Roving Over The World/C823 The Tree Wants Peace but the Wind Keeps Blowing
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Roving Over The World/C823 The Tree Wants Peace but the Wind Keeps Blowing
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C823 The Tree Wants Peace but the Wind Keeps Blowing

After saying that, Faang Jingyi asked Lin Yuhan why he was suddenly concerned about Yang Qing. Could it be that he had met Yang Shihan on the way to One-Line Mountain?

As for Lin Yuhan, he asked Faang Jingyi in return, Did you find out about Jue Wuchen and Lin Yuchen in Shu Land?

As soon as Lin Yuhan said that, Faang Jingyi was stunned, and even said that he didn't know anything. Lin Yuhan didn't say much either.

Faang Jingyi also asked if he should secretly send some people to inquire about Yang Qing. If he found Yang Qing, he would secretly protect Yang Qing. After all, Yang Qing's two brothers had always regarded him as a thorn in their side, a thorn in their flesh. Many of the men sent by Yang Li to find Yang Qing had already been bribed by these two men. Lin Yuhan had heard about this a long time ago, and he had seen it with his own eyes. Since Faang Jingyi had asked such a question, Lin Yuhan could only say, "Okay. " He told Faang Jingyi not to be too flamboyant.

After that, Faang Jingyi accompanied Lin Yuhan for a long time. Basically, wherever Lin Yuhan went, Faang Jingyi followed. Faang Jingyi was extremely attentive. He had always been in the Chengdu region and rarely came to the Sword Sect. He had never met Lin Yuhan before. In addition, the two of them had different personalities, so they basically didn't have a deep friendship.

Regarding Faang Jingyi's abnormal reaction today, Lin Yuhan initially thought that he was just trying to get some information out of him. Of course, Faang Jingyi also had the same intention. He just wanted to beat around the bush and beat around the bush. As for Lin Yuhan, his answer was either ambiguous, vague, or ignored, or directly pulled Jue Wuchen.

Faang Jingyi had no way to do anything about it. He could not tell why. Lin Yuhan just didn't want Faang Jingyi to see it clearly, not even a little bit. As for Faang Jingyi, after suffering many defeats, he gave up and stopped asking about the matter of One-Line Mountain.

Lin Yuhan thought that Faang Jingyi would leave after saying a few words. Who knew that he didn't? Faang Jingyi had accompanied him for a long time. They had also talked about a lot of things. Only now did Lin Yuhan realize that things weren't as simple as he had imagined. Faang Jingyi seemed to have something hidden in his heart. He wanted to say it, but he also seemed to have some concerns. He didn't dare to say it. He was looking for an opportunity. . .

Therefore, Lin Yuhan went straight to the point and asked Faang Jingyi. Do you have something to say. . .

Faang Jingyi kept his mouth shut. He wanted to say something but stopped himself. He hesitated for a long time before he finally said it. As expected, it was about Yuen Xuan, and it was about Yuen Xuan and Yan Yufeng's marriage. Lin Yuhan had already guessed that it would happen sooner or later. However, what Lin Yuhan didn't expect was that this matter would come so quickly. The wedding would be held in April of this year. . .

Lin Yuhan felt his heart skip a beat. He did not say a word and just stood there quietly.

After a long time, Faang Jingyi finally opened his mouth and asked Lin Yuhan what to do.

Lin Yuhan looked at Faang Jingyi and answered, Do what you have to do. Faang Jingyi seemed like he wanted to say something, but Lin Yuhan asked him directly, Is there anything else? If it wasn't for him, he would have gone to rest. Faang Jingyi had no choice but to say no. The two of them immediately separated.

After that, Lin Yuhan really returned to the courtyard. From 29 to 30, he hadn't come out for two days and one night. There wasn't any unusual reaction.

As for the New Year's Eve, it was the Sword Sect's family banquet. Lin Yuhan also arrived on time. This family feast was slightly earlier than the usual New Year's Eve dinner. The Sword Sect would hold it on time every year. It could be said that this was a tradition left behind by the Sword Sect. At that time, all the disciples above the Commander level of the Sword Sect would participate in the banquet. Every time, there would be more than a hundred people, and it would be bustling with noise and excitement.

Lin Yuchen still hadn't returned, so there was no need to explain the reason behind his absence. It was time for the banquet to begin. Faang Jingyi asked Lin Chenghou and Lin Fengmo if they wanted to wait any longer. Lin Fengmo smiled and said that it was still early. Should they wait? What about Lin Chenghou? After hesitating for a long time, he finally said that since the time had come. . . The banquet would begin on time. After all, everyone would have to return to reunite with their families. Thus, everyone took their seats.

The seating arrangements were arranged according to the rules passed down from the past. There were seven to nine seats in the hall, and the Sect Leader was placed in the middle. The hall masters were on the left, while the Lin family's descendants were on the right. The rest of them sat under the hall. In recent years, Lin Fengmo, Han Changqing, and Zhu Yongzhen had been sitting on the left. Lin Yuhan, Lin Yujie, and Lin Yujie's wife were sitting on the right side of the hall with their young master, Lin Zeyuan.

It was a helpless decision to let the child sit in the hall. He could only blame the fact that the Lin family did not have many people in the past few years. It was a joke that the Lin family, which had the number one sect in the world, also had a small population.

Not long ago, Lin Yuchen "revived from the dead. " Everyone originally thought that this year would be the best year to arrange seats, but who would have thought that it would become the most difficult year to arrange seats.

Fortunately, Faang Jingyi was smart. Before the banquet started, he tricked and coaxed Zhu Yongzhen's eldest son, Zhu Lingye, and youngest son, Zhu Linggong, and dragged them over. It could only be said that Faang Jingyi was really brilliant. Not only could he arrange the seats, Lin Chenghou and Lin Fengmo were also very happy when they saw the two of them.

According to Faang Jingyi's original plan, he would let Zhu Lingye and Zhu Linggong sit on the right side of Lin Yuhan. However, Zhu Yongzhen said that although Lin Yuhan was sitting on the right side, he would let Zhu Lingye and Zhu Linggong sit on the same table. Zhu Linggong was young and needed someone to take care of him.

As for the empty table, it was under Faang Jingyi's name. He said that it was rare for him to come to the New Year and that he represented the Profound Martial Hall. It should be the case for the person who represented Ye Jiangnian. Everyone said that this was a good arrangement. It should be like this. First of all, Faang Jingyi couldn't change his mind, and second of all, Faang Jingyi also understood the intention of this action. Hence, after rejecting it a few times, he accepted it respectfully.

The location had finally been arranged. Everyone was happy!

Just like in previous years, the beginning was the same, and there were no changes to the dishes, such as singing and dancing without changing the soup or changing the medicine.

However, the purpose of the banquet was not to eat and drink, and everyone did not come here to watch the music. Although they were all in the same sect, But since they were all running around, they didn't have many opportunities to see each other. After seeing each other, Even if it was to talk about what they had seen and heard over the past year, it could still be talked about for a long time. The reason why this banquet was usually held early was because. . . But every time, it would drag on until late into the night, even to the second day. After all, the gathering was short. Furthermore, the Jianghu was a dangerous place, and the affairs of the world were hard to predict. It was just like how people in the Jianghu often joked that they would meet a single person this year. Perhaps next year, it would be a grave. Only people knew the bitterness within.

This banquet was called the Family Banquet, so there was naturally no need for too many rules. Moreover, they were all heroes of the Jianghu, their own brothers. When they gathered together, what they wanted the most was freedom. If it was in the past, After everyone got along, you jumped onto my seat. I would jump to your seat, push a cup and change a cup. The toasts were exchanged. It could be said that this was basically the happiest and most relaxing time of the year for everyone.

However, this year was different because too many things had happened this year. The matter of Lin Yuchen's return, the matter of Jue Wuchen and Yang family, and of course, the most important thing was still the matter of Beggar Sect Meeting and Sky Mountain in Qiao State. During the meeting, everyone was still discussing amongst themselves. However, the content of the discussion was entirely centered around Lin Yuhan.

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