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This little beggar's surname was Lin, his name was Lin Yu Chen, and he was twelve years old this year. He lived in this broken temple, no, it should be said that he temporarily lived in this broken temple.

The reason why he stayed there was not because Lin Yu Chen did not have anywhere to go, but because there was an old beggar, the Elder that Lin Yu Chen spoke of. He was a disciple of the Beggar Gang and had learned a few illogical moves. Lin Yu Chen had pestered her for over half a month, and she had finally mastered those few skills. In the end, she treated the old beggar and a bunch of beggars to a big meal at the Drunken Immortal Tavern, and even left a lot of money to the old beggar.

This old beggar was not bad. Unfortunately, his kung fu skills were not very high. Even a few kung fu moves were like a leopard peeping at its prey. He was somewhat out of place. Now that he had learnt this skill, he could be considered to have repaid the debt of gratitude. There was no point in staying in this broken temple and becoming a beggar. Then, Lin Yu Chen started looking for a new target.

How could that be? If he had to ask Lin Yu Chen what her specialties were, then that would be a lot. She even scored like spring, summer, autumn, winter, time, weather, otherwise, it would be hard to count. However, if Lin Yu Chen had any hobbies, then she had only had one since she was young, and that was martial arts. Lin Yu Chen seemed to have been obsessed with martial arts since she was born.

Of course, at such a young age, there was nothing to be loyal to the chivalrous hero, nothing to take revenge on, nothing to take revenge on, nothing to take revenge on. There was no reason for him to train his martial arts to forcefully extend his life, not even when he was born with a blocked meridian...

It was just that this ordinary child was a little clever and looked pretty good. Because of his obsession with martial arts, he was completely obsessed with martial arts. He longed for the day when he would be able to practice a peerless divine art and become a peerless master like the "Martial Immortal" Yun Zhifan. Yes, he was going to be a peerless expert like the Yun Family. A peerless expert that could shake the world...

For this, Lin Yu Chen had set herself a small goal, and that was to become number one in the world first. That's right, Number One Under Heaven was only a small goal, and dominating an entire region was not even worth mentioning. Only someone like the "Martial Immortal" Yun Zhifan was worthy enough to be in Lin Yu Chen's eyes, and was worthy of Lin Yu Chen's ambition.

"The first three hundred years of being in the clouds, the next three hundred years of being in the rain", "Talent like that, tireless efforts like that, 'One step into the sky, one step into the clouds, one step into the clouds, Lin Yuchen', in short, it is the same as Yun Zhenfan, to become a peerless master, ah, thinking about it makes her a little excited...

He didn't need to think about it, and naturally got glared at and criticized by countless people. On the surface, he even said that Lin Yu Chen was ambitious and ambitious, but in reality, she had said everything behind her back. Lin Yu Chen did not care, did not care at all. A living person was living for themselves, he could do whatever he wanted, how could he just give up just because of what others said? Isn't it?

Of course, in order to achieve such a vast and lofty goal, he had also worked hard and continuously struggled, paying the price of "blood" and "tears". He had suffered a lot, suffered a lot, suffered a lot of scoldings, and had even endured a lot of beatings, almost losing his life several times.

Lin Yu Chen still had no regrets, still putting her life on the line, still stubbornly stubborn and happy foolishly.

Lin Yu Chen had been fantasizing, if he could gain happiness from this disaster, then he would definitely benefit from it, or he could even be a fool if he had the luck.

One day, he would meet a powerful expert, or find a martial arts manual in some cave or cliff or other. After that, he would practice hard and become a god in a single step. Thus, Lin Yu Chen searched the entire world. Lin Yu Chen knew that a chance was given to a prepared person, and they also had to rely on themselves to obtain it. It had been almost two years …

Unfortunately, things did not turn out as he wished. Even now, he could only rely on these few techniques to support his family. Occasionally, he would learn some "amazing techniques", which were just like these dog beating techniques.

If one were to say that it was okay to teach that little peddler who did not know martial arts a lesson, then he would have to rely on thirty-six methods to escape if he were to meet that great villain who killed people without batting an eye. Let's just talk about the current situation. It wasn't easy to get onto the roof, but they didn't know how to get down.

"What should we do?" Lin Yu Chen stood on the roof, looked left and right, why was there nothing below, she didn't know how to build a ladder, and why was it so high up here, it was said that it was easy to climb the mountain, but she never said that it was hard to get off the roof, go back? No, it would be too embarrassing to go back. Down? But this was too high.

"Hey hey hey, you little bastard, what's not good about you? You even ran up to the roof, quickly get down." An old man cursed from under the house.

"I'll go down, I'll go down." Lin Yu Chen said, but in her heart, she was muttering, "How am I going to get down? If I can get down, I'll get down a long time ago."

"Don't move, be careful not to step on my roof tiles."

"Oh." But how am I going to find a place to go if I don't move?

"I said don't move, be careful of my tile."

"Ah?" "What?"


Before Lin Yu Chen could understand what the old man was saying, she heard a creak as she stumbled and fell onto the roof. Accompanied by the sounds of "Hua La", Lin Yu Chen muddleheadedly slid down the roof.

I have to break an arm or a leg, Lin Yu Chen thought, and quickly used all the strength in her body to lean forward, lowering her body as much as possible, then after landing she used the force of the fall to quickly rush forward. She originally wanted to use this method to dissipate the force, but she still fell onto the ground like a dog eating sh * t, her face covered in dust.

Lin Yu Chen laid on the ground, turned her head and smiled at the grandpa, saying, "I'm fine, I'm fine."

"You little bastard, I'll definitely beat you to death today." The grandpa picked up his pipe and rushed towards Lin Yu Chen.

Lin Yu Chen immediately crawled up from the ground, but he had already eaten a pouch on his butt, causing Lin Yu Chen to scream in pain. She quickly covered her butt, who knew that the old man would hit her again, right in her hands.

Lin Yu Chen didn't have the time to shout, and immediately ran, running one or two blocks. When she turned around to look, she was fortunate that she didn't catch up. Maybe the grandpa was too old and lacked strength, or maybe the grandpa just wanted to teach Lin Yu Chen a lesson and didn't kill him. In short, these two items aren't considered heavy. At the very least, they are nothing to us, Great Hero Lin.

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