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"Aiyo, who is it? Someone... Seventh Brother, Fourth Brother, who do I think it is?

"Fifth brother, why are you asleep again?"

"Aiya, it's still daytime, why aren't you letting me sleep?" He only heard a drowsy voice reply lazily, "Besides, what kind of tricks can that little girl come up with?"


"Forget it, forget it. Let him sleep."

Lin Yu Chen immediately sat beside Yang Shi Han and whispered, "Be a little more obedient later. Do whatever they tell you to do, that way we'll have the chance. Do you hear me?"

"Yes." Yang Shihan nodded.

"Creak." The door was pushed open and two big men walked in. The ones walking in front looked pretty good. They had thick eyebrows, big eyes, and were dressed neatly. This person was called Ma Hao, not a Chinese. Moreover, his identity was extremely mysterious. It was said that he was an ancient Shu person. He had been living in the ancient stronghold, but for some reason, he was being chased by the people from the stronghold all the way outside Chengdu. Long Ao Tian saw him and knew that he had an unusual skill, so he ended up as a bandit.

As for the one behind him, he was called Feng Kui. He had a naked upper body and sharp mouth, monkey eyes and a monkey face. He had a bad appearance. When Feng Kui saw Lin Yu Chen, his face was filled with shock, "How did he wake up? Didn't you say he was hit by the Bewitching Powder?"

Ma Hao's face was also filled with doubt. "That's right, I'm also curious. After being hit by this Bewitching Powder, even a strong man would have to sleep eight or eight hours, let alone a child."

"Forget it, it's great that I'm awake." Feng Kui said, "It's the right time to ask about his family's situation, in case … "Ai, that little girl seems to have eaten something."

"Yeah." Ma Hao looked at Yang Shihan, then looked at Feng Kui and laughed, "It seems like whatever we do is useless. This little girl, ah, she still needs a little handsome brother to accompany her." Let's go and take a look at the two of them. "

As the two of them spoke, they walked up to the two of them. Ma Hao half squatted down and smiled at them, "Shi Han, right? Be good now and eat obediently. That's a good child." The food is not to my liking, if it's not to my liking, Uncle will immediately send someone to change it. "

Yang Shihan subconsciously moved closer to Lin Yu Chen, staring at Ma Hao with wide eyes. Her left hand gripped the corner of her clothes, while her right hand tightly gripped Lin Yu Chen's hand. After a long while, she finally nodded.

"That's good. Uncle should ask you a question. You must tell uncle the truth. Lying is not a good child."

Yang Shihan nodded slightly.

"Fine, uncle will not believe it when people say you can write. How can such a young child write? Uncle will ask you. You have to tell uncle the truth, do you really know how to write?"


"Then can you write a letter to your family so that they won't worry about you?"

Yang Shihan looked at Lin Yuchen. Lin Yuchen nodded and Yang Shihan softly said, "Okay."

"Good girl. Then let this uncle take you to write, okay?" Feng Kui then carried Yang Shihan to the table and prepared a brush and ink. Ma Hao then continued to speak to Lin Yuchen, "Kid, it seems that this young lady is rather obedient to you."

"Is there? I just told him that you were all good people and that she should listen. " Lin Yu Chen said.

"It's that simple?"


"Brat, you're quite bold. Aren't you afraid of us?"

"Why should I be afraid?" Lin Yu Chen was at a loss: "Look how nice you've been to me, lifting me up the mountain and giving me such a good room, so much delicious food, oh, and even such a beautiful little sister accompanying me, I can't thank you enough."

"Despite being so young, you sure know how to talk. It's best that you think this way in order to avoid suffering." He faced Lin Yu Chen and said, "Tell me, which family are you from? Are you angry at your family or are you just sneaking out to play? Tell your uncle that your uncle can send you back, there are a lot of bad people outside."

"No need, no need. I think it's pretty fun here. Uncle, you're so busy, don't worry about me. I'll go back once I've had enough fun."

"Well, then tell me where your house is, and I'll send a letter to your house telling them you're all right here so they won't worry about you."

"Home?" Lin Yu Chen was stunned: "I'm just a little beggar, where would I get a home? "I lost my mother at three, my father at four, and I've lived with my grandfather ever since I was young. But my grandfather also died last year, leaving me alone …"

"Don't lie to me. I think you know what happens when you lie."

"Uncle, why don't you believe me? I never lie. I can't even remember what my parents looked like, let alone what kind of family they came from. Ever since I was young, no one has treated me as well as you. Right now, I only feel that this is my home and you are my uncle by blood. "

"Good, good, good. That's for the best. It's going to be a big deal, but if you're really a beggar, why do you have so much gold on you? "

"This?" I picked it up. "

"Oh?" Ma Hao immediately became interested, "Where did you pick it up?" "Tell uncle that uncle is going to pick up some too."

Lin Yu Chen squinted her eyes and chuckled, "This, I'm afraid I don't have any more."

"Little bastard, you actually dare to mess with me. You must be tired of living." Feng Kui grabbed Lin Yu Chen and bellowed, "If you really were a beggar, then this daddy will chop you into pieces. Do you really think you can get out alive? If you don't tell me the truth, I'll cut off one of your hands. " This Feng Kui did not have a good temper like Ma Hao. Yang Shihan had just written a few words when Feng Kui took out her brush and ink. When she turned around, she saw Lin Yu Chen and Ma Hao talking nonsense.

"Are you letting me go? What should I say?" Lin Yu Chen immediately used both hands to grab Feng Kui's hand and slightly propped up her body. Her face was already red from holding back her anger. Breathing heavily, she said, "I don't want to be a beggar either."

"I really don't cry until I see the coffin." As Feng Kui spoke, he prepared to draw his saber.

"Let go of him, you big scoundrel." Yang Shihan leaped onto Feng Kui's body. While hugging Feng Kui, she continuously knocked on him and shouted, "Let him go, let him go." But how could Yang Shihan's little arm and calf possibly hurt Feng Kui? It was as if she was scratching an itch.

Seeing Feng Kui completely ignoring her, Yang Shihan grabbed Feng Kui's arm and bit it.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Feng Kui let out a shrill cry as he pulled at Yang Shihan's sleeve and pulled her to the ground while cursing, "You little girl, do you believe that I won't kick you to death?"

Yang Shihan sat on the ground, trembling with fear.

"Shi Han, don't move. I'll talk, I'll talk." Lin Yu Chen immediately shouted, then turned towards Feng Kui and said, "Aiya, even if I told you, it wouldn't be of any use. My dad is an iron rooster, not a single cent less. He won't give you the money."

"Why are you blabbering so much?" Feng Kui shouted, "With a little bastard like you in hand, I don't believe that he won't obediently submit to me."

My surname is Lin, and my name is Lin Yu Chen. I live in Chengdu City, and my dad lives outside of the Forest Clerics in the northern part of the city. He is famous for being a miser, you have heard of him, I think you should save some effort and let me go.

"Outside of Steward Lin?" Feng Kui had a puzzled expression. He turned around and said to Ma Hao, "Do you know this Steward Lin from the north of the city?"

"I seem to have heard of it, but I'm not too clear about it. Chengdu is so big, how could I know everything?" If you've prepared everything, I will just go down and take a look. "

"Forget it. You've been tired for several days already. You should just rest at the stronghold. I'll go. My legs are also quite strong." After hearing Feng Kui's words, Ma Hao thought for a while and finally agreed. Feng Kui then shouted at Lin Yu Chen, "You brat, obediently stay here. If you dare to use any tricks, you'll suffer as much as you can."

Saying that, he threw Lin Yu Chen onto the ground, turned around and quickly walked out of the room with Ma Hao. "That little girl is so fierce, she bit the bullet and bled. If it wasn't for money, I would definitely kill her."

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