"Hello, Li Yi. I am late. That Fei Ling Nan has interacted with many companies, but he has not reached an agreement on cooperation with them, so help me understand: what kind of specific requirements does he have for his future business, position, income, and job content, and why he has not reached an agreement before. As the Headhunters, it's more convenient for you to ask this question than me. "

"Yes, I'm very nervous about this order, and also very nervous about this candidate. Please."

Lin Xiang Wan hung up the phone, exhaled, and focused on his appointment with Fei Ling Nan.

"Manager Lin, I'm off work." It was unknown when Jian An from the sop group came over. His exquisite, coiled hair and cute, baby-faced face were both contradictory and harmonious, giving off a kind of arrogance that was difficult to approach.

"Yeah, Supervisor Su is still busy." Lin Xiang Wan turned around and smiled at Jian An.

"Mhmm, the bag is quite pretty." Jian An nodded his head lightly and carried his coffee cup back to his office.

It was a very ordinary greeting, and a very ordinary praise, but to Lin Xiang Wan, he felt that it had a rather odd feeling.

"Forget it, I might have been overthinking it myself. After all, with my own income, I can't afford the bag with this brand. I should think that I'm using the Ace." Lin Xiang Wan raised his eyebrow, and after seeing the elevator, he walked in.

The next day, when Lin Xiang Wan arrived at the office, he received a call from Director Fan Yi asking her to go to his office.

Lin Xiang Wan thought that his headhunter consultant had called him, so he knew that he had an appointment with Fei Ling Nan, a big shot of the industry, so he had to pay attention to the situation. Without thinking too much, he took his pen and leather notebook and went to Fan Yi's office.

"Director Fan, good morning." After Lin Xiang Wan greeted him, he sat down at Fan Yi's desk.

"Xiao Lin, have you gotten used to working for two days? "How does it feel compared to the company?" Fan Yi asked her. He didn't talk about work, could it be that he would become a new employee in just three days?

Lin Xiang Wan could not help but look cute, his mind quickly turned, and after pausing for a few seconds he replied: "At the moment, I don't see anything that I'm not used to. Compared with the previous company... The management style and temperament of these different companies are definitely different. "

"Was the company working overtime before?" Fan Yi continued to ask.

"You mean the whole company? Or is it Human Resources? " Lin Xiang Wan looked at Fan Yi and asked.

"Human Resources." Fan Yi smiled slightly.

"Occasionally, depending on the workload. If you're recruiting for this segment, you have to work a lot of overtime, because the interview time depends on the candidate's time, and the high-end talent's time is usually non-work time. " Lin Xiang Wan seemed to understand what Fan Yi meant, and the smile on his face slowly faded.

Well, that's it. We are still a little different here. Although the time system says 5: 30, everyone still defaults to 6: 00, mainly because the Sales Department is busy and the customer time is not fixed. We are also a service department, so it is not appropriate for us to leave the Sales Department. "You didn't know it when you first arrived, but you need to pay attention later." Fan Yi laughed, but his tone was not strict.

Lin Xiang Wan's face had already completely sunk, the words of objection almost came out of his mouth, but when he saw that Fan Yi's cold smile was forcefully swallowing the words that was stuck in his throat, he said in a rough voice: "So the system isn't really a reference for the employee's behavior, I know, but I'll pay attention to it next time."

"Lil 'Lin ?"

"Director Fan, I have a call with a candidate. I'll come back later to report to you." Although he was not angry, his temper was still not hidden. After saying these words, he immediately stood up and left Fan Yi's office.

"Little Lin ?"

Behind him, Fan Yi still had a warm smile on his face, but his expression was clearly not that good. He had only been here for two days, and yet he had started to conflict with the Sales Department and had gotten off work early.

Employee of this foreign enterprise

She did not violate any rules, but her way of working was truly hard to coax. To put it nicely, he had to follow the rules. To put it bluntly, he had to be ignorant of what was going on.

Fan Yi sighed helplessly, he took out her personal data from the folder, looked at it again and then put it back.

In terms of specialization, he was still a useful person.

It was better to look at the mainstream.

Lin Xiang Wan went back to his office angrily, saw the departure report on the table, tore off one of it and wrote:

"Reason for departure: Not adapted to the culture of the company"

Looking at this sentence, Lin Xiang Wan's mind couldn't help but become clear -- Whose fault was it to not adapt? Was it the company or him?

"I should just do it myself..."

Lin Xiang Wan used the signature power in his hands to forcefully jab at the form, but in his heart, tens of thousands of lines were intertwined, he did not know what to choose...

She knew that was the case with most of the private enterprises, and in most of them, the situation was good.

Did that mean she had to give up her sense of professionalism and discipline to meet this reality?

If so, where was her advantage?

In terms of experience, she only had less than two years; in terms of specialization, she only knew how to do one module. In a private enterprise where the cost was the highest, the average person was more popular than she was; in terms of management, she had no management experience at all.

Her advantage was that she had developed a sense of rules and processes after two years of work.

And all of these ?

The company doesn't need it.

Or it could be said that the company seemed to need it. In actual operation, the complex network of relationships between people tore apart the imperfect systems and processes that existed in the company. Not to mention creating new rules and procedures.

As Lin Xiang Wan looked at the form that he had jabbed at, he felt that the future was filled with confusion and he did not know where he should go from here.

"Hi, Manager Lin, this is Li Yi."

The headhunter consultant, Li Yi's call, interrupted Lin Xiang Wan's dejected mood in time.

"Hi, Li Yi, have you made any progress on the matter with Mr Fei?"

Grabbing the phone, Lin Xiang Wan naturally reverted back to that professional and professional look of his.

Listening to his own professional and inflexible voice that resonated in the office, Lin Xiang Wan couldn't help but laugh wryly in his heart ? ? Perhaps in the eyes of others, the sense of profession that he was so proud of, was merely an inflexibility.

If Qin Ai Ai encountered this kind of situation, it might be the perfect opportunity for him to ask her superior to work for him.

However ?

To become like Qin Ai Ai?

Using these unspoken rules, he would be able to make his career easier.

"Yes, I have an appointment. Because Mr. Fei is leaving the city next week, we made an appointment at 7: 30 p.m. this evening, at the coffee shop on the first floor of New World. " On the other side of the phone, Li Yi's voice was light and cheerful.

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