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C6 Chapter 6


We fell asleep tiredly, I woke up and found her staring at me. I startled and hopped off the bed, "what! Is it late? Have we missed the wedding?"

She shook her head, "why are you jerk ass?"

I narrowed my eyes, "what? Why are you saying that?"

She sighed in frustration "how would I wear my wedding dress without a wedding ring?"

I dropped my jaw and pulled my cell phone next to me to check the time. I sighed in relief when I found out it was just 2 pm. We didn't have much time, but we are not late, after all.

I placed my hand on my chest and calmed down myself, "is that necessary?" I asked her and I meant it! We could buy it at another time.

She raised her brows and stepped closer from me so that she hit my head gently "yes, dickhead! It's necessary! I want a wedding ring! With a huge diamond! Got that, and I want a make-up artist and a hairstylist. This is my wedding day, not my funeral. And I want underwear! Or you are going to fuck me in the church?!"

I was completely shocked by her attitude! And the way she was talking to me like a real lady as if what happened to speed up her age by ten years!

I muttered, "okay, I will do my best to make that happen in one hour. So did you eat something?"

She swayed her head and huffed in my face "I hate your stupidity! Seriously! When and how?! do you expect me to walk down to the restaurant with your boxer?"

I chuckled, "yes, I forgot about that. Actually, even if you wore anything, you won't be able to leave that room?"

And as if I alarmed her at that moment, she widened her eyes and asked me immediately, "and why is that?"

I coughed, "okay, there're guards by the door; they won't let you go anywhere. Unless I told them so."

She suddenly hollered with all her voice strength into my face "are you locking me here as your slave! Stupid manwhore!"

She hit my chest trying to push me away, but I grabbed her wrist to stop her and leaned down to her face "I'm just protecting what's mine!"

She gritted her teeth "I'm not yours!"

I raised an eyebrow and leaned closer to her lips, she trembled and blushed "I mean at least not till now."

I leaned closer to her lips and brushed my lips to her gently and warmly making our breaths collide. I felt how cold her hands were. I heard her heart throbbing like drums in her chest and the way her body was shivering under my touch. It killed me emotionally to know how scared she was from me.

I pulled my face and smiled at her trying to hide the pain in my chest "sorry, I will go now and get what you have asked for. If you need anything, just ask the guards,, and they will get it for you."

She stood in her place and drew a fake smile to me.

But she looked puzzled as if she was in deep thoughts thinking of something...

I opened the door and said to her before leaving the suite, "please, Isabella, don't run away from me."

And then I closed the door behind me.

I didn't know where I should go, and seriously I couldn't trust her at that moment. She may trick the guards' and leave me.

I just went to the manager of my hotel and commanded him to take care of the hairstylist and makeup artist and send them to her suite immediately.

I drove my car to the diamond store and just bought one for her and one for me. I didn't care how much it cost. But all I cared about was buying what she wanted. I know she didn't care about diamonds and money. She was a humble cute girl. But I know she was like any other girl in her age who wanted to feel like a princess on her wedding day.

I drove back and on my way, I bought a few G-strings for her. Which was an embarrassing situation for me? I didn't know her size besides. All the sellers were girls already! It was just something new for me. I do fuck them but not buying girly stuff for them! I may buy a dildo or plug vibrator or even collar for my sub but not underwear!

I reached the hotel back. I got a few calls and text messages from people congratulating me. And my father and my brother called me several times. I didn't want to answer them, after all, I was sure that both of them would come and be next to me at my wedding. They care about their reputation and money more than anything else.

Once I stepped inside the suite, I was stunned and glued in my place and almost died! She was standing in the middle wearing the wedding dress like a real queen with her makeup and her hair down to her waist and a small white flower to her right ear. She looked like a really rare unique flower.

I gulped nervously when she spotted me staring at her shamelessly "Why are you here now? Do you want to give me bad luck on my wedding day already?!"

I shook my head "no, I just didn't though... I ....." I couldn't say any other word.

I was speechless, she was breathtaking and I couldn't imagine that she would get married to me. I was in the middle of the best dream ever and I didn't want to wake up!

She placed her hand to her waist "Xander! Get your ass out!"

I nodded and turned my heel immediately, she shouted "you jerk! Wait!."

I froze in my place and turned my body again like a dog drooling over her adorable look. She handed me my suit "your groom suit idiot and don't forget to put that pin with the white flower in your jacket! Got that."

I nodded and smiled awkwardly closing the door behind me and pantsing, I mumbled internally 'holy fuck! I'm so fucking in love with her!'

"Sir! Mr. Xander! Are you okay?" my guard and my assistant asked me. I nodded "yes, !'I'm good. Just getting married so...." I smiled happily and excitedly.

Then I just walked to another room to get ready... I asked my assistant to follow me.

Once I have finished wearing my suite. I checked myself in the full body mirror. "how do I look?" I asked my assistant.

He stepped closer and praised me more shocked, "honestly! A real groom! I didn't ever think I would see that day coming. I'm glad."

I know he wanted to ask me how that happened and why I was getting married to Isabella, my brother's fiancee. Yes, my assistant was like my shadow already. He was a kind part of my routine day. Daily with me everywhere. But not in the past week.

I ignored his questioning eyes and just snapped to him "so, now. You will drive the bride in the limo. And meet me by the church. Have you called her parents already?"

He nodded, "yes, they are waiting in the church! They are so excited!"

"Good! Now, after reaching the church. I will be there waiting. You will let her father walk with her to the altar. Okay?" I instructed him.

And I patted his shoulder and left to take care of the rest.

I depended on him! And I guess I was wrong.

I reached the church, I waited. It was at 5 pm. Everyone was there — my guests. My father and my brother Zack even stood next to me as my best man. Oh yes, as I have said, he was heartless and never loved her...

I waited, eagerly, then worriedly, I kept checking my wristwatch. The time passed, and it turned into 5 and a half pm, and she never showed up. Not even my loyal assistant.

I called him several times, but he didn't pick up the calls.

I thought something bad happened to her or he kidnapped her or something. Until he showed up running towards me almost breathless. He bent down, inhaling deeply, "Where is Isabella?" I worriedly and in a trebling tone, asked him.

He handed me a small paper, and I opened it [ well sorry for leaving you on your wedding day, trust me that's better than killing you on the wedding day. Thank god that your guards and your assistant were stupid enough to trust me. I told them I want to buy you something from the shopping mall and I exited from the backside gate. Don't blame them! Good wedding day without me. Don't look for me! I will never come back. Revenge is taken, Xander!]

I crumbled the letter in my hand, she just shattered my heart and not just like that. She ruined my reputation! Me! Xander! The most famous businessman in the country and the playboy! She destroyed me! The nasty wrecker was destroyed by a naive girl!

"revenge is not taken yet, Isabella! It's just started!" I whispered internally rounding my fist and storming out of the church.


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