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Lin Yu Chen immediately closed the door and hid in the room, hopping anxiously: "What should I do? How did he come back so quickly? I thought I could hide it for a day, why did I say my surname was Lin … …" "How can it be round …"

"Bam." Feng Kui kicked open the door and was about to pounce on Lin Yu Chen. Even if Ma Hao and Old Luo were to stop him, they could do nothing but urge him, "If you have something to say, talk about it." Ask if there's been any misunderstanding. "

"Yes, yes, yes. There must be some misunderstanding." I've already said it before, my dad is an iron rooster, and what's more, my dad has 15 concubines, 20 sons, not one more, not one less, he won't give you any money, you have to ask my mom for some. "

"Give it back to your father, your mother. There aren't even any dogs in Chengdu with the surname Lin. Can this little girl's father really take care of the Lin Family?"

Indeed, what Feng Kui said was right. When Yang Zhao's grandfather, Yang Youliang, entered the city, the grudge between the Yang family and the Lin family of the Sword School was settled. It could be said that the two families had been at loggerheads for years. However, the Sword School was the head of the four great sects in the martial arts world, and had great influence for hundreds of years. Furthermore, the Sword Sect's head, Lin Chengbao, was a dignified martial arts alliance head, a prince consort of the imperial court, above tens of thousands of people, and his martial arts were extremely high. The Yang family did not dare to do anything to the sword sect, so they would often vent their anger on those surnamed Lin who had nothing to do with the sword sect. Therefore, unless they were from the sword sect, the Lin family in the Chuan Shu area would have to make a detour to pass through Cheng.

"Hey hey hey, you misunderstand. You misheard me." Upon hearing this, Lin Yu Chen hurriedly said, "I'm not talking about that forest, not the twin trees, I'm talking about the 'Ling' of two drops of water."

"Bullshit, don't even mention a two-bit 'Ling', 'Lin', or 'Zhu Li', there isn't even anyone with the surname 'Linghu'." As Feng Kui said this, he was unable to contain his anger. In a few seconds, he had managed to get away from Old Luo and Ma Hao. He took out his saber and chopped towards Lin Yu Chen. Old Luo and Ma Hao couldn't help but be shocked. With Feng Kui's knife, even with Lin Yu Chen's small body, he would definitely be split into two halves.

Feng Kui's saber came slashing down. Lin Yu Chen had already turned around to dodge it. Feng Kui's saber just happened to land on the chain that tied Lin Yu Chen's feet. Immediately, there was a crisp sound, and sparks flew in all directions. "Kid, your skills are pretty good." Finished speaking, Feng Kui chased after Lin Yu Chen.

Lin Yu Chen walked in front of Ma Hao. He thought that Ma Hao would help, but he didn't expect Ma Hao to have a smiling face that didn't seem to have anything to do with him. It seemed like he still wanted to watch the show.

Sigh, begging for help is better than asking for help. Lin Yu Chen thought to himself as he unsheathed the longsword at Ma Hao's waist, turned around to dodge Feng Kui's attack, and immediately turned around to face him. With sword in hand, he charged towards Feng Kui. However, Lin Yu Chen did not take advantage of this victory to pursue. Instead, he stood where he was and waited for the opportunity.

Lin Yu Chen had heard of the Cloud Flipping Camp's name before. The boss of the town was Long Batian, and was known as the "Land of Chuan and Shu, first in blade skills". One "Berserk Dragon Slash" had caused countless heroes to lose out. Feng Kui's sabresmanship was most likely learned from Long Batian. It seemed to be rampant and full of loopholes, but in reality, it was concealed with killing intent. There were ambushes everywhere.

Feng Kui's martial arts was very high, and to Lin Yu Chen, defeating Feng Kui was more difficult than ascending to the heavens. Feng Kui's martial arts was very high, and to Lin Yu Chen, defeating Feng Kui was more difficult than ascending to the heavens. However, this Feng Kui was also angry, so no matter what, it was useless. Lin Yu Chen could only brace himself and endure for a while.

"Kid, good martial arts. Come, let's try again." Lin Yu Chen quickly dodged to the side, turned around and stabbed towards Feng Kui. Lin Yu Chen's unexpected move made Feng Kui not dare to take it lightly. The two of them disassembled dozens of moves back and forth.

Although Lin Yu Chen's moves were not inferior to Feng Kui's, her strength was too weak and she did not dare to meet Feng Kui's attack head on. When Feng Kui swung his saber, Lin Yu Chen could only dodge or break it in a roundabout way. But even after more than twenty moves, Feng Kui was still unable to injure Lin Yu Chen at all.

However, in the end, Lin Yu Chen was still a child. After dozens of moves, she was completely out of breath and her moves were no longer as quick or delicate as they were before. The more he fought, the more excited Feng Kui became. Seeing that Lin Yu Chen had finally revealed such an opening, he immediately pulled out his blade and charged forward. He kicked right into Lin Yu Chen's lower abdomen, kicking her three feet away.

Lin Yu Chen fell to the ground heavily, the long sword in her hand also disappearing without a trace. He tried so hard to stand up and hold his stomach. He was in so much pain that he looked horrible.

Feng Kui, on the other hand, was complacent as he hefted his saber and said, "Kid, your fur hasn't even fully grown yet. You still dare to make a move against this old man." As he spoke, he walked step by step towards Lin Yu Chen.

"What do you want?" With a loud shout, Yang Shihan had already arrived in front of Lin Yu Chen. She used her body to protect Lin Yu Chen tightly. She stared at Feng Kui and said, "You leave, I won't let you hurt him."

As for Yang Shihan, she had not slept soundly for the past three days. The moment she touched the bed, she fell into a deep slumber. Her attitude was as if she would never wake up. Not long after, however, the clanging of bells could be heard in the room. Only then did he slowly rise to his feet.

Just as he got up, he saw Lin Yu Chen being kicked to the ground by Feng Kui, who seemed to want to attack him. When Yang Shihan saw this, she did not care about anything else and pounced in front of Lin Yu Chen. Even though Yang Shihan was extremely frightened when she saw Feng Kui's expression.

However, Feng Kui wasn't angry nor annoyed as he smiled and said, "This kid isn't obedient. Hack him, you little girl, don't get in the way here, or else it'll hurt you later."

"I won't."

"Are you going to let me go?" Feng Kui's eyebrows once again creased into eight characters as he glared fiercely at Yang Shihan.

"I won't! I won't! I won't even if you beat me to death!" Yang Shihan sounded like she was about to cry.

"You are our money tree, how could we dare to hurt you?"

"Then you still can't touch him. If you dare kill him, I'll die for you! If anything happens to me, my dad won't let you off!" "Also..." Yang Shihan said, "Aren't you asking for money? As long as you promise not to hurt him, I'll immediately write a letter to my father, asking him to give you both a share."

"Good, good, good. These two brats are quite interesting. Fifth brother, fourth brother, did you hear that? Hurry up and prepare some paper and brushes for our Miss Yang."

Yang Shihan sized up Feng Kui and the other two for a long time before walking slowly towards the table. As she wrote, she would occasionally turn her head to look at Lin Yu Chen's situation. The kick wasn't heavy, but it wasn't light either. Lin Yu Chen leaned against the bed, clutching her stomach, in extreme pain. Feng Kui kept his broadsword and slowly walked towards Lin Yu Chen.

"What are you doing?" Yang Shihan shouted, "Didn't you promise me? Don't tell me you want to go back on your word?"

"Show him the injury." Feng Kui said, squatting down and pushing Lin Yu Chen's right hand away, but Lin Yu Chen did not resist. Feng Kui casually lifted up Lin Yu Chen's clothes, and looked at her lower abdomen. He did not see any bruises, so he reached out his hand to press on the area that Lin Yu Chen covered, and asked: "Does it hurt?" Lin Yu Chen shook her head.

At this time, Ma Hao also squatted down and connected Lin Yu Chen's pulse. He said, "It's just some superficial wounds, nothing serious."

"That's good." Lin Yu Chen said as he pulled on his clothes.

"Hey, what is this?" Feng Kui grabbed the red rope around Lin Yu Chen's neck and was about to pull it out.

"No, nothing, don't move." Lin Yu Chen said as he pushed Feng Kui away with his palm.

"Stinking brat, you have to come at all costs, right?" After Feng Kui said this, he sent a palm towards Lin Yu Chen. Lin Yu Chen immediately welcomed it with both hands, but just as his palms came together, Lin Yu Chen's arms became numb and she instantly felt a burning pain from his palms.

Lin Yu Chen subconsciously withdrew his hands, but Feng Kui quickly took the opportunity to press Lin Yu Chen's acupoints. Then, he reached out to pull open the front of Lin Yu Chen's clothes, and tore off the red rope around her neck. Fourth Brother, look, how much is this worth? "

"Blood Linglong!" Ma Hao was shocked.

"Blood Linglong? Why is this name so familiar? " Feng Kui muttered and was suddenly shocked as well, "You're talking about that Xue Linglong that people call 'one Exquisite Ten Cities'!?" Fourth brother, are you sure? "

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