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C5 Chapter 5


I pulled her up, she gasped and sulked "what!"

I slammed my butt to the floor "oh my god! I thought that.... never mind." I inhaled and exhaled trying to get back to my normal breathing.

Thank god she is alive!

She stared at me as if I was a jerk, "are you stupid? Why would I kill myself?! I'm still young! I would love to see you and Zack dead instead." she shrugged her shoulders, saying it with a grin.

I repeatedly chuckled until I couldn't breathe, then I stood up and flipped her to my shoulder, "then marry me!"

She squealed in my ears, "get me down! I'm naked!" she grazed my ear but gently!

I walked out of the washroom and placed her on the bed, I pointed my finger to her face "stay here, don't move."

I walked back to find a towel and came back to her in a hurry. I started drying her body slowly and bent down to her small feet drying even her toe.

She was eyeballing me with her gorgeous eyes in a confused way. But she didn't comment, and I was glad that she was calm somehow and didn't hate my touch.

I helped her to wear a shirt, and then I glued in my place scratching the back of my neck awkwardly.

She was waiting for me to hand her pants! But I forgot. "I forgot to buy sleeping pants and lingerie!"

She shouted at me angrily, "you dick head! There's no way I would sleep naked from my bottom. You did that on purpose." She accused me of trapping her in a sexual situation.

But hello! Seriously she will be my wife in a few hours! Why would I do something stupid like that?! I just was in a hurry. I missed a few things. I didn't buy anything for any woman before. I didn't get used to doing that.

I shook my head immediately blushing, "sorry, I didn't do it on purpose. I swear."

She stood up, huffing and puffing and crossed her arms over her chest. She snatched the wet towel from my hand and wrapped it around her waist to cover her ass and her pussy.

My eyes subconsciously moved down, she snapped to my face "you! Don't ever look down! Got that?"

I grinned and nodded with a wide smile, "yes, sure. Sorry."

She frowned, "why in the hell, do you keep saying sorry for me?"

I shrugged and walked away then rummaged in my bags until I found a boxer. I handed it to her, "you could use that. It's new! I didn't use it yet."

She raised her brows, "Are you an idiot?! there's no way I would use that."

I smirked then. In a second, I pulled the towel to fall down. She whined and stabbed the floor with her feet, "what the hell!"

I butted on the bed and laid my body, saying slowly, "I told you. The towel will drop anyway. Use my boxer. I won't eat a piece of you."

She mumbled, fuming in anger, "oh yes! You did it before."

I was going to take a shower. But somehow I couldn't leave the bed. I thought she killed herself, but she was just playing with the lukewarm water childishly.

I took off my shirt and pulled down my pants and remained with the boxer. I patted the bed next to me, "come here. Let's just sleep. We need to relax. In a few hours, we will get married."

She coughed, checking out my chest and my body in a weird way as if she was counting the muscles in my body, "are you going to sleep naked next to me?"

I glared down to my chest then smirked, "I'm not naked! I still keep my boxer on. Unless you want me to take it off." I waved my brows, teasing her.

She confidently raised her brows, and her fingers gestured to me "get your ass out of bed and sleep on the couch Xander." Her words were commanding, and that shocked me.

"What?" I adjusted my body and stared at her.

She repeated her words in a warning tone, "get your ass off the bed, or I will never get married to you!"

I cleared my throat and guess what! That girl just commanded me, and no one ever dared to do that.

And guess what! I obediently submitted to her wish, I stood up, scrunching my nose, and slowly walked to the front couch "okay! Are you happy now!"

She smirked devilishly, "very, thank you! Now sleep, future husband."

"Isabella!" I called her name after a few minutes when she took off all her clothes and turned her back to me, showing her ass and pushing the cover away from her body.

I was confused! Why in the hell she was doing that.

"Isabella!" I bawled her name!

She didn't turn her back, she just said: "What do you want!"

"Why are you naked? Are you seducing me?" I asked in curiosity.

"you wish! I'm just torturing my rapist in my way. Now good sleep, Xander." she teased me in a scoffing tone and just fell asleep.

But she was right, I was staring at her ass as if I wanted to jump and lick it by my tongue like ice cream.

Oh, fuck! That was really tormenting. I couldn't sleep and my dick twitched painfully in my pants. But at least she was still with me.

It was delicious revenge, after all!


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