"Thank you, Sister Xia. I'll think about it again. If you have any other opportunities, remember to tell me." Lin Xiang Wan had a polite but forced smile on his face, and was not willing to accept the position.

She was still young, so she could make some concessions on her salary. However, in terms of working environment, she could not go downhill or else her accumulation of more than a year would be completely wasted.

She did the recruitment herself and was also involved in career planning. Naturally, she understood the importance of the corporate environment for her personal development during her first few years in the workplace.

So even if she lacked money and was anxious, she couldn't just let it go.

"Alright, I'll help you look for other opportunities." The headhunter's consultant, Xia Jing, had to give up after seeing that although her temperament was gentle, but her attitude was firm.

"Sister Xia, when I watched the news that day, I felt that the analysis of a foreign executive named Fei Ling Nan was quite reasonable."

"Our total market capacity has not changed, foreign companies have left, and there are also private companies coming out; some are more about capital shifts than withdrawal. So there are opportunities, both in terms of the business and in terms of candidates. "

"Actually, you can also take a look. I feel that for a company like this, I have a better chance of being transferred to another company."

Lin Xiang Wan thought of the comment that Fei Ling Nan had written, although he did not fully agree with it in his heart, he took it out to call for a head hunter, hoping to obtain a better opportunity for himself.

"Fei Ling Nan?" Hearing this name, Xia Jing's eyes couldn't help but twitch. It was obvious that he also knew this person.

"Sister Xia knows this person?" Lin Xiang Wan could not help but open his eyes wide and look at her. It can't be, she was just a senior executive in a foreign company, how could she be so famous?

"Sampo R's sales director. I contacted him after the news of the company's evacuation."

"Typical salespeople tend to defend their value and are very good at creating momentum. After leaving the country for two months, he did not come into contact with the Headhunters, did not submit his resume, and only participated in industry interviews or anything like that.

Xia Jing raised her eyebrows. She complimented Fei Ling Nan a lot, but it was only a professional description. It was clear that she did not have a good impression of Fei Ling Nan, but they did not cooperate.

"This kind of executive has a really good attitude." Lin Xiang Wan's eyes dimmed, and felt a little uneasy. If a colleague had gone to travel, an executive like Fei Ling Nan would use this opportunity to establish a personal brand. Only a rookie like her would be able to do so and would have no choice but to anxiously look for a job.

Fortunately, he was still able to hold on and not lose his appetite.

It had always been such a coincidence that they had talked about Fei Ling Nan, and just as Xia Jing left, Lin Xiang Wan saw him ?

His lips were thin, his expression was calm and assured, he had the calm of a mature man and the pride of someone who had been in a high position for a long time. He was over 182 years old, and he looked tall and straight, but he was not stiff. There was a sense of professional restraint and elegance in every gesture.

Lin Xiang Wan lifted his coffee cup and lowered his head to take a sip, taking this opportunity to size Fei Ling Nan up carefully. In his heart, he secretly compared him with the other big bosses in the company, feeling that even these big bosses who managed to get a high status, had similar temperaments to him. He had an introverted arrogance, a low-key Zhang Yang, a calm and gentle look, but his eyes were also brimming with realism and sharpness.

The person who came in with Fei Ling Nan seemed to be the boss of the business side and the HR manager. Based on Lin Xiang Wan's experience, they came here to discuss work together, the boss and the HR manager were both accompanying him, giving him a lot of attention.

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