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C3 Powerful Magic Tool

"What is this? Why is it so heavy?"

When Liu Feng had just touched the package, the contents of the package seemed to have some kind of resonance with Liu Feng's body.

"What? Why did it resonate with your body so quickly? This is amazing!"

Zhang Celestial Master's expression suddenly became serious. This was because he had already obtained him for almost a few decades, but this kind of thing had never happened before.

"Open it yourself and take a look. Perhaps this sword will be helpful to you. "

Zhang Celestial Master sighed and continued.

"What?! Help me?"

Liu Feng quickly tore the cloth from the bag, and a sword appeared inside. However, this sword didn't have a blade, as if it had been broken by brute force.

"What, what is this? Is he also a sword?"

Liu Feng asked in surprise.

"That's right, this is the Celestial Thunder Sword. Its power is that it can destroy all spiritual attacks in time. "

Zhang Celestial Master suddenly became very serious. This immediately made Liu Feng feel very uncomfortable.

"A spiritual attack that destroys everything. Liu Feng asked. "

Liu Feng muttered to himself. At the same time, his blood began to boil.

"That's right, but this sword only has the hilt. I don't know where the blade is, and I have already obtained decades of his time. However, I am still unable to unravel this secret. However, I am now able to believe it. You have such strength to show him your true form, because just now, he could already resonate with you when he first came into contact with you. This is also something that makes me especially surprised. "

Only now could Liu Feng clearly see that Zhang Celestial Master was wearing a Daoist robe. Although it was slightly wrinkled, it was just like a celestial being that didn't care about his appearance.

"How do I use this Celestial Thunder Sword? Can it attack the enemy just like that? Furthermore, the Yuan energy in my body has completely disappeared. "

Liu Feng raised the sword hilt and returned to his room two times in the air. However, at this moment, Liu Feng could also feel that the pure energy from the sword hilt was gradually flowing into his body through his arm.

"How would I know? If I knew how to use this Celestial Thunder Sword, I would have used it a long time ago. What do you think? Furthermore, if you don't play with women anymore in the future, I think your essence energy should be able to recover very quickly. "

Zhang Celestial Master said in an unpleasant tone. After all, when he gave the Celestial Thunder Sword to Liu Feng just now, the flesh in his heart was in great pain.

"Yes, yes, alright. "

Liu Feng was also speechless. However, for the sake of his future, he had no choice but to suppress his temper and kick the sword hilt into his arms. After that, he started walking towards the exit of the Celestial Master Path.

However, the person Gu Jie wanted to see the most right now was Princess Runan, because he had to bring her along with him to travel the world.

However, when Liu Feng raised his head, he suddenly saw a familiar figure at the foot of the mountain of Celestial Master Path.

"I have heard that you have come here early in the morning. Since I have seen you now, you should leave now. "

The person who came was none other than Princess Runan, whom Liu Feng wanted to find.

Princess Runan's tall and straight eyes looked like they could hook souls. Her high nose bridge. When her thin lips met Liu Feng's eyes, it immediately gave Gu Jie a scare.

"You, why are you here?"

Only now did Liu Feng realize that he had lost his composure and asked in shock.

"What? Didn't you want to travel the world with me? Then let's go. "

Princess Runan shook her small head and said innocently.

In fact, when Liu Feng first saw Princess Runan, he was deeply impressed by his appearance. After all, Liu Feng had seen many beautiful women. However, he had never seen such an innocent girl before. After all, Liu Feng knew about her. This Princess Runan must have an extraordinary cultivation base. If she didn't have the ability to protect herself. . . The Emperor wouldn't let her follow him around the world.

"Ah? Now?"

Liu Feng was even more shocked. After all, he had offended this princess not long ago. But he had never thought that he would really want to travel the world with him.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing Liu Feng's stunned expression, Runan went forward and touched Gu Jie's forehead and said.

"So gentle, so fresh. "

While enjoying Runan's touch, Liu Feng's heart suddenly felt warm.

However, all of a sudden, his chest seemed to have some kind of throbbing.

"Your heart is beating so fast. "

Runan stopped her actions and her small face turned red.

"No, this is not my heart, but this. "

Liu Feng took out the Celestial Thunder Sword that was given to him by the Celestial Master. Because of some unknown reason, when Princess Runan approached him, the Celestial Thunder Sword could not stop.

"What is this? Broken sword?"

Runan looked at the sword and said in shock. Because he was already very knowledgeable. Because there was no lack of precious swords in the Imperial Palace, but he had never seen a broken sword with such a halo.

"I don't know either. This was given to me by Zhang Celestial Master. He said that it could be used for self-defense after giving it to me. "

Liu Feng said faintly as he handed over the sword in his hand.

"What can this be used for self-defense?"

Runan took the broken sword from him. However, she could only hear the sound of the sword shaking when it saw her.

"I can feel that the sword is shouting and cheering. "

Runan tightly closed her eyes and used her heart to slowly feel the sword.


Liu Feng's back was covered in sweat because what he had experienced recently was unbelievable. However, this broken sword was clearly an inanimate object, even though it was shiny and shiny. This was only because it contained some kind of gem, but Princess Runan just said that this sword was alive. How could this be believed?

Suddenly, a faint halo appeared in Princess Runan's eyes, and her originally beautiful eyes became even more enchanting.

"What is going on? What happened to your eyes?"

No matter how Liu Feng shouted, Runan seemed to be completely deaf at this moment. She was tightly enjoying this moment.

Suddenly, the hairs on Liu Feng's back stood up. Even his legs began to tremble.

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