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C8 Destiny

Happy reading all...

Priyank .....pov.

Priyank ...I left from my house in rage how can my angel leave me ...why ... Then I spotted the guard who didn't even do his duty right and in his presence someone came in my house no matter what if she is Angle but because of him someone came in my house “.... Priyank went toward the guard and said oh I think you didn't forget what I told you that I am going to punish you for your mistake of not taking care and someone intruder came in my house.”... Guard started shivering and replied sorry sir while stuttering.. Priyank replied you knew that “priyank Sharma **Didn't have any word like forgiveness in his dictionary..... Guard started shivering more ...and more . Priyank thinks but because of this fool I met my angel today .. Priyank conscience mocked him what yours ..first you said she is nothing for you .. Priyank replied " yeah, yeah okay...and shrug his thoughts away .... Priyank replied so your punishment is " how about die “.... Guard started crying and said in a crying voice sir please don't I have children and wife to feed, and I have an old mother who is dependent on me for her treatment. Priyank replied so what it didn't matter to me, I pay you for doing work here .which you didn't do properly..... Guard start crying more .... Priyank mom came outside and saw the guard crying ... Priyank mom came close to Priyank and asked him " what happened why this guard is crying.. Priyank replied "mom he is going to die today because he didn't do anything when someone Intruder came In. our house . . Priyank mom became shocked by his answer and replied " Priyank he is a human being how can you kill him it's just a mistake . Priyank replied That's why I am punishing him mom because he is a human who made mistakes and this world has no place for the person who did mistakes ..... Priyank mom replied " Priyank it's human nature to make mistakes ..but mistakes always teach a person and they learn from it ... Priyank replied " Mom why wasting your breath it's my final decision you knew " I respect you but I am not going to tolerate any mistake in my dictionary there is no word related to forgiveness ".. Priyank mom thinks " I have to save this poor soul ... then she think of an idea ... Priyank mom said to guard " you can go ..." Guard leave from there while shivering and crying.. Priyank became angry and gritted his teeth " and asked in a dangerously calm voice " why did you do that ... Priyank mom replied " But that guard mistake did something right that you met that girl... Priyank replied " I knew so what .. Priyank mom replied " you are know , you can't hide anything from me. I am your mother son ..I can see in your eyes that you have something for her which you didn't have anything for anyone.... Priyank left from there without saying anything... Priyank mom sighs and thinks " I knew god I am wrong by using that girl. I knew that he didn't deserve that pure soul for protecting someone's life ..it's the best decision...if destiny makes them meet .so I think it's best to leave that on destiny what is going to happen ... So who am I m to do anything.. ...but I hope that pure soul can survive if she is destined for my son…So it's better if she will survive it's hard to survive with Priyank...

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