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C2 New Roommate


Kimberly talks away while tossing her hair back. She sits in the passenger's seat of my car, unaware that I completely lost track of our conversation and haven't paid attention to her. She continues rattling away and giggling, reminiscing about her past events this summer when she went to Cancun with her family. She loves going to Cancun, bathing in the sun, going shopping. But I think she mainly likes going there because of Tiago, a guy she met a few years ago. He's dreamy, and yes they always spend summers together, though she says they are nothing but friends.

I drove steady down the road, and stared out the window as I come to a halt at the red light, pensive and nostalgic.

It's been three years since I last saw my ex-boyfriend, and I feel like I'm somewhat ready for a new relationship. But it's so hard, especially when all my dates have been nothing but a bust. Thus, was the reason why I was annoyed with my friend at the moment. She set me up into going out a few nights ago, on a double-blind date. Now, the guy she set me up with keeps blowing up my phone nonstop despite me telling him I was not interested in him.

The whole night had been nothing but torture for me. I've never met any guy more self-absorbed than Lucas Faye. He stared at himself through anything that had a reflection. He played with his hair every chance he got and got mad at me when I accidentally spilled some of my drink on his jeans. I hated every minute of it.

Kimberly snaps her fingers in front of me, bringing me out of my pensive state.

"Hello, Sam? Come on, go, you have a green light. " She purses her lips and gives me a cheeky smile.

I sigh, my hands grip the steering wheel as I unhinged my foot from the brake, pulling it up, and placing my foot down gently on the gas pedal to continue my journey to our new school.

"Please tell me you're not still thinking about the other night? I said I was sorry. How was I supposed to know that Lucas was a complete douche?" She shrugs her shoulders and giggles mischievously. I roll my eyes and hit her shoulder playfully as we come to another stop sign. "Oh, God, please don't mention that guy to me. Or any other man for all that matters. I'm so done with dating, I swear." I nodded and closed my eyes.

"Sweetheart, you gotta get over Craig and give another guy a chance, it's been three years already for God's sake. I get it, he was the love of your life, but he was an a-hole. I was just trying to get you to have some fun! Meet new people, trust me-"

"Oh god no, Kim? I'm over him, I've been over him! And I do. Want to meet someone else... It's just, I don't think I've found anyone yet that is good enough to, you know..." She nods and looks unbelieved with her friend.

"Rock your world. But, why? I mean, come on? You are beautiful and smart, I've seen men drooling over you all the time. Yet, you are not even aware of it, Sam! There are so many good guys out there, you gotta stop being so picky babe." Kimberly scolds me.

"I just... I'm not trying to be, I'm not. I... I want someone who can be truly honest with me, Kim. To not be afraid to fall in love and make me feel like I matter to him, is that so much to ask? I want something better than what my parents have. They are always busy with work, and, their stupid social life.... you think they would of at least taken today to say goodbye to me. But here we are, arriving at college on our own. Why? Because mom has her bridge club, and dad has a full agenda full of meetings. They don't even care about spending time with each other. I bet you they can't even remember when was the last time they ate together at the same table."

I sigh, a bit disappointed that I was unable to say goodbye to my parents before leaving for the school year. They are so busy all the time, and don't care about a thing but their own needs.

"Well, forget about them Sam, you have more than proven to them that you can be strong and independent all on your own, if they don't care for each other, it doesn't mean you'll end in a relationship like theirs, and they will eventually see their mistakes.Come on, it's a new school year, and as a new transfer student here, we have to go out and celebrate! Stop thinking about it, the right guy will come along, you'll see. What do you say we go out tonight?" Kim smiles, holding Samantha's shoulder, awaiting her response.

"Kim, I don't think that's a good idea. You know I hate to go out. I'm not good at socializing, you are more than welcome to go out and celebrate for the both of us." She squints her eyes. Kim knows Sam has never been the kind to socialize. I hate being in the spotlight, ad I can't stand being around so many people.

"Oh come on? You're in your third year of college! Yet you haven't gone to a single party since your parent's Christmas gala, it's time you start loosening up and get out there, hun!" I look at her, narrowing my eyebrows, I know she's right, but I have no desire to go out., honestly speaking.

A guy pulls up with a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans. Despite wearing a helmet, Kim can't help but admire the physic of the mysterious boy riding on top of the blue Yamaha motorbike. She smiles, waving flirtatiously at him, making me roll my eyes as the green light comes on, and he takes off before our eyes.

"Wow! Did you see that guy? He looks so damn hot!" She says fanning her face. I look at her dumbfounded and nodding my head.

"He was wearing a helmet! So how can you tell he was hot?" I squint my eyes as I pull up to our destination, looking over the massive structures, trying to figure where I had to park.

"Where are we supposed to go from here?" I ask Kim.

"Oh! Right! Go this way, you can park your car in the student spaces while we go in and register." Kim notifies me. She Knew where to go, since she took the precaution to study all the details a few nights before, which I honestly was so glad she took that initiative.


An older lady stands in front of the computer tapping away, and printing out our information for our dorms. She hands them to us, and I take a once over at the papers grunting as I see the information.

Kimberly giggles at the fact she gets a dorm in the co-ed building like she had requested, but I am not pleased with it at all. I was hoping to have my own dorm on the more expensive buildings as dad had promised.

"M'am I'm sorry, but I think there is a mistake with mine. See, I signed up for the Hamilton building, so I can have my own dorm. It says here I'm assigned to the Northbridge Building?" I inquire. The lady looks over her glasses and takes the paper from my hand glancing over the paper and reviewing the date it was submitted.

"Oh honey, see... you submitted your request last month, those dorms filled up three weeks after school registration started, which was two weeks before last school year ended." The old lady shrugs one of her shoulders handing the paperback to me. I scoff and glances at Kim, making her chuckle. "Oh come on, Sam? I doubt it will be that bad to have a roommate. Besides, that's the building I will be dorming as well. Let me see your paper?" She snatches the paper away from me, glancing at the room number.

She smiles and looks up, back at me " Hey, you're on the same side as me! You're just one floor above mine. See? it won't be so bad! We'll be neighbors, Sam!" I grunt in protest, rolling my eyes, as I get dragged out of the office. The lady giggled, nodding her head as we walk out and she turns to continue with her day of labor.

"Oh, this is going to be so much fun!!" Kim cheers and claps her hands as she jumps in joy, making her golden mid-back long hair bounce naturally on her back. I sigh, placing one hand up to cover my face from the sun as I glance around the campus. I stops as I notice the same bike from earlier parked next to a white challenger car, taking a step back and bumping into a tall guy with light brown hair, holding a stack of books as he made his way out of the student book store.

His books fall to the ground causing students to laugh as I stumble and fall on top of him, hovering over his body. I'm startled as I stare into a pair of blue eyes behind a pair of glasses. My hair is left a mess as it partially covers my face. I can still feel his hand gripping my waist tightly as he avoided me from hitting the ground, and stopping me from hurting myself. He stares back, that intense stare glued on me, making my cheeks feel hot. He has such beautiful eyes, it makes it so hard for me to look away.

"I-I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to. I got distracted." I stutter,vtrying to get up. Kim quickly comes to my aid, as we both stand.

"Sam, oh my god! Are you ok?" She scrambles over as we both help pick up his books. "No I, I'm's just...Again, I apologize, it wasn't my intention. I'm really sorry-" I gasp as I try to catch my breath and maintain myself calm. "It's fine, don't worry. It was partially my fault. I tend to walk with my head down. I didn't see where I was going either." His husky voice responds as our hands grasp to pick up the same last book. Again, we both stare at each other, and our hands remain holding the same book.

I soon snap out releasing the book and stand on my feet quickly. Kim clears her throat, bringing him out of his trance. He smiles and gets up, placing the last of his books on top of the stack he holds in his hands.

"Ok, well... Again, I really am sorry. My name's Samantha, by the way." I say, giving him a small smile, lowering my face from the embarrassment I was feeling, holding my hand up to shake his hand. He smiles, as he reaches out shaking my hand softly. "I'm Russell, it's nice to meet you, Samantha." He smiles and leans forward shaking my hand.

"Anyway, I'll see you around. Gotta head to class before it's too late. Hope to see you again, Sam." He smiles, winking an eye at me and walking away.

Kim walks to my side and throws an arm over my shoulder. "Wow, he was really cute. Even for a guy in glasses. He was HOT!" She states, making me roll my eyes looking at her with an eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, ok, I admit it....he was hot. Now, come on. We gotta go see where our rooms are. There's still a lot we have to do to get settled in. Plus I'm getting a bit hungry. Do you think our dorms have a kitchen? If so, we definitely gotta go shopping for food... and then we gotta go-"

"Wow.... relax Sam. We have all week to settle in. Remember, the first week is just introductory. The good stuff will begin next week. Ok?" Kim puts her arm around my shoulder, walking next to me. I know what she's thinking of, she can't wait to go out and start partying, it's like this every year.

I sigh as I walk along with her, "Whatever, let's go." I hold my arm out slightly bent, making Kim loop her hand with mine as I let her lead the way.

We finally make our way and walk through the massive corridors of the building. Students walk all around trying to settle in making the hallways look like complete chaos. Some carry stacks of books, others carry blankets and pillows, luggage, and a few small furniture pieces that can easily be taken apart.

We had already made our way to Kim's room and met a girl named Candace, a junior law student who seemed to be a complete but job. Kim and her hit it off right away, and already made plans to go out this weekend. I, on the other hand stayed quiet the whole time. I don't know why it always takes me time to open up to people, but that's just how I am.

We glance at the numbers looking for room 11C on the third floor. I drag my feet as I pull my luggage behind, Kim helped me by rolling one of my suitcases.

"Number 9C, number 10C, here we are, number 11C. But, of course, it had to be the last room in the hall, right?" I was complaining about how bad the lighting was here, and from the obvious lack of cleaning done in this building.

I opened the envelope the old lady had handed to me with the paper to my dorm and retrieved the single key inside. I placed it to the keyhole and turned the doorknob along with it. I gasped at the sight. I was surprised at the sight as I averted my sight from corner to corner. I make my way in, running my fingers along the small kitchen island and glancing over to the small living room.

"Well, by the looks of that game console in your new living room, I'd say you got a boy as a roommate my darling. But, a clean one nonetheless. I mean look at this place? It's spotless." Kim crosses her hands nodding her head towards the newly installed game console connectedd to the television mounted on the wall. She can't help but admire how clean the place is, and honestly, so was I. This place looked so much better inside than what it does outside.

"Or, maybe a girl who enjoys gaming, too. You know? The kind of girl like the one before me?" I gesture towards Kimberly making her giggle. She loves playing video games, and it's no surprise that she's good since she has three brothers.

"Ok well, you got me there. But wouldn't it be cool to have a boy as a roommate? Especially a hot one like that guy you bumped into early, Huh? God, he had dreamy eyes." Kim bumps her hip against me, a mischievous smirk on her lips, making me chuckle and push her back softly.

Everything in the apartment dorm was in tacked, not one glass or plate out of place.

I make my way to the hallway wondering which room would be mine. Pondering by the entrance to the hallway, I come to a halt and glance back at Kim.

"What? What's wrong?" Kim worries.

"No, nothing. I just don't want to open up the door and see someone sleeping inside, you know? I'm wondering which room will be mine. By the looks of it, I think it'd be best to wait for my roommate so we can discuss our arrangements. It looks like he or she will be paying for all these extra little gadgets every month. I'd hate to leave everything under their care and not help pay for any of this." I shrug my shoulders, wrapping my hands over my arms, crossing them together and pursing my lips.

Kim rests my luggage by one of the bar stools in the kitchen and walks towards the hallway. She opens the door next to me, realizing it's empty.

"Well... there you go! First check off the list. This is your room, since it is still empty. " She smiles at me and goes back quickly to grab the luggage, and takes it to the room.

We finish setting up, placing new covers on the bed, putting up pictures on the walls to decorate the place, and setting up my study corner.

"Ok, you know... I think we should take a break. How about lunch? Then we can go back to my dorm and set up my stuff, is that ok?" Kim cleans the sweat from her forehead leaning on the desk, her hand rubbing her stomach. I giggle, making my way towards the nightstand to grab my keys and phone.

"Of course... how could I say no? You've helped me set up almost everything, I owe you big time. It would have taken me all day to do this on my own. Let's go, lunch is on me." I tilt my head towards the door looping my arm around Kim's arm. We exit the dorm and make our way down to the student lounge.

The cafeteria seemed a bit busy today, luckily we spot an empty table. We walk towards that empty table with our trays full of food and drinks. At the same time, two guys walk towards the same table. All four of us reach the table at the same time, setting our trays down.

"Umm, hi." Kim looks between the boys, and then I realize it's Russell and I automatically lock eyes with him. My face becomes blushed and seeing the redness on my cheeks makes him smile.

"Hi there... sorry, but we seem to have no other tables available right now. Mind if we join you guys?" His friend suggests. He and Kimberly both look at us, but we both seem to have become suddenly mute.

"Uh, no not at all," Kim replies smiling at his friend as he taps Russell on his arm before sitting down.


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