In this line of sales, the sales scale and performance data that have been experienced are the best in the industry. What they wanted for their jobs was not only their salaries, but also their reputation in the industry. Naturally, he could not ruin his reputation in the industry for the sake of a moment of profit.

Thus, he did not even ask for the compensation of several hundred thousand yuan and directly offered to resign. On the surface, it sounded very nice. If the company had any problems with Yama, he would be happy to help out.

Of course, both sides knew it was just a scene.

In less than a month, the headquarters had recruited two-thirds of its employees that were cheaper than him to take over the local offices. He also found the familiar Headhunters and started to look for new jobs.

The position he was giving his old friend Zhou Qing, was unexpectedly the work of several private clothing companies in the country. This made Zhou Qing extremely surprised: "Ling Nan, based on my analysis of headhunter's professionalism, you don't fit the management style of a private enterprise. Even if you go, you won't last more than two months, this will still be a loss to me."

"Perhaps it is not suitable. However, what I want is not suitable. Rather, it is a change." Fei Ling Nan lightly said:

"With the development trend of Chinese business, it is a necessary process for foreign enterprises to move from the beginning to the end; it is also a period of opportunity for private enterprises to develop; the future will be the world of capital, which means the combination of international capital and domestic industry; and you can use your expertise to analyze what kind of talent is needed for such enterprises." Fei Ling Nan laughed and asked.

Zhou Qing frowned, he thought about it, then nodded: "Being familiar with the operating rules of foreign enterprises, understanding the operating style of private enterprises, and also being able to handle the subtle relationship between the enterprise and the government."

"So, help me pay attention to these companies, recommend them to me if you have the chance. Time doesn't matter, I can afford to wait." Fei Ling Nan retracted his gaze, picked up his coffee and took a sip, then turned to look out the window. The lady who ran out in a hurry ran back once again.

Fei Ling Nan's brows slightly twitched, and subconsciously turned his gaze towards the table they had just sat at ? ? As expected, the girl had forgotten to take his phone in his panic.

"I can't even keep my cool when I run into something like this, the girl now ?" Zhou Qing followed Fei Ling Nan's gaze and looked over. He also understood what was going on and could not help but shake his head.

"We've all gone through this before." Fei Ling Nan turned his gaze away from Lin Xiang Wan and started to chat with Zhou Qing about AmpN Company which had been in China for the longest period of time.

Lin Xiang Wan anxiously ran into the coffee shop, seeing that his own phone was quietly lying on the table, he could not help but heave a long sigh of relief, he walked over quickly and picked up his phone to turn around and wait to leave, but he suddenly heard a few rumors and movements from the customer sitting next to him, and he immediately looked up, his gaze colliding directly with Fei Ling Nan.

Fei Ling Nan smiled, he lowered his head and continued drinking his coffee, Lin Xiang Wan frowned slightly, he was more anxious about the news he just heard, he quickly turned and walked out.

"Ai Lun." Lin Xiang Wan held his cellphone and carried the documents back to his office. Just as he was about to ask Ai Lun what was going on, he saw that he was so busy that he even started using her feet ? she was wearing his headphones and talking to headquarters on one hand, flipping through documents and quickly typing in some data on the screen with the other, while her feet struggled to kick the file case that was further away.

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