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"Not afraid of hardships, not afraid of tiredness. Interesting." Big Boss Baldy said this with a faint smile. He rubbed his round belly and said, "But to become a disciple, there must be a rule, a rule of yours."

"Oh, I understand. I was too rash just now. It was because I didn't know the rules that I kowtowed to you."

"Ai ai ai ai." The baldy quickly grabbed Lin Yu Chen and said, "I'm not talking about this rule, I'm talking about that rule."

"Which rule?" "I don't quite understand what you mean. Can you explain it a little more clearly?"

"That's the rule, that, that. "You beggar, what rules did I have to follow you?" With that, the bald Boss turned and left.

"Master, although I'm a beggar, I'm not lazy at all." Lin Yu Chen said as she hugged the bald Boss' thigh.

"Hurry and get him away. Come, come, all of you. Tell him the rules. Do you know the rules?" The baldy's eyes widened as he spoke.

"Let me explain it to you." A young man said and grabbed Lin Yu Chen: "This master's rule is money, if you want to eat, we will wear it, but if we want to raise you for free, this disciple will have to pay the entrance fee, you beggar, don't come here to watch the show."

"Money? So it's money. I have it." As he spoke, Lin Yu Chen dug around left and right.

"Stop, you don't have enough money. Go back, go back."

"Do you think this is enough?" When Lin Yu Chen took it out, everyone was shocked because it was a gold ingot.

"Boss, look! Look! Gold!" Boss, look!

Big Boss Black quickly turned his head and grabbed the gold in Lin Yu Chen's hand, then put it into his mouth and bit down on it. "It really is f * cking gold. You stinking brat, where did you get such a large gold ingot?"


"You didn't steal it, did you?" As the baldy spoke, his eyes widened as he glared at Lin Yu Chen.

"No, no, absolutely not, I swear." Lin Yu Chen quickly said.

"It doesn't matter as long as it's gold."

"Can you accept me as your disciple now?"

"Then do you have more?"


"Then there's more."

"No, no, no. Isn't that enough? "

"Enough, enough, of course, how could it not be enough? "Hey, what's that thing hanging around your neck?" Big Boss said while grabbing the red rope around Lin Yu Chen's neck.

"Oh, nothing." Lin Yu Chen also immediately grabbed onto it.

"Let me see."

"No, this won't do. Other than this, anything else is fine."

"I want this."

"Then I won't take you as my master."

"It's not up to you." The baldy stared at Lin Yu Chen and said, "Hold him down."

A few middle-aged men immediately walked towards Lin Yu Chen. Lin Yu Chen looked at the few of them, then looked at the burly man in front of her, and without any warning, she raised her leg and kicked towards Big Boss Black's crotch. That person was completely caught off guard, and forcibly took a kick, clutching his crotch as he cried out in pain.

Lin Yu Chen's kick was not light, the bald Boss was in so much pain that even the gold in his hand fell. But Lin Yu Chen wasn't finished. She leapt into the air and kicked the back of the baldy's head, causing him to fall flat on his face.

After landing on the ground, Lin Yu Chen picked up the gold and said, "So you were just fooling around again. It seems useless."

"Catch him!" Don't let him get away. "

Lin Yu Chen looked around, and saw about 10 big men pouncing towards him like hungry wolves pouncing on food. As the saying went, two fists can't even fight against four hands. This wasn't just four hands. At the very least, one, two, three, four …

Let's just run. Right, let's go with the 36 tricks. Lin Yu Chen ran. However, before he could even run two steps, he was blocked by two big men. Lin Yu Chen had wanted to try it again, but the moment he kicked out, he was stopped by the man's palm. Lin Yu Chen spun around and soared into the air, sending another kick to the side of that person's neck. Who knew that person would block it with his palm?

Although these people did not know martial arts, they had practiced juggling ever since they were young. Their movements were agile and their bodies were strong and muscular. Their skills in martial arts were also extraordinary. After all, Lin Yu Chen was still young and did not have much strength in her hands or feet. He had been caught off guard when he was dealing with Big Boss Black, so he had made an opening. After a few moves, he finally understood that these people weren't really pustules.

If it was just one or two, Lin Yu Chen would be easy to deal with, but there was a group of them. Sigh, let's quickly run. As Lin Yu Chen thought of this, she somersaulted again, turned and threw a pair of flying kicks towards that person's face. That person blocked the first attack, but the second one hit Lin Yu Chen's head, sending him flying to the ground.

After Lin Yu Chen landed on the ground, she didn't even have time to be happy. Three or four burly men had already pounced in front of Lin Yu Chen, surrounding her completely. One of them grabbed towards Lin Yu Chen, who dodged to the side, turned around, and walked around the crowd.

Unexpectedly, it was another big fellow that pounced towards Lin Yu Chen. Lin Yu Chen knew that he could not dodge in time, so with a "little Yan Fei", he jumped up and dodged that person. That person had originally thought that he would win for sure, but who knew that he would fail? He fell to the ground like a dog eating sh * t, and his face turned into ashes.

Fighting, Lin Yu Chen might not be able to beat her, but grabbing, the dozen or so people couldn't grab onto her, even if it was a palm-sized piece of land, but this Lin Yu Chen was even more slippery than a loach.

On Lin Yu Chen's side, she was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, but the spectators were all enjoying the show, cheering and cheering one after another.

Actually, at first, there were some people who were worried about Lin Yu Chen's safety, but after this round, they realized that more than ten big men could not get close to Lin Yu Chen at all, so they were not worried anymore, and started cheering towards Lin Yu Chen one by one. As Lin Yu Chen spun around in the air, the cheers grew louder and louder and the number of spectators increased.

After being entangled with these people for so long, even though he didn't lose out, he had used up most of his energy. After a few turns, he was obviously exhausted. He started to pant heavily. Lin Yu Chen originally wanted to find a chance to escape, but seeing the sea of people, he could only give up for now. However, this was not a long-term plan. If he wasn't careful and got caught, he would be finished.

Lin Yu Chen couldn't help but look around. As he was pondering, a plan suddenly formed in his mind. As a result, he circled around a few of the men, then sidestepped another person. Then, he soared into the air and directly kicked the man holding the bronze gong.

That person was caught off guard. He did not know why Lin Yu Chen would sing such a song and immediately dodged it. But Drunken Crow's intention was not to drink wine, so it was fine if he did not dodge. With that flash, Lin Yu Chen immediately jumped into the air and with a flip of his leg, he sent the gong in the man's hand flying, the copper and crushed silver in the gong fell to the ground. After Lin Yu Chen landed, she took out the gold ingot and threw it into the air, then shouted: "We've picked up the money, we've picked up the money!"

Originally, when everyone saw the copper coins on the ground, they were unmoved. However, Lin Yu Chen just casually threw out the gold ingot. One must know that this gold ingot was enough for a normal person to live for several years. They were no longer in the mood to watch the show. They were like hungry wolves pouncing on food as they pounced towards the gold. The surroundings immediately became a mess.

Lin Yu Chen quickly bypassed the crowd and ran towards the street corner. The dozen men were all tall and big, so how could they be as agile as Lin Yu Chen? They couldn't even move their feet when they were in the middle of the crowd. By the time they finally managed to squeeze out of the crowd, Lin Yu Chen had already run away.

As for Lin Yu Chen, after she reached the street, she quickly ran four or five blocks. They didn't seem to catch up, so they found an alley and hid. They were already exhausted. This could be considered to have offended that group of people. He prayed that they would never meet again. Luckily, he managed to successfully escape, otherwise, he would be guilty. "This is called 'a blessing from a curse', a curse from a blessing from a curse. If one doesn't die after a great disaster, there will definitely be a blessing after the disaster." Lin Yu Chen comforted himself.

"Little brother, your kung fu is quite good." Suddenly, he heard the voice of a person.

Lin Yu Chen immediately turned his head, but just as he turned his head, his mouth was blocked by something. Before Lin Yu Chen could clearly see that person's appearance, she felt dizzy and then lost consciousness.

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