Because it was his first time meeting his colleagues in the same department officially, Lin Xiang Wan paid attention to his own attitude and expression, and did not want to leave any bad impression in front of everyone.

Before she sat down, she subconsciously checked her Monday attire: a pink silk vest with no decorations, simple and generous, and a ankle-length white dress that gave her a height of at least 168.

The combination of clean warm color and neutral color was elegant and bright. It didn't make her look too mature, but it also perfectly modified her young face. It let the professionalism suppress her youth, giving her a sense of a trusted profession.

The corner of Lin Xiang Wan's mouth curled up slightly, mentally giving her Monday attire a full score. Compared to the other fashionable female colleagues, her attire was more elegant and tasteful, fitting his status.

Occupational style didn't need to be ostentatious. Clearly, the girls here were very well-dressed, but they didn't pay much attention to match their professional image. Therefore, on the first day of work today, at least in terms of appearance, she didn't lose anything, nor did she arrogantly pressure anyone.

It should have just recovered.

"In today's departmental meeting, I would like to introduce to everyone a new colleague, Lin Xiang Wan. She is from the world's top 500 enterprise, AampN International Apparel Company ? "It's a very good HR."

At the beginning of the meeting, the Director introduced Lin Xiang Wan's background, which was considered a common practice. However, when Lin Xiang Wan saw how the Director valued him, he smiled and greeted his colleagues in the department, and then sat down again, the calm and sincere smile on his face never faded.

Following that, the heads of the different departments reported their work to Lin Xiang Wan, and also introduced themselves. It could be considered that Lin Xiang Wan and his colleagues had gotten to know each other formally.

The one in charge of the training was a twenty-eight-year-old boy named Qiao Ling. He had a refined and generous appearance, and his voice was especially pleasant to listen to. He had the thick and unhurried tone of a baritone, giving people a good first impression.

Ankh, who was in charge of salary, looked to be around 35 years old. He had a pair of gold-rimmed glasses perched on his small nose, which gave him the feeling of a teacher. If it wasn't for his dark skin and wavy long hair, he looked quite like a celebrity.

The prettiest girl in the department was Jian An who worked as a soop (Standard Operating Procedure). Ignoring the fact that her skin and eyes were white, the length of her eyelashes was comparable to that of the celebrity Huo Jianhua. Her round face had a sweet smile, just like the Jade Maiden Ye Yun Yi from earlier years in Hong Kong.

There were a total of eight people in the Human Resources Department. Other than Director Fan Yi, he was in charge of the recruitment area that Lin Xiang Wan was in charge of, Qiao Ling was the only one in the Training Department, An Ke in the Pay Performance Department had a subordinate that was in charge of accounting and running social security, Jian An in the SOP group had a subordinate that was also in charge of accounting and running social security.

However, Lin Xiang Wan guessed that it was Fan Yi's personal secretary, the others wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Lin Xiang Wan lowered his head and quickly recorded the content in each of his notebook. Combined with his original habit of writing on his notebook, typing faster than writing, but seeing that everyone else was only taking notes, he placed the laptop that he brought over to the side.

"Boss Gao (the boss of an extraordinary company) has recently placed great emphasis on training and has planned to form a joint venture with the university to form an extraordinary academy. Therefore, Qiao Ling's training system needs to be set up at a faster pace so that it does not revolve around basic work all the time. Jian An, change the focus of your work this month and help Qiao Ling build up the system. "

"The social security data for this year's transfer hasn't been released yet. An Ke, you better take note of the progress."

"Work on the other sectors is progressing according to schedule. This is the recruitment area. Later, come to my office. There are some recruitment documents that I'll hand over to you."

After the section leaders finished reporting the work, Fan Yi quickly made the necessary arrangements and summaries.

"Alright." Lin Xiang Wan put down the pen and record, then looked at the Director and nodded.

"I like the format of the intern work plan issued the day before yesterday. I hope that the future work report of this department will be done in this format."

"Late at night, I'd like to hear your opinion regarding the introduction of senior management."

Fan Yi turned and smiled at Lin Xiang Wan, giving her the final moments of the meeting.

Although Lin Xiang Wan knew that he would have to make a statement during the department meeting, and had made sufficient preparations, he still felt caught off guard when his extremely ordinary report was listed as a demonstration.

However, the smile on her face was still gentle and gentle, and she did not change her expression, only saying humbly, "Because I'm not familiar with the business of the company yet, and I'm not sure yet about the model of business and management ability that senior executives need, so I temporarily don't have a better opinion. I think that we should proceed with the recruitment plan according to the original method, and if she has any new ideas, she will be able to communicate with the director anytime."

"Very well, let's do it like this for now. "You come with me to the office late at night." Fan Yi nodded his head in satisfaction.

Although Lin Xiang Wan was from a foreign company, he didn't think that she would be able to give a specific suggestion in just two short days.

Well, at least her attitude was right, not as rumored: the eyes of foreign employees were always on the top of their heads, and there were too many thieves everywhere.

Fan Yi laughed amiably, taking his work record book and taking the lead to leave the meeting room.

Lin Xiang Wan also stood up, slowly tidying up the documents in front of him. He purposefully slowed down his actions, until most of his colleagues in the department had left, before he took his computer and materials out.

"Lin Xiang Wan, welcome."

Because she had temporarily picked up a phone call, after Jian An, who was dragged until the very end, hung up and seeing that Lin Xiang Wan had not left yet, she skillfully and amicably extended her right hand towards her.

"Thank you." Lin Xiang Wan extended his hand out and shook Jian An's hand with a smile.

The two of them smiled at each other before leaving the meeting room one after the other with their respective documents. It was their first time meeting, so they didn't have any further interactions.

"Late in the evening, this is the company's recruitment plan for this year. If anything, this is the position of retail director that gives me the biggest headache. "

After Lin Xiang Wan went to Fan Yi's office, Fan Yi directly handed over a year-round recruitment schedule to her. And the position that was wrapped up with layers of red ink was precisely the 'retail manager' position that Qin Ai Ai had mentioned to her yesterday.

"I've been trying to recruit him for half a year." Lin Xiang Wan looked at the recruitment record, and said that without making any comments.

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