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Xiao Yan tapped Lin Yu Chen's acupoints, helping her connect the pulse. However, he was surprised, his eyebrows knitted together, his face full of surprise. He turned to look at Lin Yu Chen's tongue, and then pressed down on her abdomen, feeling even more terrified. He shouted, "Everyone move out of the way! The farther the better!" Although they didn't know why, they all got out of the carriages. Looking at Lin Yu Chen again, although her hands and feet couldn't move, her face was ferocious from the pain. Her face was pale and beads of sweat dripped from her face.

Xiao Yan took off Lin Yu Chen's clothes, but his hands couldn't stop trembling. Xiao Yan let out a long breath and pressed his palm on Lin Yu Chen's stomach. Green smoke began to rise from Lin Yu Chen's stomach, and as the smoke began to rise, Lin Yu Chen's facial expression became much more relaxed.

Xiao Yan took out a pill from his clothes and fed it to Lin Yu Chen. He then opened Lin Yu Chen's acupoints and helped her sit down. By this time, Lin Yu Chen was completely exhausted, and she fell onto the chair. Yang Shihan hurriedly ran in front of Lin Yu Chen and wiped off her sweat.

Yang Li also hastily asked, "Young Hero Xiao, may I ask what poison Sir Lin is infected with?"

Xiao Yan looked at Yang Li, then looked at Lin Yu Chen, and the words that were just about to come out of his mouth were forcefully swallowed back. He turned to Yang Li and said, "Elder Yang, let's talk for a bit."

"Oh, good." Yang Li replied and followed Xiao Yan out of the car.

"Sigh." Lin Yu Chen originally wanted to get up and follow her, but just as she exerted some strength, she felt her legs go soft, and she staggered to the side. Lin Yu was lying on the ground, gasping for breath. He truly didn't have any strength left in his entire body.

"Little Big Brother, don't move recklessly." Yang Shihan hurriedly helped Lin Yu Chen up and said, "Tell me what you want to do."

Lin Yu Chen shook her head slightly. Seeing Yang Shi Han so nervous that she was about to cry, Lin Yu Chen wanted to joke and comfort her, but the words were on the tip of her tongue but she was too lazy to open her mouth.

Lin Yu Chen leaned against the side of the seat and closed her eyes. After a while, perhaps due to Xiao Yan's pill acting on her body, Lin Yu Chen began to feel less uncomfortable all over. Moreover, she also had the strength, so her breathing became much smoother. However, Lin Yu Chen was still extremely afraid. Just what poison did he suffer from? Why couldn't Xiao Yan say it out in front of everyone, and why did he have to call Yang Li out? And for so long, could it be that he was also … When Lin Yu Chen thought of this, her heart couldn't help but tighten, and she forced herself up. However, Yang Shihan forcefully pushed Lin Yu Chen back down and said, "Don't move! My mother said that people are sick and need to rest, so they can't move around. If you want to do something, then tell me. You've been taking care of me for almost a day, now it's my turn to take care of you. "Oh, I see. Do you want some water?"

"No, no." Lin Yu Chen said dispiritedly, "I just want to know what poison I was infected with."

"Don't worry, it doesn't matter what poison it is. Do you know that Xiao Yan is Uncle but the last disciple of 'Xiang Xi Corpse King' Ke Nan Xing? He is amazing, there is no poison in the world that he cannot cure. "

"Yes." Lin Yu Chen forced out a smile, "I'm not worried, I'm just a little curious. Why don't you go listen for me, then come back and tell me."

"Alright, but you have to promise me not to move." As she spoke, Yang Shihan slowly stood up.

"Mm, definitely." Lin Yu Chen smiled.

"Then I'll be going. If you need anything, go find Uncle Ling. He's actually a good person …" As she spoke, Yang Shihan turned around and walked out of the car.

However, just as Yang Shihan took her steps, Yang Li and Xiao Yan's group had already appeared at the carriage's entrance. The moment Yang Li saw Lin Yu Chen, he suddenly became frightened. He turned to look at Yang Shi Han and hurriedly said, "Shi Han, what, you want to get off?"

"Nope." As she said this, Yang Shihan turned around and sat beside Lin Yu Chen, "Little big brother originally wanted me to ask him what poison he had been poisoned with …"

"Shi Han, hurry and get up." Yang Shihan hadn't even finished speaking when she heard Yang Li's shout, scaring her to the point where she jumped up from the ground. However, Yang Li awkwardly smiled and said, "I was just afraid that you would push Yu Chen gege down."

"No, I was very careful. Father, you scared me."

"Don't!" Yang Li yelled again, and changed the topic, "I, I, father wanted to say that your big brother Yu Chen is sick and needs to rest." "Hurry and come out with dad."

"No, I'm not going. Little big brother's been poisoned and his body is so weak, so he needs someone to take care of him." As she spoke, Yang Shihan sat down in front of Lin Yuchen and said, "Dad, tell me, is little big brother's poison very powerful?"

"This …" Yang Li looked at Xiao Yan as he spoke.

"Oh." Xiao Yan hurriedly said, "It is the Gut Cutting poison. Although it is fatal, it is not powerful. It can be cured, it can be cured. However, it needs to be treated for a few days. It is difficult, it is difficult to cure in a short period of time." After saying that, Xiao Yan forced a smile, looked at Lin Yuchen, and then looked at Yang Shihan, "However, I will do my best. I guarantee that nothing will happen to him, everything will definitely be fine."

"Oh." Yang Li hurriedly said, "Shi Han, did you hear that? If big brother Xiao Yan said that he would be fine, then nothing would happen to him. You don't trust your father, and you don't trust your big brother Xiao. He treats you so well." Also, what this patient needs the most is rest. Just leave it for Xiao Yan to take care of, you will only be in the way here. "

"No, I'm not talking, just obediently staying here. I definitely won't disturb little big brother."

"Actually..." However, he heard Xiao Yan say, "Miss, if you want to stay here, there's no problem."

"How can I do that?" Yang Li immediately replied, "Come down quickly, don't be willful."

"Shi Han." However, he heard Lin Yu Chen say in a low voice: "You have to go down with your father, I'm a little tired, if you want to sleep here, you might not be able to sit down."

"Did you hear? Sir Lin has already said it, why haven't you come down yet?" Yang Li quickly said.

"Then, then I'll be going. If you need anything, just call me." Although Yang Shihan was reluctant to part with him, she still slowly moved to the side of the carriage.

Yang Li hurriedly carried Yang Shihan, turned his head and smiled at Lin Yu Chen, "Then rest well. If you have anything to say, you can just tell Xiao Yan or call me. Don't be restrained."

"Yes." Lin Yu Chen nodded.

Yang Li looked at Ling Shuang who was in the carriage. "Hero Ling …"

"I don't need to, just sit here." Ling Shuang said proudly.

"Oh, then, well, be careful. "Oh, be careful not to hurt Nephew Lin." Yang Li said as he left with Yang Shihan.

Xiao Yan got on the carriage and it moved forward again. Lin Yuchen looked at Xiao Yan. After a long while, she could not help but ask, "Great Hero Xiao, I-Is my poison really not that strong?"

"It's the Gut Cutting poison, it's …"

"It's not the Gut Cutting poison. I know it's the Gut Cutting poison, but does it hurt like this? It's not the same as this poison, but it's completely different." Furthermore, although the Gut Cutting poison powder is powerful, it is still a piece of cake for the Western Hunan cemetery. Furthermore, there is no need to recuperate or treat it. "

"This?" There's something else in the Gut Cutting poison. "

"What did he add?"

"This?" You wouldn't know if I told you. "Sir Lin, I promise you, as long as you obediently stay in the Yang Mansion and don't run around, nothing will happen to you. You must believe in me, and even more so, believe in the poison techniques at the cemetery."

"You mean, it really isn't the Gut Cutting poison?"

"It's the Gut Cutting poison." Xiao Yan said, "Sir Lin, you don't need to ask. No matter what you ask me, I will do so."

Lin Yu Chen sat up and stretched her body. It seemed that there were no lies under this Western Xiang cemetery. After just a short while, Lin Yu Chen's stomach actually didn't hurt anymore, and she had recovered her strength. Furthermore, his mental state also felt very good. Lin Yu Chen never thought it would recover so quickly.

However, when he thought about what Feng Kui and Ma Hao had said, as well as Yang Li's expression just now, he felt a burst of panic. He was especially uncertain in his heart. There was definitely a secret between Xiao Yan and Yang Li. Perhaps it was related to this poison, or perhaps … Yes, it was Yang Li who wanted to trap himself in the Yang Mansion to threaten the Sword School. Yes, it was not impossible. No, it was highly likely!

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