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Royal Carefree Heir/C10 Desolate War
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C10 Desolate War

"Ah. . . You rogue, get out of here. "

However, early in the morning the next day, a world-shaking roar came out of Liu Feng's house.

"Sigh, it seems like Young Lord really knows how to play. "

At this moment, Suan Pann was preparing breakfast downstairs. When he heard the loud roar coming from Liu Feng's house, he immediately shook his head.

"Master, will Young Lord be alright? Do you need our help?"

At this moment, when Huo Guang and Hua Ao heard the loud roar coming from Liu Feng's room, they immediately became alert.

"Damn, I still want to go and help. Young Lord is young and aggressive. Don't tell me he can't even subdue a little girl? Back when I was young, even dozens of times a night wasn't enough. "

Suan Pann subconsciously touched his waist and said with difficulty.

However, at this moment, Huo Guang and Hua Ao revealed an envious expression.

"Liu Feng, I will kill you today. "

At this moment, Runan just woke up and found that her neck was extremely sore. Liu Feng was lying next to her, sleeping like a fool.

At this time, after hearing Runan's angry voice, Liu Feng rubbed his sleepy eyes.

The moment Liu Feng opened his eyes, he saw a long sword coming straight at his neck. Although he had the protection of Xuanwu Immortal Spell, he would still be injured by the sharp edge of the sword.


Liu Feng's index finger tightly grabbed the edge of the sword that was one centimeter away from his throat.

"Let go of me! Let go of me! I will kill you!"

Runan saw that her sword was firmly stuck by Liu Feng, which also made her sword unable to move at all.

"Could it be that you want to bear the crime of murdering your own wife? Last night, I was really too tired. That's why I made a big mistake. But the raw rice has already been cooked into cooked rice. Even if you kill me today, Is that useful? At that time, won't you still have to be a widow? You're still so young. "

At this moment, Runan had already lost her mind due to her anger. When Liu Feng was provoked again, she suddenly felt as light as a feather. Her entire head had already sunk into a blank space.

"Today, either you die or I die. We will never exist in this world together. "

Runan held the long sword in her hand tightly, and tried her best to stab at Liu Feng's neck.

However, at this moment, Liu Feng slightly exerted force with both of his fingers. With a crisp sound, the sword in Runan's hand was broken by Liu Feng.

"Stop. If you really want to kill me so badly, then come at me. But I have to warn you. My subordinates are downstairs. After I'm killed, how can our Liu family agree to it? At that time, the entire Imperial Court will be thrown into chaos. "

Liu Feng immediately stood up and shouted furiously at Runan.

However, Runan had been pampered since she was a child. How could she bear such angry roars and accusations? She wanted to raise the sword in her hand and slash at Liu Feng, but at this moment, her hands were unable to exert any strength.

That's right! What Liu Feng said was right. Even if Liu Feng killed her now. . . She would never go back and cause trouble for the Liu family because the power of the Liu family was just too great. Even the Emperor began to fear them.

Bean-sized tears immediately flowed down Runan's face and hit the ground one by one.

After throwing away the broken sword in her hand, Runan simply sat down on the ground and buried her head to cry.

What Liu Feng said was right. She was merely a chess piece of the Emperor, a chess piece that the Emperor could not protect.

"This. . . "

Runan's action shocked Liu Feng. He did not expect that this usually domineering princess would shed tears in front of him.

"Alright, don't cry. I was just teasing you just now. How would I dare to have the Emperor position in your family?"

Liu Feng squatted down and comforted Runan.

However, when he heard Liu Feng's gentle words, he immediately stopped crying. He raised his big teary eyes and stared at Liu Feng.

"Is what you said true?"

Runan asked in surprise. Just now, she thought that Liu Feng wanted to obtain the throne.

"You are so stupid. Don't you know that we are going this time to avoid the harassment of the nomadic people at the border of the empire? If I am lying to you, then I should be sending troops in the chaos right now. How could I be sent to the border by your father? "

Liu Feng patted Runan's weak and boneless shoulder and comforted her.

"The people inside, come out. I have surrounded all of you. "

A man's voice came from outside the store. It was accompanied by the voice of a man. There was actually the sound of horse hooves stomping on the ground.

"It seems like it's really as I wish. Ba Shuang came really quickly. "

Liu Feng stood up, and his eyes instantly emitted a sharp light like that of a wolf.

"Who is it? If it's Ba Shuang, then with his strength, he should know that it's impossible for him to defeat Suan Pann. "

At this moment, Runan said in shock. She didn't expect that Ba Shuang would actually return with his spear.

" I think the person that Ba Shuang brought with him this time is the real boss behind the scenes. But I think that Ba Shuang wasn't able to recognize you back then. Let's hide upstairs and take a look. "

Liu Feng pulled Runan to the window and looked at the situation outside the shop.

However, there was a tall and sturdy man beside Ba Shuang at this moment. His face was as delicate as a knife. It could even be seen that his eyes were extremely deep under the radiance of the sun. It was like a black hole that sucked everything between the heavens and the earth into this pair of exquisite eyes.

And underneath his shining armor, there was actually Big Celestial Grade Yuan energy contained within his body.

"Who is this person?"

Although Runan lived in the deep palace compound, she was indifferent towards the matters above the morning sun. Naturally, she also did not know much about these generals.

"I'm afraid that this person is the leader of Wei Wei Ting, Fung Yiai. He actually has such a high cultivation base. Furthermore, he is very secretive, so even if many people wanted to find out his whereabouts, they wouldn't be able to find him. In the past, there were even some people who were willing to pay a high price to rope him in, but all of them were slaughtered by him. He had only followed Li Ke for his entire life, as long as anyone dared to impeach his relationship with Li Ke. He will definitely kill them. "

As Liu Feng spoke, he nodded his head because he was also very loyal to his master and sighed.

"I never thought that Big Brother would have such a fierce general. It seems like they have established a lot of connections in the Imperial Court. "

At this moment, Runan paused and said in shock. After all, these two brothers of hers had always been idlers in front of her. She did not expect them to have such shrewdness.

"I think this is not all. After they captured these pirates, they did not hand them over to the Imperial Court. Instead, they locked them up. Did you know that. . . If these people are in a dilemma, then this is a lot more powerful than strength. Moreover, each of them had a family heirloom or a martial arts expert. Even if they wanted to commit a crime, they had to capture them. Do you know why now?"

Liu Feng smiled. When Runan, who was originally innocent and innocent, heard what Liu Feng said, Because at this moment, Liu Feng was even more aware of what was happening. Instead of letting the princess live like this forever, it was better to let him see the situation in front of him now. Otherwise, such innocence was definitely not a good thing for him.

"Then what should we do now? His opponent's strength is at the Big Celestial Grade. And there is also a fierce general like Ba Shuang. This shop is surrounded by the soldiers. If we fight, we will be at a disadvantage! Ah. "

Runan said to Liu Feng at this moment.

Once upon a time, in Runan's heart, she had already regarded the current Liu Feng as an intelligent man. Even in this kind of dangerous situation, as long as Runan stood beside Liu Feng, she would feel that it was no longer that dangerous.

"What else can we do? After all, it was just a cold sauce. After all, the other party still has so many small tricks up his sleeve. If it's a one on one fight, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to knock them all back. "

Liu Feng sighed. In the blink of an eye, he saw Suan Pann leading Huo Guang and Hua Ao out of the shop.

"Master Fang, it's this man. He injured me to protect those two criminals. "

When Ba Shuang saw Suan Pann, he was slightly startled. Even now, he still remembered Suan Pann's attack.

"Oh? I heard that you have Big Celestial Grade Yuan energy, right?"

Fung Yiai rode on his horse and looked down at Suan Pann from above. A bright light instantly erupted from his eyes, locking Suan Pann firmly in his eyes.

"All of my strength is just a fleeting cloud. It's not worth mentioning. So what if I'm a Big Celestial Grade? So what if he's a minor star? "

Suan Pann smiled and said to Fung Yiai.

"Humph! What a good Big Celestial Grade! So what if it's the Minor Star Position? Today, I will make you yield to my fist!"

Fung Yiai coldly harrumphed, then he unleashed a strong killing intent towards Suan Pann.

"It seems like master wants to kill me as well. I am just a small boss of a shop, and I just want to earn some money from the coffin. Why are you making things difficult for me?"

Suan Pann sighed and said helplessly.

"Humph, since you have the strength of a Big Celestial Grade, you should serve the Imperial Court. Since you are unwilling, it means that you have the intention to rebel against the Imperial Court. Therefore, the one in front of you today is. . . There are only two options. Either you die, or you pledge your loyalty to the Imperial Court. "

Fung Yiai said coldly. His words had forced Suan Pann into a dead end.

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