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C1 Injuries


The sun was like fire!

Da Ming Palace!

On the dragon throne, there was a person wearing a dragon robe and his brows were tightly knitted. He was sitting on the dragon throne and there was even a breath of air coming out from his nostrils.

"Your majesty, this Liu Feng is looking down on the imperial law and insulting my Princess Runan's reputation. He deserves to die ten thousand times over. This official requests that your majesty sentence him to death. His father, Liu Jiao, is the Grand Marshal. In terms of his contributions, he should be stripped of his position and demoted to a commoner. He will never be able to step into Chang An City for the rest of his life! "

On the side of the dragon throne, a eunuch who was dressed in a eunuch uniform and had a ruddy face said angrily.


The Emperor sighed, filled with resentment and regret!

"Your Majesty, I hope Your Majesty can quickly send down the decree! Otherwise, it will be a disgrace to the prestige of our Great Tang, and it will be a disgrace to our Emperor's graciousness!"

A man in his twenties was wearing a prison uniform, and his neck was bound by heavy shackles. The chains on his feet were also rubbing against the ground, producing an ear-piercing sound.

When the Emperor saw the person who had come, his eyes immediately became full and filled with joy. When Wei Zheng saw him, he could only sigh and no longer continue to advise.

When the civil and military officials on both sides saw him, they all revealed looks of disdain.

"As the Marshal of my Great Tang, how could the Liu family give birth to such a useless thing!?"

"You actually dare to tease the Emperor's most beloved Princess Runan. You really deserve to die ten thousand times over!"

"Looks like this time, the Liu family is also in the hands of this prodigal!"

"The Liu family's fate has come to an end! The attempted rape of the princess, repeatedly harassing the concubines of the public, and tarnishing her woman's body. I think even the marshal would not be able to save this disappointing son!"

“. . . . . . ”

The atmosphere in the palace became more and more oppressive. It was so oppressive that even breathing was extremely difficult.

"Sinner greets Your Majesty!"

Due to the shackles of the chains, Liu Feng's neck had been sore for a long time. He could only hang his head low.

If it was any other time, Liu Feng would have already started a fight with the civil and military officials. How could he bear such humiliation?

"Quick, quick, quick, quick! Quick, untie General Liu, quick!"

The Emperor stood up from the dragon throne, and the originally laziness was swept away.

Wei Zheng, who was at the side, quickly went forward to support the Emperor, afraid that he might accidentally fall from the Dragon Throne.

The Emperor, on the other hand, flung him away and staggered down.

"Little General Liu, you've suffered!"

Liu Feng looked at the Emperor's excited expression and his heart was filled with questions, "Could it be that my dream last night was real?"

"Thanks to the Emperor's blessing, everything is fine!"

Liu Feng was born free and easy and even in the Ming Palace, he was also not constrained by customs and customs. He stood up and rubbed his neck that was about to break, looking relaxed.

"The young general has suffered!"

The Emperor held Liu Feng's hand and went up to the Alchemy Palace.

Everyone and the civil and military officials in the hall were shocked. They were all wondering if the status of the Liu family would rise to another peak. What kind of morals and abilities did the only young master of the Liu family have to be so favoured by the Emperor to actually bring him up to the Alchemy Sovereign?

Wait and see! They were trying to rope him in! And to stay far away from him!

All of the officials were speculating in their hearts!

The smile on the emperor's face had never disappeared ever since he saw Liu Feng. The original dispirited look on his face had also disappeared.

"Today, I have bestowed Liu Feng with the title of Imperial Grand Marshal. This Dragon Slaying Whip is used to beat ghosts and snakes, and it is used to beat evil demons and monsters! It will be used to rule over all central authority! "

Everyone exclaimed and were dissatisfied.

This kid had just humiliated Princess Runan and was demoted to a prisoner. Now, the Emperor had bestowed him with the title of the national general who was above ten thousand people, and he also had the Dragon Slaying Whip.

The Dragon Slaying Whip was not something that the Dragon Slaying Whip could compare with. The Dragon Slaying Whip could only beat the muddle-headed ruler and the officials. The Dragon Slaying Whip could directly kill the relatives of the Emperor. No matter who it was, even the Emperor could kill first and report later!

This time, it was much more powerful than the prime minister.

But Liu Jiao's face loosened, and the stone in his heart became heavier and heavier.

Since ancient times, the emperor's thoughts were unpredictable. He also did not know what the emperor was up to!


Wei Zheng was even more furious and dissatisfied. He knelt down and advised, "Emperor, I don't know why you did this!"

Wei Zheng's question also revealed everyone's thoughts and puzzlement!

Initially, when he was still observing the relationship between him and the Liu family, his heart was even more clouded with a layer of haze.

The Emperor held onto his treasured sword with one hand and was immediately dissatisfied with Wei Zheng's admonishment. However, when the Emperor handed the Shang Fang Sword to Liu Feng, he slowly let out a breath.

"I know. All of you are wondering if I am senile and actually gave this supreme power to a child!"

One sentence from the Emperor attracted the debate of the officials.

Some people wanted to climb onto Liu Feng, this high branch. Some people just wanted to distance themselves and more people chose to watch from afar and did not express any opinions or suggestions.

On the surface, the officials were congratulating Liu Feng and Liu Jiao, but deep down, they were all harboring ulterior motives.

"People with different expressions!" Standing on the Pill Emperor's throne and looking down on everyone, this feeling gave Liu Feng the pleasure of looking down on everything. "No wonder everyone wants to be the Emperor. It feels so good. Who doesn't want to be the Emperor?"

Liu Feng, who was holding the sword in his hand, was also incomparably surprised. He could still clearly see the dream he had last night.

"Do you all know why I have been troubled ever since I ascended the throne?"

It was the Emperor's. One sentence is earth-shattering.

"This has always been the Emperor's worry since he ascended the throne! Could it be that he was cured by this brat?"

"The people of Liu family are worthy of being the lucky stars of my Great Tang!"

" This kid is famous throughout Chang'an. He bullied women, gathered people to fight, and stirred up trouble. . . He is famous for being a gangster! He's Marshal Liu Tian Tian's mental illness! "

The officials discussed among themselves.

"That's right. It was last night when I was about to go to bed when I suddenly saw Yin Qi flashing outside the window. Just as I was about to break into the room, I begged again. No, at this moment, our Imperial Marshal barged in with a fist in his hand. With three flips, he eliminated the ghost! "

Although the Emperor had said it so simply, the officials underground were already well aware that the two ghosts were the two brothers that the Emperor had sentenced to death.

The officials all felt relieved and knelt down!

"Long live the Emperor, the Marshal of the Imperial Protector is a thousand years old!"

"Hahaha! All ministers, rise! Today, I am the Imperial Protector. I will be able to sleep peacefully in the future and focus on managing the state affairs! "

"The people are blessed! The people are blessed! "

The Emperor then turned his head to Liu Feng and said, "You have gotten rid of evil for the people, and you have also gotten rid of a huge problem for me. What reward do you want? I will give it to you. Do you think there is anything in this world that I cannot give you?"

Liu Feng bowed to the Emperor and said, "This official does not ask for anything, because His Majesty's soul has the qi of an emperor. As for the other ghosts, they want to absorb the qi of an emperor and become the king of all ghosts, but. . . His Majesty is protected by a god, so it is a very complicated process for them to devour His Majesty's soul. I am only doing my duty as a subject! "

"Hahaha! Hahaha! . . . " The emperor was so happy that he had never been so happy on the day of his coronation. "What a blessing from a god!"

" I received a letter from the Celestial Master Path this morning. The letter said that the evil spirits surrounding me have been eliminated. However, the people in the world have been bullied by demons and devils. Even in the western border, there are demons and devils appearing again and again. I am also worried about this matter! "

The Emperor could naturally feel that he was powerless. He sighed and said.

"Emperor, you sent a monk to the western paradise to obtain the scriptures. I believe that in less than three to five years, you will definitely be able to retrieve the scriptures and benefit the land!"

Liu Feng quickly said.

Wei Zheng took the opportunity to look for trouble. "Since the Great Marshal has the ability, why don't we send him to the people to relieve the worries of the people? This is also to benefit the people of the world!"

"En, not bad!" Liu Feng continued, "Since the people of Celestial Master Path pray to His Majesty day and night for the protection of God, but the people of Celestial Master Path do not have God's protection. I also want to do my best for the people of the world. I want to travel the four seas and kill demons and devils!"

"This. . . " Even the Emperor was in a difficult situation.

Liu Feng's childhood circle had always been associated with hooligans and hooligans. His ability to observe people's expressions had long been thoroughly comprehended. His father had a very good relationship with Wei Zheng. When Wei Zheng visited last time, he had also caused trouble and placed a large centipede into Wei Zheng's tea. This was also the opportunity for him to take revenge on him.

Liu Feng coldly snorted. He thought, "It's not that easy to make me pay a private visit to the people alone. I originally planned to use the excuse of a god to get rid of the boredom of guarding the king's gate. I didn't expect Wei Zheng to see through my scheme at first glance. "

"Your Majesty, I am willing to go to the people, but does the reward that you mentioned still count?" Liu Feng cupped his hands casually and said with a sleepy look in his eyes.

"Yes, yes, I will keep it! Tell me, I'll give you whatever you want. I'll agree to it! "

Seeing that His Majesty was so sincere in wanting to reward him, Liu Feng was very embarrassed to pull down his thick skin and decline. "Your Majesty, I want Princess Runan. It's just a request!"

The Emperor flew into a rage. He suddenly slapped the dragon throne and stood up, looking like he wanted to fight Liu Feng to the death.

Everyone knew that his Princess Runan was his beloved daughter. How could an ordinary person marry her just like that?

Wei Zheng immediately went forward to pull the Emperor and whispered, "Your Majesty, it is better to give him a reward. You have already opened your mouth. I am afraid that you will take it back now. . . "

The Emperor also felt that he had lost his composure and angrily retreated to the throne.

After thinking for a bit, the Emperor wriggled his lips a few times and finally said with difficulty, "I approve!"

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