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The two of them looked ahead and saw a vast expanse of flat land. Not a single blade of grass grew on the ground; it was a type of black ground. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]

W] W} W). On this vast plain, the densely packed disciples of the Medicine Sect were unceasingly slaughtering one another.

Gu Tong frowned slightly. The scene in front of him was a little strange. All of the Medicine Sect disciples seemed to be possessed. Although they could only use physical strength, they were incomparably brave and crazily attacked their opponent.

In the middle of the crowd, there would occasionally be people falling down. The blood qi had turned into a Blood Linglong. Once this Blood Linglong was formed, the large group of Medicine Sect disciples would pounce on her and kill her.

If one looked closely, they would notice that when a cultivator obtained a Blood Exquisite, that cultivator's cultivation had clearly risen. Gu Tong even saw a few Spirit Channeling cultivators in the crowd.

Within the Medicine Sect, all Spirit Channeling cultivators were either core disciples or elders. Even among the inner disciples, there were no Spirit Channeling disciples.

It was obvious that the Spirit Channeling stage in the Medicine Sect could already be considered the upper echelons of the Medicine Sect. This time, there were no Spirit Channeling stage disciples among the disciples of the Medicine Sect that had entered the ruins.

However, among the disciples fighting to kill on the plains, there were more than ten who had reached the Spirit Opening Realm. Although his cultivation level was unstable, he was actually a Spirit Channeling cultivator.

In the crowd, a strange phenomenon appeared in Gu Tong's eyes. After many cultivators obtained a Blood Exquisite, their bodies suddenly exploded into pieces. Their blood energy was instantly sucked dry by the Blood Exquisite in their hands and turned into firewood.

"The legend is correct. After passing through the Red Water, the Blood Exquisite Grand Magic has gathered into a group. Those who obtain the Blood Exquisite Grand Magic can absorb one tenth of the Blood Exquisite's spirit energy, resulting in their cultivation to increase by leaps and bounds." Lin Mengqi looked at the scene in front of her and said in a shocked tone, her eyes revealing a trace of surprise.

"This Blood Linglong also contains all the cultivation base of a cultivator?" Gu Tong was stunned by Lin Mengqi's words.

According to Lin Mengqi, once a cultivator died, their blood qi would turn into an exquisite blood-red qi. At the same time, their spirit energy would also be absorbed by the exquisite blood.

After thinking about this, Gu Tong looked at the Spirit Channeling cultivators. Upon closer inspection, Gu Tong noticed that the blood-red Blood Linglong in their hands had already started to turn purple. It was different from normal Blood Linglong as it looked even more demonic.

"Look, the Blood Exquisite in their hands has already turned purple. This means that this Blood Exquisite has hundreds, if not thousands of people's blood energy." Lin Mengqi's voice trembled.

Rumor had it that there were three types of Blood Lingzhi. One was red, and this was the most common type. The sum of the blood energy among the ten people was red. The sum of the blood energy between ten to five hundred people was dark red, and the sum of the blood energy between five hundred and three thousand people was purple. As for above three thousand people, he had never encountered anything like this.

"A thousand lives!" Gu Tong's eyes flashed as he looked at the Spirit Realm cultivators.

"That's right, we should also take action. Without gathering the blood qi of a hundred people, we will not be able to cross the Demon Plains. Only by gathering the blood qi of a hundred people will we be able to walk out of the fog." It was obvious that Lin Mengqi was well aware of the ruins and didn't care about killing any of the disciples.

Not waiting for them to make a move, there were already disciples eyeing the two of them. One of them was a late Foundation Establishment cultivator with a dark red Blood Linglong Sword.

"Leave this to me." Gu Tong took a step forward. His target was the late stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Lin Mengqi nodded. In this place, Lin Mengqi was not worried about Gu Tong, especially when the spiritual energy in her body was being suppressed. Gu Tong was one of a kind among all the disciples that had entered the ruins.

When the late stage Foundation Establishment cultivator saw that Gu Tong had walked up to him, he revealed a look of disdain. Inside the ruins, his cultivation level soared from mid stage Foundation Establishment to late stage Foundation Establishment, causing him to be very confident in his cultivation level.

Especially the person in front of him, as far as he was concerned, he was only at body refining fourth level. He hadn't even used all of his strength yet and was prepared to wait for the blood qi from Gu Tong to turn into Blood Linglong and become his nourishment.


Pfft ~ ~ ~

The two fists collided and a muffled groan rang out. The late Foundation Establishment cultivator was shocked to discover that his punch didn't even injure the body refining fourth level cultivator. He didn't even move an inch! The punch that landed on his chest instead shattered his breastbone. A piercing pain came from everywhere as he retreated in a flurry. A surge of Qi and blood gushed out of his body and was absorbed by the Blood Linglong in his hand!

"This... "How is this possible!?" The late stage Foundation Establishment cultivator looked at the body refining fourth level cultivator in shock. He never would have thought that this body refining fourth level cultivator would heavily injure him with a single punch.

Moreover, he was surprised to find that the fist he struck against his chest was covered in blood. Soon after, he discovered that the blood was actually his own. Due to the excessive pain in his chest, he had forgotten about the pain in his fist.

Gu Tong took a punch from the late stage Foundation Establishment cultivator on purpose. He wanted to know how strong the late stage Foundation Establishment cultivators were without the help of spiritual energy.

The result caused him to be a bit surprised. Late Foundation Establishment cultivators had the strength of a single fist, equivalent to 1500 jins. Although they hadn't used their full strength, the difference wasn't too big.

This kind of force couldn't hurt Gu Tong, much less Gu Tong's internal organs.

Gu Tong walked forward step by step with a sense of majesty. He arrived before the late stage Foundation Establishment cultivator and formed a spiritual energy blade with his right hand.

"Spiritual force, you …" The late stage Foundation Establishment cultivator's eyes were wide and filled with shock. He never would have thought that not only was the person in front of him very powerful, but he could also use the spiritual energy in his body.


Spiritual energy turned into blades and hacked down. Amidst his shock and remorse, the head of a late Foundation Establishment expert split, blood splattered, and his head tumbled to the ground. If he had the chance to choose again, he would definitely stay far away from Gu Tong and wouldn't provoke him.

Gu Tong was decisive. He didn't hesitate at all because he knew that everyone inside the ruins had gone crazy for power. Only by killing the opponent would they be able to make Xue Ling level up and leave the ruins.

The opening of the ruins signified that more than 100,000 people had entered into the ruins. The final number that left was at most 1000. The probability of a hundred to one had already determined the outcome.

Those who leave, their cultivation will definitely advance by leaps and bounds. There might even be some powerful cultivators at the Spirit Channeling stage!

Gu Tong stretched out his hand and the dark-red Blood Linglong flew into it.


As Xue Linglong held it in her hand, Gu Tong felt a vast wave of spirit energy rushing into his body. A sharp pain came from it, causing Gu Tong to retreat a few steps and reveal a terrified expression on his face. The Spiritual Energy absorbed by Xue Linglong was so huge that even though Gu Tong was extremely powerful, 10% of the Spiritual Energy inside his body could not withstand the impact.

Gu Tong quickly circulated the family's cultivation technique, channeling all of the spirit energy into his body and into his muscles, using it to strengthen his body. However, this Spiritual Energy was too vast, and it was impossible to completely absorb it in such a short period of time.

Gu Tong recalled that when a cultivator obtained Blood Linglong, they exploded due to the impact of the vast Spiritual Energy.

Suddenly, a cultivation technique appeared in Gu Tong's mind. After his cultivation had reached the Body Refinement Realm, Gu Tong had obtained a cultivation technique from the Third Stage to the Ninth Stage of Body Refinement. Facing the boundless spiritual energy, Gu Tong decisively activated the cultivation technique.

Instantly, waves of boundless Spiritual Energy were absorbed. Gu Tong could clearly feel that the size of his Pill Lake had increased step by step.

The family's cultivation technique and cultivation technique circulated at the same time. The two cultivation techniques crazily absorbed this vast spirit energy. At the same time, they also joined in the absorption, barely holding on and not being torn apart.

It was just like how the Ancient Eye wasn't extremely strong. Coupled with the fact that both martial arts and cultivation techniques were circulating at the same time, it was impossible for the Ancient Eye to cross this stage.

Body refining first level, body refining second level, body refining third level, body refining fourth level!

Gu Tong's cultivation level increased greatly. With the cultivation method, his cultivation level quickly increased, and his body's original spiritual energy met the requirements of the 4th layer.

Therefore, the moment he started cultivating, his cultivation rose rapidly. The moment he stepped into body refining fourth level, Gu Tong felt that his Pill Lake had turned into a small pond, much smaller than his soul sea.

Gu Tong's body was like the ocean as vast amounts of spiritual power gathered. Even though it was only one-tenth of the original size, it was still incomparably huge and was simultaneously absorbed by Gu Tong, his Soul Sea, and his Pill Lake.


Gu Tong had entered the 5th layer of Body Refinement, and the Dan Lake in his body had expanded by more than twofold. The Dan Lake surged with surging waves that reached the heavens. Boundless spiritual energy descended from the sky into the Dan Lake.

Gu Tong's strength was also increasing. His martial arts cultivation had gone from the early to the middle stage of the fifth level, and his soul sea was growing larger and larger. The sound of rumbling resounded from his soul sea, deafening everyone.

All of this happened in the space of ten breaths.

In the surroundings, a dozen or so disciples of the Medicine Sect were eyeing him covetously. Seeing that Gu Tong had retreated in a sorry state, they revealed a crafty look and thought that he would definitely die under the onslaught of Blood Lingzhi's vast Spiritual Energy. In this way, they could take advantage of the situation and move forward to seize the Blood Linglong Sword that was formed from the Blood Qi in Gu Tong's eyes. Only the death of the late stage Foundation Establishment cultivators didn't bother them at all. In their eyes, no matter how strong Gu Tong was, he wouldn't be able to resist this dark red spiritual energy attack.

Even though they were greedy, they did not dare to snatch the dark-red Blood Lingzhi away. After all, the Spiritual Energy contained within was too great. Without a powerful physical body, they could not digest this enormous Spiritual Energy.

However, in the blink of an eye, ten breaths had passed. Gu Tong did not collapse like they had imagined. In fact, Gu Tong's body only showed signs of cracking at the beginning, but in the end, it didn't work. One of them furrowed his brows and walked away. He felt that Gu Tong was not ordinary and did not continue to attack him.

The others continued to watch from the sidelines as they treated Gu Tong as their prey. After all, there were very few cultivators below the sixth level of the Body Refinement Realm.

Most of the disciples below body refining sixth level were killed by others, or they relied on the Blood Lingzhi spiritual force to raise their cultivation. They had long since surpassed body refining sixth level.

Gu Tong was body refining fourth level before ten breaths. To them, he was definitely the best prey.

After ten breaths of time, everyone frowned. Not only did Gu Tong's body not explode, but his cultivation level had reached the 5th layer of Refinement and was even rising. He was about to reach the 6th layer of Refinement.

"Kill!" One of the body refining eighth level cultivators coldly said with a cold glint in his eyes. He stepped forward and began his assault on Gu Tong.

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