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Russell/C3 It’s You
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C3 It’s You


Russell and I couldn't help but stare at each other. The attraction between us is inevitable. There's just something in his eyes that makes me want to get lost in them.

He had completely forgotten about his food, giving me a small side smirk, unable to look awayand making me blush. I tilt my head down to hide the red blotchiness of my cheeks making him chuckle under his breath.

"Thsnks for letting us sit here. Russ here got out of class a bit late today, and by the time we got here, most of the tables were already taken. My name is Brandon by the way." He smiles, extending his hand out to Kim who gladly takes his hand and shakes it with a big smile on her face.

"Nice to meet you Brandon, I'm Kim and this is Samantha, my best friend." She points at me. I can't help but look at Russell as he smiles my way.

He chuckles lightly while Kim nudges me on my shoulder. "Sam?" Kim calls out to me, bringing me out of my enchanted trance. "Um, sorry I'm Samantha, nice to meet you again, Russell, right? A-and you said Brandon, right?" I look momentarily at his friend, but can't help starting at Russell who continues to smile and looks at Kim, shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you Kim. I apologize if we intruded." God, his husky voice is so darn sexy.

"No, of course not! You're more then welcome to sit here...So!" She cleans her hands as she grabs a fry off my plate, eating the whole thing in one bite. "What year and major are you two working on? I am a psychology major working on my third year and Sam here is a business major on her third year as well." She smiles looking between Russell and Brandon while pointing towards me.

"Psychology? Well, that is one heck of a job! I'm studying law, working on my third year as well, well, honestly I should be working on my fourth but I took a year off in between high school. Russell here is working on a double major." Kim's eyes go wide as she gawks her mouth open making me smiles as I admire his dedication.

"Really? And what two majors are you working on, if you don't mind me asking?" She questions Russell as he slowly glances at Kim.

He swindles on his seat, clearing his throat. "Um, I'm a business and architecture student. But, I also like to study philosophy." He smiles staring at me, making me feel surprised by his answer. Kim raises both eyebrows, mouth gawked open, forming slowly into a smile. "Philosophy. Really?"

He chuckles, and tilts his head down. "Um, yes! Philosophy. I like studying the mind as well, and everything in general for that matter."

Kimberly glances at her watch realizing it's almost close to five in the afternoon. She gasps and grips my shoulder. "Oh no! Shit, Sam, it's fifteen minutes until five, the book store is about to close! We have to go." She pushes her chair out and stands. Grabbing her tray and tossing it in the trash bin.

I grunt internally, how I wish I could sit here longer, starting at those baby blues. I slowly stand, and grab my tray. I move my right foot to the side and begin to turn, but Russell quickly stands and grabs my tray, stopping me on my track.

"Wait, I'll get that for you. You know, the book store is a bit far from here, it will take you a good ten minutes, even if you run there. How about we give you a ride?" He looks at both of us, and Brandon smiles as he grabs his keys out of his pocket.

"Yeah, we can take you guys out there. Besides, Russell knows the girl that works there, he can talk to her to let you in, incase we don't get there in time." Brandon suggests.

Kim and I exchange looks between each other and the boys. We both shrug our shoulders and smile "ok! We'd appreciate that. Thank you." I respond, making Russell smile.

He grips his tray and mine, throwing away the extra food inside the bin. He returns and grabs his backpack, placing it on his back.

Brandon taps him on his shoulder and both lead the way as we girls follow right behind.

They make their way out first, Brandon stops by the yamaha bike and opens the door to the white charger next to it. I stop and gawk my mouth wide open as I see Russell gripping the helmet off the bike and mounting it.

"Wait, you are biker boy?" Kim smiles and nods her head, he lifts the face shield and smiles."Um, biker boy?" He chuckles, nodding his head.

"You passed us earlier on our way over here today. Didn't you?" Kim nods her head squinting her eyes, crossing her hands over her chest.

"I suppose we were ment to cross paths today. First the road, then my favorite of course, the incident earlier when we crashed onto each other." He smiles at me, making me blush as I recall falling on top of him earlier today when we crashed against each other.

'I didn't mean for that, honestly. It was just an incident." I state the evident shyly, hanging my head down low. He chuckles as he gets his foot onto the pedal and places the key inside the ignition.

"I know, I was just messing with you. But we really should get going. The store closes in ten more minutes." Both Kim and I quickly get in the car, same time as Brandon gets inside gesturing Russell to head on first. He speeds off, and by the time we arrive, Russell is already inside talking to the girl in charge of the book store.

Brandon opens the door for us, and both of us head in before him. Russell signals for us to get close with a smile.

"Mia this is Sam and Kim. Thank you again for waiting for us." He smiles making me blush again.

"No problem! Just next time, please make sure you come in earlier. I don't want to be late to my astronomy class." She turns and grabs a stack of books off the back and places them before the girls.

"Now, let me see your papers so I make sure I get you guys the right books." She holds up her hand and waits for the us to hand over our schedules. She glances over them and looks and scavenger quickly between aisles, but I'm left still missing two books.

"Oh, I'm sorry I don't have these books. But, I can order them for you. Unfortunately, I can't really tell you how long it will be until I get them in. But, leave me your number and I will call you as soon as they arrive." I puff it cheeks, making a loose strand of hair fly over my face. "Ok, thank you. I really appreciate that."

"Which books is she missing?" Russell questions. "Anthropology 5 and Advanced Quantum Physics." She informs Russell. "Wait, is it for Dr. Helms?" He asks looking over my schedule.

"Yes." I nod, whispering.

"Oh, then don't worry about that book I took that class last year. I'm sure he will be using the same edition. He normally goes through the same book edition for three years straight." we all glance at him in silence making him smile.

"How do you always get so informed about the professors, Russell? I didn't even know that." Hailey squints her eyes and turns to the back grabbing an envelope full of blank quizz forms.

"I like being informed. Not, taken by surprise." He says as he grabs the forms from Mia's hand and places them on top of my books.

"Oh I didn't pay for those forms." I point to the forms and Mia rolls her eyes, smiling. "I know that silly, it's fine. They're on the house. Compliments of me! Since you're being so nice, and because I'm missing two of your books."

"Oh, well thank you! That's so kind of you." I respond making her wink. Russell grabs my books and begins to walk away. "Thanks Mia, see you tomorrow for Physics." He says as he walks away.

"Wait, I can take the books. You don't have to carry them, you already helped me so much." I say as hurry to walk behind him and slowly place my hand on his arm.

"Oh honey, no. Russell is not going to let you carry those books... believe me." Brandon tells me as he turns and grabs Kim's books as well.

The three of us girls exchange smiles and say goodbye. As we make their way out, Russell finishes closing the trunk to the car and mounts his bike. "So! Lead the way ladies. We'll take you to your dorm, if that's ok?" Brandon smiles between us. Kim giggles and walks towards the car.

I stands there with my arms crossed, pensive and lost in my own thoughts, drooling over the obvious."Would you like to ride with me, Sam?" Russell smiles holding up the extra helmet on his motorcycle. My eyes go wide and I stands tall, but inside, I'm a bit skeptic and scared. "I um," I glance towards the car and realizes both Brandon and Kim are already inside the car.

"I'll go slow if you want." He smiles tilting his head to the side. I slowly make my way towards him and grabs the helmet. There's something about that smile that makes me wonder things ideally shouldn't.

"Ok." I breath deep, slowly mounting the bike behind him and placing the helmet over my head. "Alright, hold on tight." He says as he turns the bike on and places his feet up.

I think for a second of where it would be appropriate for me to hold on to, not wanting to make things more awkward between the two of us. He looks back a bit realizing my hesitation. He leans back, holding his arms back looking for my hands. Once he feels my hands, he pulls them slowly towards him and places my hands around his waist.

"Make sure you hold on tight. I don't want you to fall. Ok?" He gestures in a low husky voice. I can feel the vertigo on the pit of my stomach, as I realize he is quite fit. I can feel the muscles of his perfectly shaped six pack behind the thin t-shirt he wears.

Russell follows Brandon, narrowing his eyebrows as he realizes they have stopped in front of his building. He comes to a halt and places his foot down gently. He turns off the bike and takes off his helmet.

"You're....staying in this building?" He waits for me to dismount and then gets off the bike himself. I slowly take off my helmet, giving it back to him. I smile and nod as I make my way towards the car where Kim and Brandon are taking out the books already.

Russell sighs, and brings an arm up, gripping the back of his nape. He grabs my books off my hand and walks next to me. "Lead the way. I told you, I got this." He smiles and allows me to walk first.

I walked behind Kim and Brandon stopping at Kim's dorm. "This is it. This is my dorm. Thanks for helping us out guys. We both really appreciate it, right Sam?" Kim asks me as I look between both guys, smiling as I started dumbfounded at Russell. He smiles, looking down and biting his bottom lip.

I shake my head, feeling my cheeks got and clearing my throat,"I um, yes. Thank you."

"So, you both share the same dorm? That's awesome. I wish Russell and I had shared the same dorm but unfortunately I came in later then usual from my vacation and got stuck next door in the neighboring building. Anyway, it was nice meeting you girls. I hope we can see you again." Brandon smiles at Kim and hands her the books.

"Well, no. But she's staying to help me settle in. She dorms just a level on top of mine." Kim smiles and walks inside, placing her books in the kitchen counter and returns back quickly.

"Like she said, we don't share the same dorm, but, you can leave my books here if you'd like. I'm going to help her for a while and go over a few things with her before I head back to my dorm." I hold my hands out for the books, Russell smiles and walks past me placing the books on the kitchen counter. I smile as he returns and he looks back at me returning the smile even brighter than before.

"Well it was nice seeing you again. I'm going to head out. I need to study a few things before my classes tomorrow. I hope we can see each other again, Sam." He leans over, slightly gripping my hand and kissing my knuckles. The gesture leaves me with goosebumps as I feel the pit of my stomach fill with deep vertigo, unleashed butterflies left as he turns to gesture Brandon to leave as well. "I hope so too." I say softly, making him smile. He tilts his head down and walks away next to Brandon.

"Wow, those two boys are hot!" Kim says fanning her face and walking towards the couch. I chuckle, crossing my arms over my chest as I slowly lean against the wall and tilt my head back. "Who's hot?" Kim's roommate asks as she makes her way out of her room. "We just met these two really cute guys who helped us carry our books in here." She tells her making her smile, sitting next to Kim.

"Oh! Well get used to it. A lot of the guys here are willing to help, but make sure they don't try and take advantage of that hospitality. They sometimes want something in return if you know what I mean?" She giggles as she crosses her legs.

We start putting Kim's stuff away and decorate most if her room. A couple of hours later, we sit on the couch and relax with a nice cold soda. "You staying for dinner, right Sam?" her roommate asks as she gets up and walks towards the fridge. "Um, actually I'm a bit tired... I'm gonna head out to my dorm. I'll see you later, ok?" I grab my books and make my way to the door.

"Ok honey, see you tonight?" Kim gives me a smile. I look back pondering before I answer. "Um sure!?" I say, questioning my response.

"Oh come on Sam? You promised we'd go out! You are not backing out on me...are you?" Kim purses her eyebrows. I sigh and agree. I'm too tired to argue with her over this. "Ok! I'll just take a small nap and we'll meet up later. Kim claps her hands and giggles. "Ok, I'll meet you at your dorm by nine tonight. Got it?"

I sigh and open the door "ok... I'll be ready." I say as I close the door behind me. I glance at my watch and see it's already fifteen minutes before eight. Which means I'll only have a chance to sleep for twenty minutes or less.

Many students still walk about the hallway trying to get situated in their dorms. I slowly make my way trying to avoid bumping in to any of them, managing to make it up to my dorm after swiftly trailing past everyone. I hold books against the wall, fiddling with the keys to open the door. I gasp and squeal in surprise when the door opens abruptly making me drop my books on the floor. Russell stands amused and surprised at the door seeing his new roommate, yes, me, his new roommate.

"You?" I ask, my eyes wide and mouth gawked open in surprise. "Um, yes. Me!" He smiles, leaning down to pick up my books. "Did you come visit someone here or-" I question him as I lean down and grab the other books. He chuckles and stands to his feet walking inside. "Uh, no. This is my dorm." He informs after lacing the books on the coffee table in the small perfectly arranged livingroom. I stand at the door astonished by what he just said to me. "Are you coming in or are you going to stand at the door?" He asks making me glance around and slowly enter the dorm.

The dorm room slowly closes and both of us can't help but continue to stare at each other. He chuckles, lowering his head and biting his lips. "I.... huh? Sorry, I guess I'm just surprised to see you here, that's all." I smile lightly and make my way towards the kitchen island.

"You and me both!" He says as he walks near me, standing inches apart making my cheeks blush. I hoped so hard he can't tell I am seriously feeling attraction towards him. I mean, this is far too soon, right? Besides, he's probably already taken to be this good-looking.


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