step ahead of them.

It could be seen that. . . The number of warriors in the training field had decreased significantly compared to the time when they had dispersed. Needless to say, Lin Yuhan also knew where these people had gone. Besides most of the injured, most of them should have been sent to hunt down Lin Yuchen and Yu Zhen.

This was something that Lin Yuhan had expected, but he wasn't particularly worried about it. Before he returned, he had met Xu Zifann and Hee Lin. Lin Yuhan knew that Xu Zifann had consumed the Fire Spirit Bead, and his martial arts was no longer the same as before. He also knew how powerful Hee Lin, Yan Fuzi, and the poisonous wife were, as well as Lin Yuchen and Black Widow. With so many experts in the group, it shouldn't be a problem for them to return to the Ghost Thief's Mansion.

Furthermore, even if the group of martial artists caught up, they would not make a move rashly. Most of them would secretly play tricks on them. Lin Yuhan was very confident when it came to secretly playing tricks on them. The little tricks of others should not be able to catch the eyes of Lin Yuchen and Hee Lin. This was not to mention Black Widow, Wu Sanyou, and Muh Yifeng, who were experienced in the martial arts world.

Compared to Lin Yuchen, In fact, Lin Yuhan was more worried about Yuen Xuan. For some reason, she had revealed such a "bizarre" background and even killed her own father with her own hands. Yuen Xuan's current mood shouldn't be any better than Lin Yuchen's, and her situation wouldn't be any safer than Lin Yuchen's. Of course, the most important thing was that Yuen Xuan was still alone.

Actually, when Lin Yuhan came back, he met Yuen Xuan face to face. The first thing he did, the two of them stopped in their tracks and looked at each other. In just a moment, Yuen Xuan ran away. As for Lin Yuhan, he was worried about the safety of Lin Yuhan, Lin Chenghou and the others in the training field. After hesitating for a while, he still did not chase after them.

The two of them did not even speak. Lin Yuhan's heart was still filled with guilt and self-blame when he thought about it.

When Lin Yuhan arrived, the martial arts field immediately became quiet. Almost everyone stared at Lin Yuhan without saying a word.

As for Lin Yuhan, he walked straight up to the Phoenix Stage.

The surroundings were still filled with the thick smell of blood. The people below the stage were also covered in blood. Not long after, the crowd began to discuss among themselves again, and they were still discussing countermeasures.

"Young Master Lin. " In the end, it was Loo Zhennan who spoke first, "When one is alive, how can one not have a past? Furthermore, this world is a place of right and wrong. There are some things that we don't have to bite the bullet and fight to the death with you, but it's different if you want to be a Lord of Martial Arts Community now. You have to explain these things to us one by one. "

As soon as the words were spoken, everyone agreed. It could be said that a thousand waves were stirred up by a single stone. Of course, everyone was a group of dragons without a leader. They were just waiting for someone to take the lead.

Looking at everyone's reaction, Zhu Yongzhen couldn't bear to watch the current situation any longer. He immediately took a step forward. "Lu Sect Leader. . . "

Zhu Yongzhen knew Lin Yuhan's character. He wasn't good with words, and he didn't like to talk. He wanted to defend Lin Yuhan, but before he could say anything, Lin Yuhan took a step forward and stopped him.

Zhu Yongzhen was stunned. Before Zhu Yongzhen could react, Lin Yuhan had already turned around and bowed to Loo Zhennan. "Lu Sect Leader, if you have anything you want to ask me, or if you want me to explain it to you, just say it. "

The surroundings instantly became silent.

"Alright. " Loo Zhennan nodded and took a deep breath. He looked at Lin Yuhan and said, "Then I will bring up the old matter again. I will say it three times and it stinks like shit. Young Master Lin's mouth was full of feces. "

"How would I dare?" Lin Yuhan bowed again.

"The first one. " As soon as Lin Yuhan finished speaking, Loo Zhennan said, "Rumor has it that Duanmu Loongchou and the people of One-Line Mountain killed Duanmu Loongchou during the Great Sect Meeting. As for the warriors of the Central Plains, Young Master Lin insisted on letting them go in the end. I wasn't present at the scene. I wonder if the rumor is true. "

" It's true. " Lin Yuhan replied.

"Then may I ask what Young Master Lin was thinking at that time? Why did he make such a decision?"

"Enemies should be resolved rather than settled. " Lin Yuhan answered again, "Duanmu Loongchou and the others came for revenge, and there were too many suspicious points about Jia Xu Xue back then. If the Mount Hua Sect wasn't destroyed by Duanmu Hongcheng and the others, it would be us who wronged the Mount Tian Sect. The fault lies with us. It was only logical that Duanmu Loongchou and his group came here to seek revenge. Of course, if we kill Duanmu Loongchou and his group. . . We will make mistakes again and again. "

Lin Yuhan's words were filled with criticism. Although this was the logic, However, his honest words were unpleasant to the ears, especially Wang Guangfu. His facial expression changed dramatically.

However, Loo Zhennan didn't say much. No expression could be seen on his aged face. After a while, And after that, on Sky Mountain. . . Ming Cult took advantage of Duanmu Loongchou's great defeat in the Central Plains and led an army to attack the top of Sky Mountain. It was said that the entire Sky Mountain was going to be annihilated. It's you, oh! And the Sect Master of the Five Poisons Cult, the two of them had turned the tide. They had defeated the Ming Cult and saved the people of One-Line Mountain! Is that true?"

"Yes. " Lin Yuhan replied.

"Then may I ask what Young Master Lin's plan is?"

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