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"Motherf * cker, hurry up and chase her. If she runs away, I'll cut you guys into pieces!" Seeing that his prey had run away, Brother Ley let out a cry and smacked one of his lackeys in the face.

"Go! Quickly chase her! We can't let that girl escape!" Only then did the lackeys react and they swarmed over to chase after Li Xiang.

"You bastards, you won't leave one or two people to take care of me. I'll be the one lying down, aiyo!" Without the support of his little brother, Big Brother Lei, who didn't have any strength left, held onto the little bird's balls and sat on the ground. He was crying out in pain.

Li Xiang Xiang ran lifelessly, looking around in hopes of finding someone, but she was disappointed. The sky was dark, not even a car could be seen, not even a bird could be seen.

Soon, a few hoodlums caught up to Li Xiang Xiang and threw her to the ground.

"Help, help!" Li Xiangxiang screamed her life out, hoping for a miracle.

At this time, there was a shadow of a person walking towards them from not too far away. He wasn't too tall or thin, he was alone, and it seemed like he was still a student.

Li Xiang Xiang saw a figure, whether human or ghost, desperately screamed: "Help, help! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "Ahhh!"

The hooligans also noticed the shadow that was swinging over and thought to themselves, "Not good." Just as he was about to run away, he saw that there was no one behind him. It was only one person, and it didn't seem to be very sturdy, as if he was also a student. The yellow-hair pulled out a towel from somewhere and stuffed it into Li Xiang's mouth.

Tears of grievance covered Li Xiang Xiang's face. It was a delicate and touching feeling. Since she was young, when had she ever suffered such grievances? Bullying? So she placed all her hopes on the man in the distance.

Yin Tian had prepared dinner and was waiting for Sister Li Lan to come back to eat with him, but she couldn't wait to eat. Yin Tian had prepared dinner and was waiting for Sister Li Lan to come back to eat together, but she couldn't wait to eat.

However, the nightclub was still in the process of being renovated. Since the restaurant was not open for business, Yin Tian could only return in disappointment.

Since he had nothing to do at home, he strolled back to the school. Yin Tian had always taken this route after school, so he was quite familiar with this route.

It was just that he was familiar with the voice as soon as he heard it. He tried to think of who it was, and immediately thought of the voice, it belonged to the school beauty and class monitor, Li Xiangxiang. Although she hadn't spoken to her for a while, Yin Tianming knew that this was Li Xiangxiang's voice, and although she and Li Xiangxiang had not spoken much, they were classmates after all, and she was his goddess as well. It was impossible for Yin Tian to ignore her.

Yin Tian thought of a countermeasure as he slowly walked over. His heart was pounding in nervousness.

At this time, Brother Lei also walked out of the alley, but his appearance had changed as he walked. Seeing Li Xiang Xiang being pressed down on the ground, he was so excited that he even forgot the pain he was feeling.

Brother Lei raised his head and saw that there was indeed a person walking towards here, so he resisted the urge to kick Li Xiang. He was prepared to wait for that person to pass through, but at the same time, he was also prepared. If that person really didn't know what was good for him and came over, then he would tie that person up and throw him into the wilderness to feed the dogs to the wolves.

Yin Tian walked over nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened. With his hands in his pockets, he seemed to be making a fool out of himself as he walked. He resembled a roadside hooligan.

When he approached, he realized that the girl on the ground was really Li Xiang Xiang. Yin Tian's heart was beating wildly. He was extremely nervous. These gangsters could do anything. If he wanted to save someone, then who would believe him!

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