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Everyone was dumbstruck, and Lin Yu Chen was even more confused, not because of the power of the palm, but because when she was in luck, she suddenly felt something pressing against her back, followed by a surge of true energy entering her body, allowing her to successfully execute the move "Flying Dragon in the Sky". Before Lin Yu Chen could react, she heard Yang Shi Han's laughter behind her. To be more accurate, she broke the nose and laughed: "Uncle Ling, you finally came. You really scared me just now, you have to help me teach this bunch of bad guys a lesson."

Lin Yu Chen slowly turned her head and saw a black figure standing in the endless night. Lin Yu Chen raised her head and saw the face under the bamboo hat. She was expressionless and did not say a word, but her cold face revealed a murderous intent. Lin Yuchen blankly stared at the person in front of her. This was the first time she had seen someone die.

"Who are you? How dare you come here to die?" Long Batian's loud voice rang out.

"Ling Shuang is too arrogant." His voice was not loud, but it was sonorous and powerful.

"Ling Shuang!" You're 'Huai Nan's Owner, Ling Shuang Ao'. " Everyone was overwhelmed with shock as they retreated in fright.

Ling Shuang was arrogant, and was known as "Huai Nan the Owner", the most frightening cold-faced killer in the martial arts world. He did not know which sect or where his master came from. All he knew was that the speed of the Swallow Feather Blade was utterly devoid of conscience. It had once defeated all under him, and countless ghosts had died in his hands. Two years ago, he broke into the Mt. Tai and lost to one of the thirteen security guards, the "knife-drinking maniac" Zhang Meng. After this failure, he had disappeared from the martial arts world. Who would have thought that he would appear here again.

Ling Shuang Ao did not reply.

Long Batian continued, "Our House of the Chaotic Storm and you, Ling Shuang, have no enmity with each other."

"Take people's money to help them get rid of their troubles."

"Okay, but don't forget that this is our territory. Even if you can defeat us, will you be able to leave this Misty Forest?" So it was the "Misty Forest". Lin Yuchen finally understood that it was no wonder that she was walking around in circles here.

This Misty Forest had existed since ancient times, and it had become even more famous in recent years. Although Lin Yu Chen was still young, it was unknown how many times she had heard of this "Misty Forest." The fog within the Misty Forest didn't disperse, and once you entered, it was difficult to leave, so you got your name.

It was rumored in the Jianghu that Zhang Daoling's son, Zhang Heng, had led a large group of people to preach in Sichuan and discovered that local wizards were harming people and wreaking havoc everywhere. Zhang Heng and his men had spent decades to subdue and suppress this evil. However, the evil aura of those monsters were too strong. As time passed, their resentment converged into a mist that permeated the forest. It did not decrease, nor did it dissipate. Whenever someone barged in, the evil undead who had been plaguing them for a long time would pull the bones out and pull the tendons out, dismembering the body into ten thousand pieces.

When she was young, the wet nurse often used the Misty Forest to scare Lin Yu Chen, but Lin Yu Chen just treated it as listening to the story, going in with her left ear and coming out with her right ear. Lin Yu Chen had never believed in stories of ghosts and gods, and had always believed that someone had set up a formation in the 'Misty Forest'. From the looks of it, it seemed to be true.

Ling Shuang Ao still did not answer, but suddenly, waves of laughter came from behind Lin Yu Chen. "What a great 'Misty Forest', this' Misty Forest 'is truly extraordinary under second brother's hands. Even little brother almost got lost." As he spoke, a middle-aged man had already walked up to Lin Yu Chen. He gently waved his fan with a face full of smiles.

"Hey, isn't this Mo Huai?" Lin Yu Chen thought to himself, "With this Sect Leader leading the way, it looks like we'll be able to walk out of the 'Misty Forest'. Hey, is he talking about Lu Bai? If it really is Lu Bai, then no wonder." Eh? Didn't you say that Lu Bai died long ago? " Lin Yu Chen could not help but be puzzled.

"Mo Huai, you beast." No, it should be said that Lu Bai was' a bastard who cheated on his teacher to exterminate his ancestors, betraying his own sect. I did not go to find you, but you instead delivered yourself to my doorstep. '…

"Ah, senior brother, I didn't think that after hiding your identity for so many years, you've changed from Lu Bai to Lu Qu. However, your temperament hasn't changed at all."

"Bastard, bastard, you colluded with evil, harmed fellow clansmen, deceived your teacher, exterminated your ancestors, heaven cannot tolerate this …"

As for you, Senior Brother, you were kicked out of your sect by your Master more than ten years ago, if it wasn't for Eldest Brother's scheme to save you, I'm afraid your life would have long been in the dust. But you really can't change your personality, and now you are plundering and robbing your family, and you don't even know if the person who betrayed your Master is you or me.

"Don't try to trick me here. Everyone knows what you are. If you didn't secretly trick me back then, how could I have ended up in such a sorry state? Since you've delivered yourself to my doorstep, today will be your death or my death."

"Ah! Senior brother, please calm the fire and calm the fire. You are getting old, and moving your anger will only harm your body."

"Cut the crap." "With a 'whoosh' sound, an iron whip covered in 'scales' was flung out of his sleeve." Dragon Scale White Python Whip! " It seemed like Lu Bai was going to fight with Mo Huai to the death.

However, Mo Huai sneered, "Dozens of years ago. Senior brother is really nostalgic." How about this, Ping'er, haven't you just changed your Blood Drop technique to get uncle's guidance? Remember, be merciful. When master is old, don't let him get away with it. "

"Yes." A youth beside Mo Huai replied, and then he was about to make his move.

"Stop, it's not your turn." Ling Shuang Ao coldly said, "Just in time to give me a try."

Before he finished his sentence, he heard a humming sound, like the sound of a complaint in the quiet night. A cold light then drifted out from the handle of the saber.

Fast, very fast, very fast. In the blink of an eye, Ling Shuang had already arrived behind Long Ao Tian's group. As for the group of people, they stood blankly on the spot. No one moved, nor did anyone speak. All of their eyes were glazed, and their faces were expressionless.

At that moment, the forest suddenly became very quiet, dead silent.

"Bang!" A long time later. "Bang!" "Bang bang!" Long Ao Tian, Lu Bai and the rest fell to the ground.

The night was dark, and not to mention the moves, Lin Yu Chen did not even notice when Ling Shuang had attacked, nor when she had killed the people around her. Not only that, if not for the sudden spurt of blood, Lin Yu Chen would not even know where their wounds were. Or rather, if it were not for Long Ao Tian and the others falling to the ground, Lin Yu would not have known that these people were already dead.

He hadn't thought that a person's blade could be fast to such an extent. If it was really like this, then he wouldn't need any moves. Lin Yu Chen stood there in a daze, not because she was shocked, but because she was shocked.

After a long while, suddenly, a few scattered applause rang out, breaking the suffocating silence of the forest. Mo Huai smiled and said, "Good, good, good. Brother Ling really does have good skills."

Ling Shuang Ao turned around, his clearly defined face still expressionless. Lowering his head slightly, he said, "He, I left some breath for you."

Everyone was surprised for a moment, then they turned to look at Lu Bai, only to see him lying on the ground, spitting out blood. After much difficulty, he managed to stand up and stared fiercely at Mo Huai, saying, "You traitor, I won't let you off."

"Sigh!" However, Mo Huai let out a soft sigh, "A dying person is still spouting nonsense. Could it be that senior brother is also going to tell me that he won't let me go even if I become a ghost?" After saying that, he let out a loud laugh.

"Bastard, don't be happy too early. So what if you killed me? Don't forget that we still have a senior uncle. As long as he is still alive, you can forget about having any peace. "

"You!" Upon hearing the two words "Martial Uncle", Mo Huai's face immediately changed. He stared at Lu Bai with an unspeakable expression that was full of anger, but also with a hint of unconcealable fear. "Don't worry, I will find him very soon, and he will also come for you very soon."

As he finished speaking, he saw Mo Yushu's arm suddenly move, and in an instant, he had done something that Lin Yu Chen could not understand. There was no weapon, and no true qi, even though the sky was still shrouded in mist, even though it was just dawn, Lin Yu Chen was so close to Mo Yushu, yet he could not find any traces of him. He only saw Mo Yushu waving his big sleeve, causing Lu Bai's head to be separated from his body.

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