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Today was the Double Seventh Festival, and there was a lantern festival at night, so there were a lot of people at the stall today. Lin Yu Chen ran to the east market like a wisp of smoke and looked around everywhere, finally checking if she had missed anything. If one were to talk about liveliness in Chengdu, then no one would dare to say they were number one if they were to say they were number two in the east city. There were stalls, performers, people who asked for food, people who were just strolling around … Let's put it this way, as long as there are no blades in the sky, this east market will be able to block your way, not to mention today is the Double Seventh Festival.

Lin Yu Chen dove into the pile of people, then the pile of people and finally the pile of people. The more people there were, the more Lin Yu Chen squeezed into the pile. Don't underestimate these martial arts people. They might be hiding something with real martial arts skills. However, in the past few days, Lin Yu Chen had been gathering in the east market. Most of the people there were selling dog skin ointment, power pills, juggling skills, acrobatics and even fooling people. No matter what, it couldn't be said that Lin Yu didn't have real martial arts. It could only be said that these "martial arts" and the real martial arts Lin Yu Chen was looking for were not the same concept.

"Good!" "Alright!" It's really amazing! " Why did it seem like there was a lot of air here? It should be a newcomer. Moreover, it was densely packed with people, and they were cheering and cheering non-stop.

It was still hot in July, so the smell on the bodies of the men was not good. Furthermore, Lin Yu Chen was at such an awkward altitude, so it was obvious. But this was nothing, digging or not, damn, who the hell was this? Damn, it was so smelly, did he squeeze out the sh * t? Lin Yu Chen immediately covered her nose, held her breath and did her best to drill in.

He finally made it to the front of the crowd, which made Lin Yu Chen tired and smothered. Lin Yu Chen was breathing heavily, she almost suffocated herself just now. No, she should be suffocating. Now she finally understood, fresh air was really important.

It seemed like this trip was not in vain, Lin Yu Chen quickly wiped her eyes, but before Lin Yu Chen could see what was going on, a burly man walked in front of her with a bronze gong in his hand and shouted, "It's not easy for us brothers to get out here to play, where are we? We also have wives and children at home, we need to support our families, just watch and watch, just give it a little, we'll work hard for you again …"

That person did not pay attention to Lin Yu Chen. It was obvious. Who would ask a beggar for money? Wouldn't that be asking for trouble? Lin Yu Chen couldn't help but look behind the man to see a big man lying on the ground. The stone platform on his body was already broken into two pieces, and next to him stood another man holding an eight pound hammer. He was staring at the increasing amount of copper coins in the gong with a face full of happiness.

"So it's another big rock in my chest. What do I think it is? It's a waste to squeeze in such a situation." Lin Yu Chen was a little disappointed, she turned around and drilled into the crowd. But before she could get in, she felt someone grab her by the collar. Without waiting for Lin Yu Chen to turn around, that person used his strength and pulled Lin Yu Chen, causing her to stagger and almost fall to the ground.

Lin Yu Chen stopped and looked. It was the burly man with the bronze gong.

"You little beggar." However, he heard the big guy fiercely say, "It's fine if you don't pay for the performance, but you don't even say something nice from your mouth. I really want to beat you to death."

"It's not like I'm wrong. This chest is filled with broken stones, it's not new and it's not difficult. It looks pretty thrilling, but in reality, it's fine even if it's just a single person. If you really have the ability, then show it to me. You don't need to say it, I will naturally give you money. "

"You stinking brat, are you deliberately looking for a beating?" As the big man said this, he swung his palm, and Lin Yu Chen easily dodged it with a twist of her body. The burly man did not expect Lin Yu Chen to be so clever. His palm struck air and he almost fell to the ground. After the big man stood still, he looked at Lin Yu Chen with uncontrollable rage and said in a stern voice, "I will definitely beat you to death today."

"You think you can hit me? "You hit me, you hit me. Can you hit me?" On the other hand, Lin Yu Chen was jumping and making faces at the burly man.

The man was even more furious, he clenched his fist and was about to punch Lin Yu Chen in the face.

"Wait." Right at this moment, someone shouted, Lin Yuhan could not help but look towards the source of the voice, it was also a big man with a full beard and a large bald head, looking like a typical big brother. That person turned the walnut in his hand and leisurely said, "Seventh Brother, you have to be nice to this kind of person, I've already said many times, we who run the martial arts must make money, since little brother wants to see how good the martial arts are, then I'll show some skills here today."

The bald-headed boss then gave a signal to the people around him. Those around him had already understood, and they immediately helped the baldy to take off his shirt. This bald boss not only had the face of Boss Zhang, but also had the appearance of a completely big boss. He was tall and sturdy, with broad shoulders and a thick chest. He was very sturdy and sturdy. The two people beside him immediately took out two slender sticks. The bald leader said, "Let this little brother inspect them."

"No need." Lin Yu Chen said, "Do you want to break them on your body? This is nothing special, anyone with some inner force can do it."

"Alright, about this, little brother, quickly say it. Come, give me some green bricks." "Check this little brother." Lin Yu Chen took the green brick and waved it in her hand. It was a real green brick. It's not a lie, right? Come, let us see it again. " Everyone received the brick, and without question, returned it to the baldy. The baldy first took a big stable horse stance, and then, with a burst of luck, suddenly smacked the brick on his head.

Everyone was dumbstruck. When the baldy took away the azure brick, it had already been broken into two pieces. Although the baldy's forehead was covered in cyan dust, he was completely unharmed. Not even a piece of his skin was damaged. The crowd immediately erupted into cheers. The burly man holding the bronze gong took the money from the gongs one by one. Not only were they filled to the brim with cheers, they were also almost filled to the brim. As for Lin Yuchen, she pursed her lips and glanced at that person. "He is indeed powerful, but I am not a person who has no experience in the world. It is not surprising that he would use a piece of the brain."

The person pursed his lips into a smile and ignored him. After collecting all the money, the baldy continued to yell, "Bring me my red tasseled gun." Then he turned to Lin Yu Chen and said, "See if this gun is fake or not." Lin Yu Chen took the red tassel gun from the other man's hand and examined it carefully. The spear head was made of pure iron and was very sharpened. Although the spear shaft was also slender, it was indeed solid wood.

"Nope." Lin Yu Chen replied, and the red gun was immediately passed to the crowd again. Similarly, no one saw anything wrong.

Big Baldy circulated his power for a moment before pressing the spearhead against his throat. He then placed the other end of the spear against the ground and used all of his strength to push forward. This time, everyone was even more dumbstruck. A few cowards even shouted out in fear.

Lin Yu Chen was so nervous that his heart was about to jump in his throat. Under the gazes of tens of thousands of people, under the gaze of everyone, there was only a "kacha" sound, and that spear was torn apart by the baldy just like that.

Everyone was stunned. After a while, they suddenly heard someone shout, "What a good 'Gold Spear Stings'! How many years of hard work is this?!" Before he finished his sentence, the crowd burst into an uproar. Applause, cheers, and cheers filled the air.

"Is this the Golden Bell Cover of the Shaolin Temple? No, it should be an iron cloth shirt, right?" Lin Yu Chen was even more excited. She quickly knelt on the ground and said, "I finally meet a true master today. Can you accept me as your disciple? I'm not afraid of hard work, really."

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