"Why is it so sudden? I'm meeting a candidate right now. What about our current employees?"

"Alright, I'll go back to the company immediately."

Hearing this news, Lin Xiang Wan only felt a buzzing sound in her head, countless of thoughts sprinted in his mind, but because the pathway in her brain was limited, he was unable to go through them. So after a moment, she felt that her head was swelling to the point that it was painful, but he had no thoughts.

Although the news of the departure of foreign enterprises from China came one after another, that Lin Xiang Wan's AmpN International Apparel Company was a purely German owned company, Lin Xiang Wan was not worried that there would be such an unforeseen event.

As a recruitment officer of the HR Department, she was very clear that if the company had any plans to leave, the first thing she would do was notify the HR Department to end all recruitment plans, while she was still interviewing the candidates ?

Lin Xiang Wan held onto the phone in a daze for a while, the conversation inside had long become a series of 'beep' sounds.

It had been almost five minutes before she remembered that there were still candidates waiting for her.

Lin Xiang Wan heaved a sigh of relief, turned and walked towards the coffee shop in panic: "Sorry for making you wait so long." Lin Xiang Wan forced out a smile, and after bowing to the candidate, he sat down.

However, during the following interview, she could no longer listen to what the other person had to say. She only responded formally with a professional smile and barely completed the entire interview process.

After sending off the candidate, Lin Xiang Wan was finally able to suppress the smile on his face. He did not even write down the interview report, and quickly stuffed the documents on the table into the folder. With one hand grabbing the folder with the other hand and the bag on the sofa, he got up and jogged out.

"Ling Nan, according to your estimation, how much will the executives take with them when we evacuate this time?" Zhou Qing withdrew his gaze from Lin Xiang Wan's panicking back and asked.

"Except for production technology, no one in any other position is taking them away." Fei Ling Nan's slender yet clear fingers rapped on the table rhythmically, and while thinking, he said:

"The fundamental reason for the withdrawal of manufacturing is the increase in labour costs, so all employees will give up except for the technicians who cannot be trained to meet job requirements in the short term."

"Including China's VP (Vice President of Division)?" Zhou Qing raised his coffee cup and took a sip before asking softly.

"Isn't this a good opportunity to get rid of the upper echelons? How much does a VP earn? Just by cutting this one, the transfer company's cost advantage is immediately apparent. I wonder how happy the headquarters is. " Fei Ling Nan pursed his lips, his warm smile carrying a hint of sarcasm.

Under the warm light of the coffee lamp, his overgrown eyelashes trembled slightly, casting a faint shadow over his lower eyelids. This added a charm that did not belong to a man.

"You have the most say in this, but do you really want to consider private enterprises? This offer I have is really not bad, and the offer is very sincere? " Zhou Qing asked him with a puzzled look.

Fei Ling Nan, 29 years old, Sales Director, SampR International.

In May, Sampo R, an Italian arm of luxury men's wear in China, cancelled 10 stores in five Chinese cities, leaving only Yansa's shop in the capital, which was temporarily unable to be removed due to contract problems.

The office in China was reduced from a thousand-person team to an office with only five employees. The job was to maintain the only shop.

And as the person in charge of the company's sales in the Greater China Region, Headquarters naturally urged Fei Ling Nan to continue staying in the company with his salary and position unchanged. Because Yan Sha was at such a level in the auction house, ordinary employees were not even qualified to talk to the Floor Manager, so the Headquarters could only use this condition to get Fei Ling Nan to stay.

Fei Ling Nan naturally did not agree with this.

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