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C5 He Confessed Without Fighting

"How are you? Are you alright? "

At this moment, Liu Feng immediately went forward to help Runan up. Looking at Runan's pale face, he knew that Runan must have been injured.

"It's fine. Let me go. "

At this moment, Runan's stubborn nature was stirred, and she immediately flung Liu Feng's arm away.

"Alright, I'll let go of you. "

The moment Liu Feng let go, Runan's body seemed to have lost all her strength, and she was about to fall to the ground. However, at this moment, Liu Feng also reacted quickly, and stepped forward to hug her small waist.

A numb feeling immediately rushed into Liu Feng's heart.

"Wow, so soft. "

Liu Feng squeezed hard. It was very soft, and he enjoyed it very much.

"Bastard, you are a bastard. "

Runan waved her palm and slapped Liu Feng's face.

Liu Feng's eyes lit up after the slap.

However, at this moment, Liu Feng suddenly realized that Runan was actually covering her chest and glaring at Liu Feng aggressively.

"That place of yours is so small and soft. "

Liu Feng smelled the remaining scent on his palm and said to Runan, as if he was not satisfied.

However, when Runan heard this comment, she immediately became furious. She was angry, embarrassed, and angry.

"Liu Feng, I will definitely kill you today. "

At this moment, Runan immediately waved the sword in her hand and shouted at Liu Feng.

At this moment, Liu Feng was shocked by Runan's action and immediately jumped up to avoid the sharp edge of Runan's sword.

"Are you crazy? You want to kill me?"

At this moment, Liu Feng said angrily. After all, he could feel the murderous aura coming from Runan's body.

"Today, I will kill a wretched person like you. "

Runan lifted her sword and slashed at Liu Feng.

Liu Feng was also angered. His two fingers moved slightly and immediately pointed at Runan's acupuncture points.

"You just need to calm down. "

Liu Feng said coldly, but he found that Runan's face was extremely pale. There was not a trace of blood on her face.

"What's going on? Could it be that she's injured?"

Liu Feng said lightly. He then remembered that Runan's abdomen was swept by the tail of the giant python just now. This was obviously the reason why Runan was injured.

"This symptom must be that her ribs were broken. Otherwise, she would not be in such pain. Otherwise, she would have suffered internal injuries. "

Liu Feng murmured. Then he started to slowly move his feet towards Runan.

"What do you want? I am Princess Runan. If you offend me, I will kill you. "

Runan immediately became afraid. After all, Liu Feng was a famous gangster. His character was naturally hard to predict.

"Oh, speaking of offending you, I have suffered a huge loss. If it wasn't for me saving you in my dream, I'm afraid I would have been beheaded by your emperor a long time ago. "

The corner of Liu Feng's mouth curled into a faint smile. After all, he could sense that Runan was afraid of him and had fallen into a state of panic.

"Who asked you to boast shamelessly? This is only a small lesson for you. If you offend me again, I will definitely poke your bones and burn you to ashes. "

Runan's acupuncture points were also tapped at this moment, but even with her strength as a Star Venerable, she was still unable to open Liu Feng's acupuncture points automatically. Immediately, Runan began to doubt in her heart.

"Humph, this kind of acupuncture technique can even be used by my father. He has the strength of a Small Celestial Grade. Could it be that you want to use your current strength to forcefully open the acupuncture points that not even a Small Celestial Grade can open?"

At this moment, Liu Feng smiled complacently and said to Runan, who was in a panic.

"Lie down. "

Seeing that Runan was already flustered and exasperated, he immediately scolded Runan.

However, Runan, who heard Liu Feng's scolding, was also completely frightened by Liu Feng. She totally did not expect that she was a descendant of the royal family, and that Liu Feng would actually treat her in such a way.

Seeing the tears on the corners of Runan's eyes, Liu Feng did not care about Runan's actions. Instead, he placed Runan on the ground and took off his coat.

"Liu Feng, I beg you, please spare me. I will not contradict you anymore. I will definitely listen to you properly. . . . . . . ”

The tears on the corners of Runan's eyes had already begun to flow down. It possessed an irresistible force and began to gush out like a dam breaking through a dam.

"This is what you said. In the future, you must listen to me obediently. Oh. "

A faint smile appeared on Liu Feng's face.

When Liu Feng's voice had just sounded, Runan felt the intense pain in her chest begin to slowly disappear. It was as if there was something squirming in her chest.

"What's going on? What are you doing?"

Runan raised her head and found that Liu Feng's palms were glowing red.

"What? It's actually the Yuan energy that can only be used by Small Celestial Grade people. Could it be that this kid has always been playing dumb in the past? What was the purpose of this? Although Liu Feng had a lot of people, he had never done anything like this before. He is a man who can possess the strength of a Small Celestial Grade at Liu Feng's age!"

At this moment, Runan had completely forgotten about the pain. She kept thinking about it in her mind.

"Is your little brain thinking about why I can use the Yuan energy of a Small Celestial Grade?"

At this moment, Liu Feng had revealed his true nature. He said to Runan with an ordinary smile.


Runan did not know what she would ask the most, but at this moment, Runan knew that there must be some kind of conspiracy behind Liu Feng's strength.

"Since you are a daughter, I will tell you. If you were an heir, I'm afraid I would have killed you a long time ago. "

Liu Feng paused for a moment. A trace of killing intent appeared in his eyes.

When she felt the killing intent coming from Liu Feng's body, she was shocked because she could also feel that Liu Feng would definitely do what he said.

"What is the purpose of this? Why are you hiding your true strength?"

The innocent Runan asked Liu Feng with her big teary eyes.

"After all, our Liu family is heavily armed. If I, the son of a genius, appear again. . . After all, to a political empire, any power that threatens the position of the emperor will be slowly consumed by your imperial family. As for us, the Liu family, in order to protect ourselves, we have no choice but to hide my strength. Your father seems to be very dissatisfied with the concealment of our Liu family, and he wants to kill me. This will at least destroy a part of the Liu family's power. This will be a huge blow to the Liu family. "

Liu Feng raised his head. He was also very tired of the mutual deception in the official circles. That was why he told his father, Liu Jiao, that he wanted him to become a fool, a fool who hid his true strength.

"Then why did you tell me this news? Aren't you afraid that I will tell my father and ask him to send troops to wipe out the entire Liu family?"

Although Runan's words were very ruthless, there wasn't the slightest hint of ruthlessness in her words. At least, when she said those words, Liu Feng knew that she was just trying to scare him.

"Humph. I think you should be the spy that he sent to my side. You can better monitor me, and you are not weak either. At least we are going to the border area this time. You are the noble Princess Runan. The soldiers there are also at your command, so to me, This can also ensure your safety, right? "

Liu Feng smiled faintly. Although Liu Feng was very powerful, he was going to the border after all. If Liu Feng revealed any of his ambitions, Runan's army would immediately press down on him and force him into a dead end.

"Aren't you afraid that I will really kill you? You told me all of this. Once I want to report this to my father, your Liu family will fall into a crime of deceiving the sovereign, won't you? "

The ribs on Runan's chest were actually healed when Liu Feng used his Yuan energy. However, at this moment, Runan got up from where she stood and said to Liu Feng vigilantly.

"I don't think you will, because your father should be able to guess what I have told you. As his most trusted daughter, if there is any movement from the Liu family, you will certainly report to your father immediately. Your purpose is only to monitor me. "

Liu Feng smiled. Healing Runan's body had indeed consumed a lot of his Yuan energy.

"Liu Feng, our royal family has really underestimated you. I never thought that you would have such shrewdness at such a young age. "

Ruonan was slightly startled. He never thought that his purpose of following Liu Feng this time was to be guessed in such detail by the other party.

"But I have another question. Didn't you, Liu Feng, name me and ask me to go to the border with you? How did you know I was here to spy on you? "

Ruonan was slightly startled. He had never thought that Liu Feng would be so smart at this moment.

"I'm only doing this to take a step back. After all, I'm already grateful that your father didn't kill me. Moreover, this is also the reward that I have done. After all, you are the daughter that the Emperor trusts the most. That is why I asked you to follow me to the border region. Firstly, it is to make it easier for you to remove the worries in your father's heart. Secondly, if your father sends someone to follow me, the officials will probably start discussing amongst themselves. Thirdly, you're actually not bad looking either. It's just that your chest is a little smaller. The rest of it makes sense. "

Liu Feng smiled strangely and said to Runan at this moment.

"You are really a bastard. "

Runan scolded softly and walked straight into the depths of the forest.

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