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"Walk south, pass north, rest your legs in front of the Drunken Immortal Tavern.

He woke up early, touched the dark, and drank water outside the Lichun courtyard.

Eating mountain treasure and tasting sea food, but the taste was never right.

For the bed, the sky for the quilt, do not shack can sleep.

I don't dare to rob, I can't steal, the money I earn is never taxed. "" No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

To live or not to love, to die fearlessly, the only thing that could not be straightforward.

Even if he said nothing, he would still accompany her with a smile. At least, it would be better if he gave her two.


Don't complain, don't spit. Who would be willing to suffer?


"If I can do it, then I will retreat. I can only hope for the next life to be rich, and also be rich."

After the song, the little beggar was surrounded by people. They touched the left and right, looking at each other. "Ai, this child is so cute." "Look at his eyes. Look at his eyes, he doesn't look like a beggar." From the looks of it, he seems to be around ten years old, so why is he so smart? "

He narrowed his eyes and grinned as he finished speaking of his brother's handsomeness and elegance, and then said that his sister was as beautiful as a flower, "A smooth sailing day, two dragons soaring, three sheep blooming in the sky, four seasons making a fortune, six to six great victories, seven stars shining in the sky, a fortune from all directions, one heart and one heart, a perfect beauty"; "Fortune of the East Sea, a life more beautiful than the Southern Mountains"; "Happiness of the East Sea, the birth of a noble child sooner …" Lucky's words came out fluently, and with the speed at which they were talking along with that exaggerated expression, everyone was so amused that they couldn't help but smile.

Within the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the little beggar was able to earn a huge sum of money. He ran back to his own beggar's nest like a wisp of smoke — to the abandoned house at the end of the alley.

A group of beggars around his age immediately flocked over. The little guy was rather generous, pouring all the money from his clothes onto the ground and immediately getting robbed.

"Leader, did you hear you're leaving?" One of them suddenly asked.

"Huh?" The little beggar was stunned. "Who told you this?"

"The old elder said it. He said that the meal he had at the Drunken Immortal Tavern yesterday was because you were leaving."

"Oh, yes. I wanted to tell you today."

"What?" When everyone heard this, they immediately stopped what they were doing and rushed over, "Why did you leave?" "If you leave, we'll starve again." It was not easy to get through two days of good days. "

"I can't stay here forever, even if I have the ambition to be a good man." The little beggar was originally very happy, but after seeing everyone's faces filled with tears, he also felt a little sad. "I originally wanted to save some money for you." "However, no matter how much money there is, there will always be a time when I will run out. I will just think about it, rather than giving out fish, it's better to give it away as fish. So today, I am prepared to teach you all my 'divine technique of begging for food'."

"Huh?" The group of kids were even more shocked. "This begging has a divine skill?"

"Of course. This is an exclusive secret scripture of the elder. With my many days of experience, I can conclude it all. I guarantee that you will be able to get the money. You all better learn well."

"Definitely." The group of little fellows immediately pricked up their ears, fearing they would miss a single word.

"En!" The little beggar cleared his throat and said, "First of all, you must not underestimate this beggar. As the saying goes, 'no filling can fall from the sky', this saying is absolutely correct, asking for food is not a simple matter. 'Clothes come and go, food comes and goes', these are for the young masters, not us, asking for food. This is not something you can take just because you want it, nor is it something someone gives you just because you want it. I don't know if I can get rich or not, but this isn't good. If I were to meet someone who isn't easy to mess with and give me a beating, I might even lose my life.

Therefore, this request was a complete set of skills. It could even be said to be an art form. First of all, you have to be able to see the light of day, and second of all, you have to be able to see the words. For example, if you met someone who was looking for trouble along the way and looking furious and anxious, you should never reach out your hand. Not only that, you should always hide as far away as possible. Do you remember? "

"Yes." Everyone immediately nodded their heads, "However, when should I ask for it?"

"This depends on the situation. If you meet those kind young couples with a child that's not too big, or a young man with a girl that is not too close to him, or those silly scholars with righteous characters, you have to quickly go over and ask for permission. Moreover, the number of people is not too small." Of course, there are also those gentlemen who are widely acknowledged to be from all corners of the country, whether he is a true gentleman or a hypocrite. As long as you want him, he would give them to you.

The little beggar became more and more excited as he jumped onto the steps and continued, "Also, you have to marry someone, you have to have a happy marriage, you have to have a happy ending, you have to go when you see someone rising in high school, you have to have a date when you hear that someone starting a new job there, and you have to laugh when you see something bad, you have to cry when you want something bad, you have to do whatever you want when you see someone blowing a song, but if the host is busy, you can't do anything, someone will definitely give it to you just by standing there. Of course, the best thing to do was to give his parents a birthday present. As long as they were happy and had a few nice words to say, as long as they were not wrong, the reward would be at least double. Do you understand? "

"Hm!" "Huh?" Some of them shook their heads, some of them nodded, but they were all confused, as if they were listening to a dream.

"I've already said it so casually." The little beggar muttered as his eyes suddenly lit up. "Hey, look over there."

Everyone followed the little beggar's finger and saw a girl buying buns in front of a bun stall not too far away. The girl wore simple clothes and her appearance was also average. On the other hand, the one selling the steamed buns was a young man. The young man was thin and not tall, but he had a pretty good appearance. The two didn't talk much, but the smile on their faces never faded. The girl took the bun and didn't leave.

"What are you looking at?" The group of little fellows looked at it for a long time, but could not find anything amiss.

"Opportunity, this is a godsend opportunity." The little beggar said, "Let me give you a demonstration." After saying this, the little beggar girl wobbled all the way to the front of the girl, tugging at the corner of the girl's clothes and said, "Beautiful elder sister, I'm really hungry. Can you give me some food to eat?"

Before the girl could say a word, the young man snapped, "Go to it! Look at how dirty your hands are!"

"How could you do that?" The girl's face fell. "Look at how pitiful he is."

"No." The young man hurriedly explained, "I was afraid I would dirty your clothes."

"If your clothes are dirty, you can wash them."

"Right, right." The young man quickly said, "I thought he looked cute and was just teasing him." Come come come, little friend, hurry up and come over. Weren't you hungry? Here, I'll give you Steamed Bun.

"Thank you, brother. I only need two." The little beggar girl took the bun and said, "Big brother, you're such a good person. Moreover, big sister is beautiful too. You two are truly a match made in heaven."

"Little brat, what nonsense are you talking about?" The girl laughed, and when she looked again, her face was red to the ears.

"Kid, you really know how to talk." The young man, on the other hand, wore a complacent expression. He took out a few copper coins from his robes and handed them over to the little beggar. "Go and buy some candied fruits."

"Thank you, big brother." The little beggar girl took the money and said, "Then I wish big brother and big sister a happy and happy marriage, as well as the early birth of a noble son. They will live together for all eternity, and will be happy and healthy." With that, he turned and ran.

"Ai, slow down. Be careful not to fall." The girl called after him.

The little beggar ran back, "Do you understand now?"

Everyone shook their heads, dumbfounded.

"Hey, forget it. This might be too profound." The little beggar was somewhat dejected.

"Sect Leader, I'm afraid we won't be able to learn your Deity Tier Spiritual Art." Suddenly, a person pursed his lips and said.

"Yeah." One of them also replied, "I'm afraid we'll have to endure the cold and starve again in the future."

"Sigh!" The little beggar sighed again, "Forget it, just listen carefully, in short, what you need in exchange is someone else's pity, someone else's pity, so all you need to do is act very pitiful. Of course, you guys are already pitiful enough, and then find someone you think can pity you, do you understand now?"

"Yes." A few nodded in a daze. "

Don't be sad, I will come back to see you guys. Also, I'm not here anymore, and from now on, this position as the leader of 'Child Gang' will be passed on to Kou. Kou, you must take good care of the things I gave you yesterday.

"Yes." Everyone nodded.

"If someone bullies you, then don't be afraid. You all must unite together, do you understand?"


"Also, that big head Liu who sells sesame seed cakes, don't look for trouble with him in the future."

"Why?" Everyone said at the same time, "He's always scolding us, and Black Egg's legs are still hurting." "Yeah."

"Aiya, this, this is my order. In short, I've already helped you guys teach him a good lesson, and he won't dare to offend you guys again. So don't provoke him anymore, do you understand?"

"Alright then. Since you're not here anymore, we don't dare to." "Yeah." Everyone lowered their heads as they talked.

"Don't be sad, don't cry, I will cry whenever you cry …" Ah! The sun is about to set. " The little beggar was suddenly surprised, "The showman must have already started cultivating his stalls. Let's not talk about it, I need to go find Master to learn from him." "Hey, let me show you my Qing Gong." The little beggar ran across the street in a few strides, and then with a flip of his body, landed on the oxcart. He then jumped up and went to the roof on the other side.

"The crowd immediately burst into cheers of surprise," "Eh, so powerful." "How did he get up there?"

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