Ruined Her Innocence/C2 Chapter 2 please marry me!
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Ruined Her Innocence/C2 Chapter 2 please marry me!
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C2 Chapter 2 please marry me!


As if the universe was turned upside down all of a sudden. I didn't know why that horrible thing happened to me. And why was Zack's reaction like this? As if what was between us wasn't true love at all!

I was standing in my place, confused and dumbfounded. I was raped mercilessly just now for god sake! I was mentally and physically suffering, and no one was standing by my side! No one at all! As if I was the criminal, not the victim!

and the weird thing that Xander repeated his words again with confidence," I will marry you, Isabella!"

With broken eyes and sorrow in my chest, I shot Xander with disgusting looks trying to cover my body with my torn clothes and cover my naked body while staring at Zack with blaming eyes.

But Zack just ignored me and walked away in huge paces.

I tried to follow him, but my feet were shaking, and I couldn't reach him fast. Zack walked downstairs, and finally, the lights came back to the palace. I tried to stand up on my feet by a miracle. I was almost dragging my legs. I touched Zack's jacket, but once I did, once I fell on my face. I started to cry heavily and crying out, trying to explain that I didn't do anything wrong "please Zack, listen to me. I didn't do anything."

That's when I found myself surrounded by all the servants and guards and even Zack's father and Xander, who raped me a few minutes ago.

All the eyes of the servants and workers of the palace lowered to the floor silently, of course, they were afraid to step one more step from me or say anything or be fired. But even so, the servants looked at me with eyes full of pity. They wanted to help me, but they couldn't.

But the shocking thing that Zack and his father were looking at me in up and down looks! I was totally paralyzed! I couldn't understand why!. Zack's father loved me so much, and he was happy because I was going to marry Zack. He treated me like his own daughter. He was pampering me, actually. And Zack was following me everywhere like my shadow before! Now he didn't even want to look at me?!

Seriously! I should have called the police instead and asked them to help me not call Zack!

I crawled on the floor, with blurred eyes from my massive tears and with a breathless tone barely could be heard "Zack! Please. You didn't love me? Please marry me! I didn't do anything. I promise I will be like your maid. but please don't leave me in a situation like this." I begged Zack.

Zack cleared his throat, then he turned his eyes away from me and said in a cold tone, "why are you apologizing, Isabella? You didn't do anything wrong. You are a victim. But—." Zack lingered his words in the air.

I raised my head with eyes full of hope and cut him off immediately. "Then you will marry me, Zack?" and how much I was silly and innocent back then!

Zack scoffed and laughed in a hysterical tone pushing me by his shoe as if I was trash in front of him. Zack didn't even try to help me stand up on my feet or even cover my body. He crossed his arms over his chest and said bluntly, "Isabella, but that doesn't mean that I will marry you. I can't marry you now. I suggest you get married to my brother. If I married you, I would always remember that someone else touched your body. I loved you because you were a virgin and pure girl. Can't you get Isabella?! I loved that no one has touched you before me!"

And the words of Zack almost turned me into deaf. I felt like I was lost in a maze with no end at all. I felt as if my heart had nearly stopped!

I was sucking for air to fill my lungs and breaths. I was like lost who was trying to process what was going around her! But I couldn't! Seriously?! Does that mean that Zack abandoned me quickly like that!?

I nodded my head and crawled to Zack's feet and tried to kiss his shoes "no, Zack! Please. I will live as your own slave for the rest of my life. Please don't do that to me. you are destroying me and my reputation!"

That's when I felt a firm grip pulling me roughly to stand up on my own feet. I raised my head up to see who was standing on my side and the strange thing, he was my murderer! The one who ruined my innocence and the love inside me!

The one who stole my virginity 'Xander!' he yelled at me sternly, "stop now, Isabella! Can't you see that Zack doesn't want you? Can't you see that he didn't love you?! can't you see that he doesn't deserve you! If I was in his place, I would kill the one who raped my sweetheart! but Zack didn't even fight with me or blame me!"

Xander's words were right and proper! But honestly, his sympathy was something contradictory! he was the reason for what I was suffering at that moment!

I pushed Xander's hands away from and hollered at him, "get your dirty hands off me! I hate you! If you didn't let me go. I will—" I was threatening Xander.

Before I could continue, I found Xander's eyes filled with love I have never seen in my life! It was something strange! Mysterious thing as if Xander was hiding a secret! But I didn't care, I would never get married to my brother fiancee, and mostly he was the one who raped me! A rapist!

I felt pain aches in my stomach as if I was going to throw up. I was exhausted as if I would lose my consciousness in any second. I rushed towards Zack's father, pleading for him to be a wise man and justice "please, sir, say something. do something."

And Zack's father smiled boldly and scoffed, throwing me with up and down looks "first! If Xander didn't let you go, you wouldn't be able to do anything to him. Second— I literally refuse to let any of my sons marry you, so stop acting like you're innocent. I'm sure that you seduced Xander." Zack's father accused me of being a slut!


I almost lost the ability to form a word ! my eyes widened from the thunderstruck looking to Zack and his father in disbelief from their bold reactions.

Suddenly, Zack's father came closer from me and snapped his fingers to one of the servants commanding him, "get me ten thousand dollars from my office now."

I was still standing in my place, trying to be strong. I didn't know what his intentions were. And I didn't know if my parents heard that scandal. Especially that Zack and Xander's father was filthy rich, a billionaire actually! I was a freshly high school graduate, and my parents were from the middle class.

The servant rushed back and handed Zack's father the money, then Zack's father, with a threatening tone, said to me, "Isabella, if you called the police or if anyone heard about what happened. I will throw you behind jail bars. Not only you but your father and your mother as well! and no one will help you."

With raised eyebrows, Zack's father throws the money to my face as paid sluts before I could form a word to save my dignity. Zack continued harshly and rudely, stabbing me in my heart by his words, "pick up the money, Isabella and just get out of here. that money is paid to shut your mouth."

Zack selfishly furrowed his brows while he gestured to me to kneel down and take the money and leave.

I didn't know what I should do except accept the situation and zip my mouth!

But because of the feeling of subdual and debasement and injustice, I fell immediately, losing my consciousness, and everything turned into darkness. My body turned into ice immediately and shivered intensely.

Before losing my full consciousness, I felt strong arms lifting me up and yelling worriedly, "please, Isabella! Please wake up. Stay with me. I will marry you. please, I will protect you, and I will face anyone for you—."

Echoed the voice again "pleaseeeeeeeeeee."

And that's when all the voices have gradually fainted until I lost the feeling of anything around me.

I was mumbling internally, this is just a nightmare, and I will wake up fine soon.

That's what I wished! until I opened my eyes to the squealing and screaming and noises of people wearing white clothes repeating the same words as if they were informing someone "she's awake! She’s awake—"


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