Chapter IX:

"Little Wan, did the two parties over there cheat you of your intermediary fee and deposit?" After Xiao Fan sent the little girl away, he returned to Lin Xiang Wan's room.

"Sister Fan, our company is moving to Indonesia." Lin Xiang Wan said dejectedly.

"Oh? "Then you ?" Xiao Fan's eyes suddenly lit up, he then sat down beside Lin Xiang Wan: "Then Little Night, are you going to follow the company to Indonesia, or take your compensation and leave?"

"Of course it's to take the compensation and leave. The company wants to bring us ordinary employees over too. How much manpower do we need?" Lin Xiang Wan could not help but laugh at her naivety, but when he thought about his current predicament, his mood grew even worse.

"That's more like it. I heard that Indonesia is not as good as us. How good would it be to get compensation?" Is there a lot of compensation from you foreign companies for your employees? Is there a new job? In the future, do you still want to stay at Sister Fan's place? " Xiao Fan rolled her eyes slightly and looked at Lin Xiang Wan shrewdly.

"Not much, not the ones stipulated in the Law on Labor Contracts. I only learned about the company's evacuation yesterday. I don't know where the new job is. " Lin Xiang Wan looked at Xiao Fan and suddenly sat up.

"Sister Fan, I will stay here in the future. Now that the employment market is so poor, I wonder when I will be able to find a job."

"Don't be anxious, the staff from your company are still there. With Sister Fan's experience, I guarantee that you will be able to get another job in less than half a month. Sister Fan knows of your situation, I won't give you a raise in prices. Take a rest, Sister Fan will go and notify the intermediary right now and remove the information on the rent. " Xiao Fan patted Lin Xiang Wan's shoulder to comfort him symbolically, and then, like a gust of wind, she left Lin Xiang Wan's room.

"Raise the price?" Are you kidding me? You even want to raise the price? Lin Xiang Wan buried his head in the blanket for a long time before he crawled back up again. He took out his computer from his bag and habitually went to the international portal to read the official news report on the company's evacuation, as well as to analyze the current form of employment.

"Most of the foreign companies that are leaving China are production-intensive, and this is an active withdrawal because of the loss of the demographic dividend, rising salary pressures and the improvement of labour policies, which have led to a direct increase in the labour costs of the products, so they need to find a lower market to accommodate the low-priced demand for intensive manufacturing."

"It's him?"

The author was actually the man he met in the coffee shop the day after the company left. It was not because she had a good memory, but because she was a recruitment professional, she had the habit of finding out that he was different from other people the moment she saw him, and from then on, she could easily remember him.

Fei Ling Nan's biggest characteristic was that his lips were especially thin, giving off a cold and thin feeling. And judging from her profession, this person's profession should be in the direction of marketing.

Lin Xiang Wan quickly glanced at Fei Ling Nan's personal introductions.

Lin Xiang Wan snorted, feeling a little proud of his accurate judgement. Next, he chose the key answers he needed to answer the reporters' questions and continued reading:

"The other reason is that when China was importing foreign capital, there were some preferential policies for registration and taxation. Now that the preferential terms are over, many companies are out of business because their book profits are thin. So the company in China has been forced to evacuate."

"No effect?" Well said. " Lin Xiang Wan continued to flip through a few pages. Most of the comments said that the difficulty of employment had increased, and it was obvious that not many people agreed with his views.

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