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Royal Carefree Heir/C6 Domineering and Overbearing
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C6 Domineering and Overbearing

"Let's find a hotel to rest. After all, it's not a good time to travel. "

Liu Feng looked at a hotel not far away and said to Runan.


Runan said coldly. She did not expect that the purpose of coming with Liu Feng this time was already clearly guessed by the other party. This also made Runan very unhappy in her heart.

"Alright. "

Liu Feng smiled. He didn't expect this little girl to be so cute when she got angry.

The two of them walked into the hotel together. They came face to face. It was a skinny waiter.

"Handsome, beautiful, may I ask if you are the waiter or the inn?"

The waiter saw that someone was coming and immediately greeted them with a smile. When he saw that the other party's status was not low, he was even more delighted. Perhaps he would ask for two more in a while.

"It's both sharp and inns. "

Liu Feng took out a few wens from his pocket and threw them to the waiter. After all, it was good to get a smiling face outside.

"Good wine and dishes, please serve them. "

Liu Feng casually found a table at a corner and sat down.

When he saw Runan, she took out a handkerchief from her pocket and kept wiping the table and chair.

"Sigh, women are trouble. "

Liu Feng said to himself and turned his eyes to the shop.

At first glance, these people were probably desperate. They were wearing all kinds of weapons on their backs and waists, and their eyes looked tired.

"Who are these people? Why are they so rude?"

Runan said coldly to Liu Feng. After all, Liu Feng was familiar with some of the scenes.

"I'm guessing that they are either human traffickers or flower pickers. Otherwise, they would have killed people and stolen goods to escape here. "

Liu Feng put his head next to Runan's ear and explained to her.

However, after hearing it from Liu Feng, Runan's heart palpitated even more. After all, she had lived in the Imperial Palace since she was young and had never left her father. But she never thought that the first time she left the Palace would be with a hooligan like Liu Feng.

"Look, we are almost at the border of the capital. I'm afraid that the soldiers here are very difficult to control. Look at the scar on the pillar. Each of them is definitely an expert. They must be frequently fighting here. They are either dead or disabled. "

Liu Feng sighed and explained to Runan, who was totally different from the others.

However, Runan was already shivering all over because of the atmosphere here. After all, there were many people eating here, but it was unusually quiet. Even the sound of ants moving could be heard clearly. Only the waiter's voice could be heard in the entire restaurant.

"Look at that shopkeeper. His plan is actually soundless. With one look, you can tell that he is a top expert. Otherwise, the keyboard he typed will definitely be very loud. "

The corner of Liu Feng's mouth formed a strange smile. After all, from the beginning until now, Liu Feng had also felt that there was something wrong with this place.

"Could there be human meat buns and blood wine?"

Suddenly, Runan, who was trembling, became interested. She leaned her head closer to Liu Feng's ear and murmured.

"Little girl, where did you hear this from?"

Liu Feng rolled his eyes at Runan. Seeing that his plan to scare Runan had been broken, he shifted his sight outside the window.

"Your dishes are ready, sir. "

The child was holding a square plate, which was filled with wild game.

"Prepare two guest rooms with upper numbers for us. "

Liu Feng said to the waiter.

"Sir, I'm sorry. We only have one room left. "

The waiter looked troubled and said to Liu Feng timidly.

"What? There is only one room left?"

Runan's index finger was moving. When she heard the bad news, she immediately stopped.

"Why don't the two of you just finish tonight. "

The waiter murmured. After all, from Liu Feng and Runan's attire, it was obvious that they were not ordinary people.

"No need. Only one room means he lives in a stable. "

Runan snorted coldly and looked at Liu Feng with a confident look. Who asked Liu Feng to scare her just now?

"But I can see that this young master has an extraordinary aura. How dare I let him live in the stable?"

The waiter was also in a difficult position. Liu Feng had also given him a lot of money just now. Just this waiter alone was willing to help Liu Feng and let him sleep in the same room as Runan.

However, when the waiter saw Liu Feng's eyes move, he immediately said something. He leaned his head to Runan's ear and muttered to himself.

After Runan heard the waiter's words, her face was full of shock.

At this moment, the waiter smiled at Liu Feng and said to the shopkeeper who was thinking, "One room upstairs. "

"What's wrong? Hello?"

Liu Feng shook his hands hard in front of Runan's eyes and pulled her back, who had lost her soul.

"What did the waiter say to you just now?"

Liu Feng saw that Runan finally came back to her senses and said to Runan.

"No, he didn't say anything. "

Runan's face was red like two colorful clouds floating onto Runan's face.

Liu Feng smiled slightly, then buried his head into his meal and did not say anything else.

When both of them were picking their toothpicks and burping, the door was kicked open by a person with a bang.

At this moment, Runan was the only one in the entire store who was shocked.

"Give me five jin of beef and two jin of daughter's red. "

When the door of the shop was smashed open, it was actually a tall and sturdy man wearing the government uniform. He carried a huge sword on his shoulder, which was heavy and solid. There was blood on the blade of the sword, and from time to time, there were flies licking it.

"It's actually someone from the Guan family?"

He saw the prominent word "catch" on his chest. Runan naturally also knew that the other party was a constables.

"Ba Shuang, you actually appeared here?"

Liu Feng took a deep breath. He did not expect to meet him here.

"You know him?"

Runan naturally thought that Liu Feng would know him. Although she hadn't known Liu Feng for a long time, she admired his intelligence and forbearance from the bottom of her heart. If it wasn't for the imposing manner of Liu family, she was afraid that Liu Feng would have become a new star in the Imperial Court.

"There is no suspect that he can't catch up to or kill. As long as he is wanted by the Imperial Court, he will be listed on the death list. But naturally, he will also be the watchdog of your family. "

Just as Liu Feng finished speaking, Runan noticed that there were many names carved on the huge sword of Ba Shuang. However, without a doubt, the owners of these names had completely disappeared from this world.

"Then why did he come here this time? Could it be because of the pirates here? "

Runan only then noticed that since Ba Shuang entered this place, many people were already restless.

"No, he won't meddle in other people's business. If it wasn't for the orders of the superior, he wouldn't have cared even if the Flower Picking Pirate passed by him. He is such a boor. "

Liu Feng smiled. He didn't really want Ba Shuang to be a man who abided by the rules. He was like a block of wood, or a killing machine.

"His knife is so terrifying?"

Although he knew Ba Shuang was a captain, seeing such a bloody scene, he couldn't help but be afraid.

"His sword is called 'Lei Zhen'. Each of his attacks carries an earth-shattering force. Coupled with his own strength, it's hard to find a worthy opponent in the entire Tang Capital. "

Liu Feng took a sip of wine and murmured.

However, just as Liu Feng and Runan were talking, Ba Shuang had actually eaten up five jin of beef and two jin of red daughter in such a short period of time.

"It seems like he is going to make a move!"

Liu Feng murmured.

At this moment, Ba Shuang wiped the grease from the corner of his mouth and stood up.

"Huo Guang, Hua Ao, you have all committed your crimes, right?"

Ba Shuang suddenly slammed the table, causing the entire table to collapse in an instant.

However, at this moment, everyone in the shop stood up and stared at Ba Shuang cautiously.

Only the innkeeper was still calm and composed, as if he didn't care about the truth.

"It seems that even this tiny innkeeper has an expert in charge. "

Liu Feng sat in the corner and looked at the scene that was happening in the shop. Naturally, he was filled with mixed emotions.

"Humph, Ba Shuang, you have been tracking our whereabouts since the northernmost place. Are you really not tired?"

At this moment, two men in their thirties stood up. One of them had a long face, and Scar Man said to Ba Shuang.

"The two of you are wanted criminals by the Imperial Court. I was only ordered to arrest you. "

Ba Shuang said with a ferocious expression.

"Big brother, why are you talking so much to this blockhead? You go first, I'll guard the rear. "

The man named Hua Ao picked up a long spear from the side of a pillar and blocked Huo Guang behind him.

"Humph! Second brother, you have underestimated me. We are brothers who live and die together. What's the point of me living alone?"

However, at this moment, Hua Ao took out an extremely sharp sword from his hand. His entire body was transparent, and traces of cold light instantly cut through the entire space.

"Zu Yang spear, the Feather Sword actually appeared in the martial world at the same time. It seems like this Ba Shuang is doing some work. "

At this moment, Liu Feng said with a meaningful tone and looked at Runan with interest.

"Why are you looking at me? What does this have to do with me?"

Runan replied coldly. Although she was not interested in this kind of revenge, she had some doubts about his existence and who he was helping to carry out official duties.

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