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"Sir Lin, then don't blame us brothers for being impolite." Qiu Yi was about to attack, but Qiu Yu stopped him. "You want me to deal with a little furry kid, do you need me to do it myself?" "I'll go." Qiu Yu took a big stride in the air and chased after Lin Yu Chen.

Lin Yu Chen heard the noise behind him and immediately turned around. Who knew that Qiu Yu had already grabbed Lin Yu's collar. Qiu Yu did not give Lin Yu Chen any chance to react. He grabbed Lin Yu Chen by the collar and threw her three meters away.

When she landed, Lin Yu Chen wanted to use her feet to hold herself up, but the moment her left foot touched the ground, she was in so much pain that she lost all her strength. He landed heavily on the ground and missed him by a foot. Lin Yu Chen sighed in pain, but she forced herself up. However, just as his left hand touched the ground, the bottom of his hand slipped and fell to the ground again.

Sigh! She was really unlucky. Drinking cold water and stuffing her teeth in. Lin Yu Chen saw it in the blink of an eye. If there was no surprise, it was a bamboo shoot. She felt helpless. Lin Yu Chen couldn't help sighing to himself. How great would it be if he could use a longsword?

Hey! No, it was a bamboo shoot. Lin Yuchen was startled, and looking at the bamboo shoot, which was more than four feet long, she instantly saw hope. He grabbed the bamboo shoot and pointed at Qiu Yu. "What kind of man are you trying to attack from behind? Let me tell you, if you know what's good for you, hurry up and leave. Otherwise, I'll teach you a lesson."

"Oh? Brat, your tone is quite impressive. I would really like to see how you want me to look good." As Qiu Yu spoke, he grabbed towards Lin Yu Chen's collar. Lin Yu Chen immediately jumped up from the ground and performed the technique the old beggar taught her. Picking a dog into the sky, "messing up a dog's nest", "flying and jumping around", these kinds of beatings were well-deserved, with just a few moves they had thrown Qiu Yu into chaos. Lin Yu took advantage of the opportunity and used the final trick taught by the old beggar, "beatings a dog's head", and directly chopped towards Qiu Yu's face. (TL: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk))

Caught off guard, Qiu Yu forcibly ate the bamboo shoot and hastily retreated while covering his face. He was in so much pain that tears were about to fall from his eyes.

"That's none of your business. I don't need to use any beatings to deal with you, you dog."

"You!" Qiu Yu was already flustered and exasperated. "Alright, then I'll also let you see my strength." As he spoke, he took off the judge's pen at his waist, and saw that when Qiu Yu's hands left his hands, a red mark had already appeared on his face, from his forehead down to his left cheek. This made Lin Yu Chen want to laugh. "Damn brat." Qiu Yu grabbed the judge pen and stabbed it towards Lin Yu Chen.

The Qiu Family's judges were well-known for their carefree ways, but Qiu Yu was domineering and unreasonable. It seemed like he didn't spend much time and effort on martial arts. But the foundation of the "Seventy-second Road Judge" was there after all, and the so-called skinny camel was bigger than a horse. After a few exchanges, Lin Yu Chen was completely dazzled. This "Seventy-two Judgement's Brushstroke" truly did not lie under fame. It was capable of both offense and defense, and it also contained all sorts of strange moves.

As for Lin Yu Chen, the four moves that were used to turn things around had caused Qiu Yu to lose his temper.

"Kid, why do you only know these few moves?" Qiu Yu was getting impatient, and the judge's pen in his hand gradually lost its discipline.

"To deal with you, just a few moves is enough." Lin Yu Chen, on the other hand, was calm and composed. When faced with a move, he finally caught onto one of Qiu Yu's loopholes, which was to chase him relentlessly. "Beat the dog's head", "Fly the dog's head", "Pick up the dog from the sky", "Pick up the dog's head", "Pick up the dog's nest", "Beat the dog's head", and "Beat the face".

But this time, the situation was a bit different. Lin Yu Chen swung down his staff, and Qiu Yu also kicked out. When Lin Yu Chen landed a bamboo shoot on Qiu Yu's face, she took a forceful kick on her stomach, retreating a few steps before coming to a stop. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

"Kid, you must have run out of tricks." Qiu Yu could not help but laugh. He looked at Lin Yu Chen on the ground and was filled with pride.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yu Chen was laughing so hard that she was up to her knees. This time, she really couldn't hold it in, her stomach was hurting from the laughter. There was another red mark on Qiu Yu's face, and it went straight from his forehead to his right cheek, which coincidentally made a red cross on Qiu Yu's face.

"What are you laughing at? Let's see if you can still laugh later on." As he spoke, he stabbed the brush towards Lin Yu Chen.

"Alright, then I'll show you our sword sect's martial arts." As Lin Yu Chen spoke, she attacked with her bamboo roots, and the two of them exchanged more than ten moves.

"Big brother, let's go help fourth brother." He heard Qiu Jie say from the side, "This kid's kung fu is really not bad."

"I'm not busy, and I'll just let Qiu Yu suffer a bit. Let's see if he dares to be lazy in the future." Qiu Yi stared at the battle and said with a smile, "This boy surnamed Lin is young after all, and his internal energy is insufficient. Look, he's even beginning to pant heavily."

"Eh, it's true."

"I think he won't be able to use ten moves. This kid will definitely lose."

"I'm not worried about Fourth Brother." However, he heard Qiu Cheng say, "This fourth brother's martial arts is not very good, and his methods are not that serious. If he accidentally hurts Sir Lin, then the sword sect will blame him, but …"

Qiu Cheng hadn't even finished speaking when the three of them were overwhelmed with shock. "Not good!" Qiu Yu was even more alarmed. However, it was already too late. Seeing Qiu Yu flying up into the air and stabbing, Lin Yu Chen wanted to roll over and dodge it. Although this attack was fatal, it gave Lin Yu Chen enough time to dodge.

However, the only thing to blame was Lin Yu Chen's left foot being injured. Moreover, after such a long battle, she had already exhausted all her stamina. This flip happened to be a struggle for his left foot, but the moment he exerted force on his left foot, he felt an excruciating pain. It was so excruciating that he almost fell to the ground from the pain. Just as he steadied his balance, he saw a judge's pen coming straight at his forehead.

Qiu Yu also did not expect that Lin Yu Chen would not be able to dodge this move. He was dumbfounded, but since he was unable to stop it, he could only try his best to move to the side. However, it was already too late since they were so close. With the power of that line, it would definitely pass through one's brain. Immortals would not be able to save them. At that moment, Qiu Yu truly regretted his own bravado. If he killed Lin Yu Chen, the Sword School would definitely not let him off. At that time, his death would be too small, and if his family was harmed, then it would truly be … Qiu Yu closed his eyes in fear.

Lin Yu Chen saw the brushstroke, and subconsciously dodged to the side with all his might, but the brushstroke was too fast and accurate, and the force was too great. She knew she could not dodge it, so she also closed her eyes in despair.

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