Ruined Her Innocence/C1 Chapter 1 Raped!
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Ruined Her Innocence/C1 Chapter 1 Raped!
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C1 Chapter 1 Raped!


"Please let me go—" She begged with a bloodshed eye. She was almost sucking for air to breathe while he was kissing her insanely by force. Blocking his ears to her sobbing and her begs and acting like a deaf.

He was so drunk; he couldn't stop himself from what he started already. He was blinded by jealousy, he wasn't in his full consciousness, but he was aware of why he was doing that.

She pushed him with all of her strength, but that didn't move him an inch away. he trapped her underneath his massive body on her bed and said in a graving tone, "No, I want your body now."

He raped that little girl, took her virginity brutally with no pity, and let her go.

She was his younger brother's fiancee, and that was only the start of the revenge.

When a small naive girl turns into a lady in just a second, he does that, and he will pay the price later.


Isabella was sitting in her room, waiting for her fiance Zack worriedly taking a look through the small window in her room from time to time.

She was waiting eagerly to know the exact timing for the wedding and discuss some details about her precious day.

Zack has been busy with business and left the full preparation and arrangement for the wedding details on her shoulders.

He was craving and eager to marry her finally after she had graduated from high school lately and turned into eighteen years old.

He did the impossible to convince her parents to get married to her early because he wasn't young anymore. He was twenty-five, and his father handed him the full authority of one of his companies.

Certainly, Zack was the dreaming man of any family; yes, any parents wouldn't reject a filthy rich and handsome businessman. Sincerely in love with their parents.

And because Zack was a straightforward and decent man, and he wasn't a playboy, so Isabella's parents agreed to let her live in Zack's family house before marriage— Because she would live there, after the wedding, after all.

And because that house was like a giant palace and Zack's father and a lot of servants were already living in the same house, there was nothing to worry about.

Only one dangerous and risky thing, no one thought of— And that was the nasty womanizer Xander— The elder brother of Zack who was almost thirty years old. And who has been called in the business field as the nasty wrecker?

Nasty because he was entering a new sexual affair with a new woman daily, women crawled after him. They were throwing their bodies in his arms. He filled his sexual desires and reached his climax, then turned into his next prey.

And wrecker, because in the business field, he was merciless, destroyed, and stepped on everyone trying to block his path. He was madly in love with money and authority.

He was Dominant in real life and bed.

And because of her bad luck, and while she was waiting for her fiance, who was her only lover, her heart never throbbed for any other guy except for him. If it wasn't true love, then she didn't know that because simply she has no experience in stuff like that. He was the first one who confessed his love to her. He was the first one who gifted her flowers. He was the first one who kissed her hands gently. And he loved her since she was only sixteen years old. He has been following her everywhere from her house to school to protect her, so as a result of all that caring, Isabella fell in love with Zack.

But that nasty womanizer on the other side was ignoring her all the time. And she didn't know why he was looking down at her. She didn't give a shit at all until her bad fate forced her to be his because of one night.

Isabella heard noises and screeched a car downstairs, she walked hurriedly to the window to take a lot, but she couldn't see the car. It was so dark. And suddenly the electricity for the whole house turned off. She startled and almost squealed. She hated darkness.

She sat silently, waiting for, and hoping that the one who arrived would be Zack. And with the footsteps coming closer to her door room, she stood up.

Only to find out that who barged into her room was not Zack but Xander!

He stepped closer from her and scanned her body in sensual and lust looks.

She gulped nervously and gazed back at him. She stammered, asking him, "Is there something wrong? Your room is on another side of the corridor." she innocently reminded him. She knew that he was the kind of man who comes late drunk every night.

And how innocent she was, he pushed her inside and slammed the door behind him. His breath was filled with alcohol, made her flinch and shiver.

She stepped back, "Xander, please go. You smell alcohol! you are drunk."

He wasn't in need to remind him; he was aware of his case. And it wasn't anything new. He was like that daily, and actually, he increased his dose after she had moved to the house. He was always angry, especially after the date of Isabella's wedding, and Zack was reserved.

He wasn't sure about the reason for his anger.

The alcohol blinded him, or the lust or the love!

He didn't think of anything except taking what he wants and what he needs even if it was by force.

He pulled her to his chest and moved his hands down to her thighs and up to her boobs— And when she tried to push him away and release herself from his firm grip. He tightened his arms around her waist, and in just seconds, he stroked his mouth, eating up her lips roughly and aggressively, hoping for entrance. She tried to graze his lips by her teeth to force him to go away.

But she only earned a groan, and he pushed her down to the bed and trapped her underneath his heavy and strong muscled body to almost paralyzed her movements.

She tried to squirm and to roll her body away. She tried to scream, but he sealed her mouth with his hand.

She was weak and tiny, nothing compared to his monster body that muscles popped out of every inch of his arms.

She tried her best to move right and left, but all her attempts failed.

He raised her hands to her head and, by his other free hand, unzipped his pants. But she finally heard her cellphone ringing in her jeans. She bit Xander's hand and picked up the call. He was Zack. He breathed in relief, hoping that might help her.

"Isabella— sweetheart— " and Zack was on another side of the call as he turned from speaker to silent listener, shocked by what he was hearing.

And what was harsher and mentally killer than a lover hearing his fiancee got raped!

They were supposed to get married in a couple of days!

Isabella yelled at Xander, "please— leave me."

But nothing! Instead, he snatched the cell phone from her small hand and didn't hang up the call, but he threw it next to him on the bed. And with the stubborn and rage tone, he ripped off her clothes and said, "never! I will take what I want, and I want your body now!"

And her cries and screams didn't stop Xander from stealing her virginity.

Until he reached his climax, he pulled his dick out of her bleeding pussy. And gazed at her torn clothes and her swelling eyes, checking the bedsheets that were stained with her blood drops.

But he wasn't the only one who has seen that blood scene.

Zack arrived at the same time Xander finished his mission of raping Isabella.

Zack saw Isabella on the bed naked- the aches of pain squeezed his heart.

Zack's eyes popped out, and he stared at Isabella that hopped off the bed, crying heavily with blurred vision and sire in her pussy.

All she wanted and needed was Zack to hug her and give her safety hugs and comfort her, but instead, Zack pushed her away to fall on the floor and coldly said to her, "Isabella! sorry but now I can't marry you after what happened between you and my brother."

She gasped and gazed at him in awe, scared and tried to explain to him innocently, "but I'm the victim! He raped me! I didn't do anything. I swear."

Zack bluntly and coldly suppressed his temper and turned his back to Isabella, saying, "Sorry, but I can't. I won't be able to touch you or marry you after what happened."

And suddenly, Xander blurted out confidently, "I will marry you, Isabella!"


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