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C2 Strange State Teacher

Night! It was unusually quiet, and even the thick moonlight cast a thick layer of haze over the earth, lingering on and on.

"Are you crazy? You actually want to monopolize Princess Runan, don't you know that Princess Runan is the Emperor's darling?"

Although Liu Jiao was a famous General, when he took off his armor, it was only a father blaming his son.

"Father? Don't you want to hear what I experienced last night?"

Liu Feng smiled and said.

"Didn't I already tell you about what happened last night? What else could have happened?"

Although the Emperor did a simple description of what happened last night in the Imperial Court, no one knew what exactly happened last night.

"That's right, last night. At that time, I was sleeping, but suddenly, my soul seemed to have left my body and I could not help but lightly stand up. When I floated to the outside of the Emperor's chambers, I suddenly realized that there were two extremely terrifying fellows devouring the Emperor's Spiritual Qi. At that time, my head heated up and a huge sword materialized in my hand. Carrying this huge sword, I swung it towards those two monsters. "

Liu Feng's eyes were filled with memories, as if what happened last night was right in front of his eyes.

"Ah? But what does this have to do with you occupying Princess Runan?"

Although Liu Duo also felt that it was strange, he had already reached the Small Celestial Grade, but he had never heard of anyone who could separate their soul from their body.

"It's related, and it's also closely related. Did you know? When I saw those two evil ghosts, Suddenly, a kind of power appeared in my body. This power is the power Princess Runan gave me. I have long heard of it. It is said that if Princess Runan is accompanying the Emperor. . . That means that those demons are unable to invade the Emperor. This is probably the reason why Princess Runan is favoured. But now, the demonic devils were dead. Doesn't this mean that Princess Runan has completely lost her value to be used?"

Liu Feng paused for a moment. His eyes were filled with various thoughts. After all, he could already feel that Princess Runan was not a simple person.

"Oh? What do you plan to do next? Do you really want to wander the world?"

At this moment, Liu Jiao was also filled with worry. Although his son had stirred up some trouble, he had never left his side. If Liu Feng had left him today. . . Then there will be very few chances to meet again.

"Yes, but since the Emperor mentioned this Celestial Master Path in the Imperial Court, I think I must go and take a look. "

Liu Feng's eyes were full of cunning. After all, he was going to cultivate this time. Moreover, he was afraid that he would be able to find out the reason why his Yuan energy had disappeared. At least, he would need to go to the Celestial Master Path to get some defensive treasures.

"What? Are you going to cause trouble for the Celestial Master Path? Don't you want to live anymore? The Celestial Master Path was an organization that couldn't be sanctioned by the central power. Even the current Emperor can't do anything to them. I advise you not to provoke those people. "

Liu Jiao was also an evil man. He knew that his son wouldn't be able to be subdued if he were to cause trouble. If Liu Jiao were to offend someone from the Celestial Master Path. . . But now, even if the Emperor was here, he still wouldn't be able to save Liu Jiao.

"Father, don't worry. I know what I'm doing. I just have a few questions that I want to ask the people of Celestial Master Path. "

Gu Jie said indifferently.

When Liu Jiao looked at his son, there was once a time when. . . However, he had a vague feeling. Even though his son had offended Princess Runan. . . He still cared about his own affairs and rarely had the time to discipline his son. In Liu Duo's heart, Liu Feng was the regret of his life.

Early the next morning, Liu Feng brought his father's hope to the Celestial Master Path.

The Celestial Master Path was situated on the peak of Five Tai Mountain, surrounded by smoke and mist. It was a paradise.

"The people of the Celestial Master Path really know how to enjoy themselves. They actually found such a good place to build a dojo in the empire. "

Liu Feng muttered to himself. He had only heard about this Gu Jie of Celestial Master Path since he was young. He was able to cultivate in the Celestial Master Path. He was either an immortal or a saint.

The place where Liu Feng stood was the entrance of the Celestial Master Path.

"Creak. "

The door was slowly pushed open.

A black cat jumped out of the door.

"Come in. Zhang Celestial Master has been waiting for you for a long time. "

The black cat opened its mouth and said languidly.

"What? Cats can talk?"

Liu Feng immediately broke out in cold sweat.

"What's so strange about that? If you want to come in, hurry up. Don't waste my time. "

The black cat immediately became unhappy and continued to mutter, "What's so good about this kid that he made me personally welcome him. Zhang Celestial Master would rather wait for this kid for so long than have a trace of elemental energy in his body. "

"Alright. "

Liu Feng could also see the displeasure of the black cat. He thought for a moment before saying.

The Celestial Master Path's dojo was very big, but there was a strange aura coming from it.

"Does everyone here like to be lazy? Why can't I see anyone after walking for so long?"

Liu Feng also felt curious and said.

"They are all dead. "

The black cat said lightly.

However, the black cat's indifferent expression seemed to have cast a shadow over the Celestial Master Path.

"Wh. . . What? They're all dead?"

When Liu Feng heard the bad news, his eyes widened all of a sudden. He had heard that the Celestial Master Path was a place of prosperity, but now, it seemed like there was no one in the hall.

"Alright. Go in. Zhang Celestial Master is inside. He has been waiting for you for a long time. "

The black cat opened its mouth and left after saying that.

"What happened in Celestial Master Path? Why did the talent in the Angel Hall wither?"

Liu Feng could also sense the severity of the situation. He immediately rushed towards Zhang Celestial Master's meditation room.

The moment Liu Feng opened the door, what appeared in Gu Jie's eyes was a man with a long beard and unkempt clothes.

This man was casually lying on the bed, and his mouth was full of hacks.

"You are Zhang Celestial Master?"

Liu Feng also felt that it was strange. In Liu Feng's imagination, Zhang Celestial Master should be an old man with a mouth full of acrylic energy. How could he be so young?

"You must be the Liu Feng who slays ghosts for the Emperor. However, with your dignified appearance and talent, Princess Runan is worthy of you. "

Zhang Celestial Master only had his back to Liu Feng and his words did not seem to have any laziness.

"Why are the people of Celestial Master Path all clean? Every night, I hear the wails of ghosts and howls of wolves. What exactly is going on? "

Liu Feng also felt that it was strange, because a year ago, he still clearly remembered that from that time onwards, a dream had always been entangled in his dream, and it couldn't be gotten rid of.

"No, you are wrong. The people of Celestial Master Path are not all dead, and only me and that cat are left. Furthermore, the dream that you mentioned is not a dream. That's the Great Tang from now on. "

Zhang Celestial Master's. His words were like a clap of thunder. It exploded Liu Feng's eardrums.

"The Great Tang in the future? What exactly is going on?"

Liu Feng began to feel somewhat nervous. However, when he heard that the dream he had in the past was a real world, he started to tremble.

"The people of Celestial Master Path were also harmed by this group of evil cultivators. Now, they have become like this. "

Zhang Celestial Master sat up with a furious expression on his face. However, Liu Feng knew that when this Zhang Celestial Master saw him, it was as if he had seen his savior.

"What do you mean? Speak clearly. Celestial Master Path is a place of cultivation for Taoists. How can the evil path invade?"

Liu Feng also felt that it was strange, so he asked directly.

"I think you are also a cultivator, but your Yuan energy has been completely drained in a day. Furthermore, there are pitifully few cultivators nowadays. Once the demons on the western border break through the castle on the western border, the Great Tang will once again return to the Desolate Barbarian World of yesterday. "

Zhang Celestial Master and Liu Feng looked at each other. In just a split second, Liu Feng felt as if his entire body had been covered by something, as if everything in front of him had been pierced through.

"What a powerful Yuan energy. Even my father couldn't achieve such an imposing manner. "

Liu Feng was also sweating because he had the same feeling when he first saw Zhang Celestial Master.

"Why didn't you come out of the mountain? You must know that your strength can definitely give the opponent a fatal blow. "

Liu Feng pulled his fist and asked.

"Ahem, what are you talking about? You must know that this angel dojo is also the existence of my spiritual energy. If I leave for a long time, then this dojo will also turn into ashes. "

"Alright, then I'll agree"

Liu Feng nodded. After all, if he was the one staying in the capital, he would be the one to die. It would be better for him to go out and travel for a while, and it would be a pay.

"Here, this is for you. "

Zhang Tianshi searched under his pillow for a long time before taking out a package from inside.

This package was tightly wrapped by a piece of cloth. From the outside, it was hard to see what was inside.

However, Liu Feng could feel that the thing inside this package was definitely not an ordinary item. Moreover, there was a faint Spiritual Qi coming from inside.

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